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Archiving, Suspending and Deleting Learners

  User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Centre Manager
  • User Manager
  • IQAs with "Manage Learners" permission
  • Assessors with "Manage Learners" permission

When a learner completes their portfolio, enters a break in learning or withdraws from their course, you will need to decide how to process the account. It's possible to archive and/or suspend the account, or delete it completely, if there are no signed assessments.

Archive Learner
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  • Learner can log in (if not also suspended)
  • Learner Portfolio is read-only
  • Learner hidden from active lists e.g. on Dashboard and Reports.
    • Data is still accessible by changing the "Archived" filter
Suspend Learner
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  • Learner cannot log in
Delete Learner
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  • Only possible if the portfolio has no signed assessments
  • Learner portfolio flagged for deletion
  • Deletion occurs a minimum of 2 hours after being flagged, between 8pm - 6am (GMT)
  • Non-reversible once deleted

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