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Database Reports

To view what columns can be reported on within the Learner Database reports and where the data is pulled from, please see the table below: 

Column Data Pulled From 
ULNEpisode Page
NI Number
Episode Page
DOBAccount Tab
Sex Episode Tab
CommentsAccount Tab 
Placement Episode Tab
Home AddressProfile Tab
Workplace NameProfile Tab
Workplace AddressProfile Tab
EmailProfile Tab
Phone NumberProfile Tab
Main Learning AimLearning Aims Tab
First A.B. Reg DateLearning Aims Tab
Lat A.B. Reg DateLearning Aims Tab
A.B. Reg Nos. Learning Aims Tab 
Learner StatusEpisode Tab
Date Centre Registered Episode Page
Eportfolio Start DateEpisode Tab 
Anticipate Completion DateLearning Aims Tab
Eportfolio Completion DateLearning Aims Tab
Date ArchivedLearning Aims Tab
License Type Episode Tab 
Learner Last ActivityActivity Log 
Progress/GradeOverall Progress
Target Progress/GradeOverall Progress
Class Episode Tab
ProviderEpisode Tab
MIS Value
Account Tab
LSFEpisode Tab
Assessor Name Assessors Tab
Assessor Last Activity Activity Log 
First Assessment DateAssessments
Last Assessment Date Assessments
Last Learner Assessment DateAssessments
Last Assessor Assessment Date
First Assessment Plan DatePlans
Last Assessment Plan Date
Last Learner Assessment Plan DatePlans
Last Assessor Assessment Plan Date Plans
Time Elapsed from Start (Days) Calculated from Episode Start Date - Today's Date
Last Completed Review Date Reviews
Last Review Review Date Reviews
Last Timesheet Induction DateTimesheets
Last Timesheet Session Date Timesheets
Total Timesheet Session Duration (H : M)
Last IV Assessment Sample Date Assessments
Last EV Assessment Sample DateAssessments 
IV Signed Units Overall Progress 
Total Contracted Hours Timesheets
Target Off-The-Job HoursTimesheets
Target Off-The-Job (%) Timesheets
Actual Off-The-job HoursTimesheets
Off-The-Job (%) Timesheets
Next Visit Start Date Visits
Next Visit End DateVisits
Next Visit Start TimeVisits
Next Visit End TimeVisits
Next Visit Type Visits
Next Visit LocationVisits

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