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How does the Cognassist integration work?

The Cognassist integration allows 2-way communication between OneFile and your instance of Cognassist. The integration provides the following functionality within Eportfolio:

•              Ability to create a learner in Cognassist from Eportfolio

•              Send a learner an invitation email to complete their assessment

•              Track the status of a learner's assessment progress

•              Display the results of a Cognassist assessment within a learner's portfolio

•              Include the assessment results within the ILP

Once the integration has been enabled you'll need to wait up to 24 hours (or overnight) for OneFile to download all of the user data from Cognassist. When new learners are found, OneFile will automatically compare and match the learners in both systems, where the email address in both systems match. When a learner is matched, their assessment data will instantly be displayed on the Cognassist page of the learner's portfolio. The learners email address must be verified. 

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You can control who can see the learners Cognassist data and create Cognassist users in OneFile Eportfolio within the user permissions. More information can be found here

You can also add the Cognassist results to your ILP. Information on creating an ILP can be found here

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