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Creating a Cognassist Learner

If a learner in the Eportfolio has not yet been matched to a learner in Cognassist, there is an option on the Cognassist page to create the learner in Cognassist. By clicking on Create Learner and Send Assessment Invite button, the learner will be created in Cognassist, and an assessment invitation email will be sent to them.

The details of the learner that are already stored in the Eportfolio system are displayed on the Cognassist page and automatically transferred to Cognassist, except for the Programme Level and End Date, which can be selected on the page.

If you receive an error when creating a learner, check the Email Address, Date of Birth, or Post Code are correct before trying again.

During the learner creation process, OneFile provides the email address of the learner's primary tutor to Cognassist. It is essential for the creation to be successful that a tutor with that email address already exists in Cognassist. If the tutor's email address is not recognized by Cognassist, a warning message will be displayed.

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