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The Achievement date must be 7 days after the Learning actual end date

If you receive the above error when running a learner through the FIS within OneFile ILR, we should advise following the steps below:

  1. Log into to ILR
  2. Click Learners
  3. Click on Learner record
  4. Click Learning Delivery
  5. Click Edit details on the Programme aim
  6. The Achievement date field needs to be set a date which is 7 days after the set Actual end date.

The Learning Actual End date field should be set to the date that the learner completed the learning activities necessary to achieve the learning aim or the date the learner withdrew from the learning activities, accurate to within a week.  

The Achievement date field  is used for the date the learning aim or programme aim was achieved by the learner. For continuing learners where all learning activities have ended and the end point assessment has taken place on or after 1 August 2019. So this date should be the date the EPA took place. 

  Further information

This article is for guidance only and you should always refer to the ESFA ILR documents for further information on end and achievement dates

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