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The planned duration of the programme does not reach the required minimum duration for an apprenticeship standard

If you receive the above error when running a learner through the FIS within OneFile ILR and the learner has either moved Training Provider or you've moved active learners from one software provider to OneFile ILR, we advise following the steps below:

  1. Log into ILR
  2. Locate the learner
  3. Click learner name
  4. Click Learning Delivery
  5. Click Inactive programme 
  6. Click Edit details on programme aim 
  7. Ensure the start date is the date the learner was created on Onefile ILR
  8. Tick restart indicator 
  9. Add the date the learner started with your training provider/or the previous training provider 
  10. Click set restart
  11. Run the FIS

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