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Quiz - Short Answers


VLE Tutor

When designing a quiz in the "Courses" area of OneFile, you can select the Short Answer type. This is ideal where you'd like the learner to provide an answer without giving them any pre-set options, like you do with multiple choice and true/false questions.

Short Answers can be used you want the learner to type the answer to a question, in the following scenarios:

  • Where there is only one correct answer
  • Where there are multiple correct answers (only one can be entered)
  • Where you would like to present a prefix or suffix to the answer (see image below)

 You also have the option to select whether the provided answer should be:

  • Case sensitive
  • Numerical

As with the other question types you can add a question description and a supporting image or video.

Performance is tracked the same way as for the other types of quiz questions and progress can be mapped to learning aim criteria.

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