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Create a Course

  User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Centre Manager
  • Assessors with permission


VLE Tutor

To create a Course, follow the steps below (or download the full guide attached at the bottom): 

  1. Click Courses in the navigation menu
  2. Click Create
  3. Enter a Course name
  4. Add a description, link to a category or upload a cover image to customise your course
  5. Click Modules
  6. Click Add Module Title
  7. Add module title
  8. Click (+) Add Page
  9. Choose a page type
  10. Enter a page name (You won’t be asked to page name if importing a SCORM package)
  11. Click Next 
Page TypeInformation
CustomBuild your own page of content, using free text with different font options and colours, plus add images and videos
VideoAdd videos from your YouTube or Vimeo account
SCORM PackageImport a pre-made Scorm Package (must be SCORM v1.2)
SCORM files cannot exceed the maximum file upload size in the Centre Settings (300MB).
QuizDesign a quiz by entering questions and answers (multiple choice, multiple selection, true/false and short answer) and setting the required pass mark. 


Questions can be randomised, so users don't face the same questions every time they repeat a quiz e.g. 10 from 20. A time limit can be added to a quiz to replicate exam conditions and there is an option to allow learners to retry a quiz after passing it.
EmbedEmbed Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Stream, Sway and Forms files from SharePoint/OneDrive and Google Docs
Sketchfab, H5P, Panopto are now also supported
Click here for further guidance

You can add several modules and pages to a course, whilst using a combination of the available page types.

You can also map all page types,to learning aim criteria for each course

Clicking on the SETTINGS tab will allow you to set how the learner should complete the modules

Click Preview to take a look at the content you've entered so far. Once you're happy with the whole course click Publish

Your course is now ready to assign to learners. 

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