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OneFile Eportfolio User Roles

OneFile has several user roles pre-built into the software. These roles determine the functionality, access level and permission of the user.

User RoleDescription
Centre Manager
The Centre Manager administers the centre on OneFile. They have the overall responsibility of the centre, its configuration, users and data.
Centre Monitor
Centre Monitors have read-only access to all learner portfolios on the centre. This account is ideal for reporting purposes without the ability to change data.
Enterprise UserThis user group can be enabled for customers with more than one centre. Centre Monitors can be promoted to an Enterprise users once enabled and can run reports across multiple centres via one account.
User Manager
User Managers have an administrative role within OneFile. They have the ability to create all account types apart from Centre Managers and EVs. They do not have access to the Centre Settings, the quality icon or any learner portfolios.
External Verifier
The External Verifier account is used to allow users external to your organisation to verify your centre or a selection of learner portfolio. They are usually provided by an Awarding Body to ensure protocol is followed by the Internal Verifier. EVs are also known as; Standard Verifier, External Quality Assurer, External Moderator or EPAO.
Lead Internal Verifier
A Lead Internal Verifier is the person designated by a Centre to act as the point of sign-off for the assessment and internal verification. The Lead Internal Verifier has read-only access to view sampling tables set up by the Internal Verifiers and can sample learners of the IVs they're linked to.
Internal Verifier
The Internal Verifier ensures the quality of delivery and that the Assessors have followed the Awarding Body’s criteria for the qualification being assessed. Also known as Internal Quality Assurers.
The Assessor supports and evaluates learners working towards qualifications, making sure that they meet the occupational standards required. Also known as Tutors.
Trainee Assessor
The Trainee Assessor has the same access as a qualified Assessor. However, any assessments or Unit Summaries that are signed by the trainee must be countersigned by a second line Assessor.
The learner is a person taking a qualification or apprenticeship with a training provider.
The Employer is an interactive account that can access the learner portfolios they are assigned to. They can sign assessments, reviews and ILPs.
An Observer has a read only access to the learner portfolios they are assigned to.

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Please note that the terminology used in this article may be different depending on your Centre.

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