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How do I allow an Assessor to sign on behalf of a learner?

We recommend speaking to your Awarding Body to ensure that they are okay with learner's work being signed-off by an Assessor. Once this has been confirmed by the awarding body, the following Centre Setting can be enabled by a Centre Manager:

Setting A

Allow assessors to sign on behalf of learners

To enable this for all learners on the centre, tick Setting A above tick Setting B below, before clicking Save.

Setting B

Apply the above setting to all existing learners on Save (does not affect new learners)


If you don't want this to enable this feature for all learners on the centre, tick Setting A, but not Setting B.

You can then enable it for an individual learner, by following the steps below:  

  1. Navigate to the learner's Account

  2. Click the Episode tab

  3. In the "Learner Signature Required" section, tick Assessors may optionally sign on behalf of this learner

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page

  5. Click Save

Top Tip - You can disable this for all learners on the centre by unticking the Setting A, Ticking Setting B and clicking Save.




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