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Software Update: Wednesday 22nd March 2023

On Wednesday, we're updating OneFile Eportfolio and Enrol to release new features, enhancements and fixes.

New features and enhancements


Active Learning 

The ESFA Apprenticeship funding rules state that the apprentice must be involved in active learning throughout the apprenticeship, from the learning start date to the learning actual end date. 

This release consists of several changes that are designed to improve visibility on when a learner’s last Off-The-Job training took place and the ability to identify those learners that are approaching the 4-week threshold. 

To evidence that OTJ is taking place it is vital that learners engage with Eportfolio and log their Off-The-Job time. To encourage this Eportfolio will now  

  • Automatically send a reminder email and task to the learner to log their OTJ 

  • Display when they last logged OTJ on their portfolio 

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The date and time that the last OTJ activity was completed is now shown on the learner’s Timesheet page. The Last OTJ Activity is the date and time at which the last OTJ activity ended. Not including any dates in the future 

This information is also shown for learners that started before and after 1st Aug 2022. 





  The order of the records shown in the Timesheet grid is now sorted by the Date From column descending, meaning the most recent entries will appear at the top of the page. 

When the Timesheets page first opens, the Date From filter defaults to the learner’s episode start date. Paging functionality has also been added to timesheet grid. 


The Last OTJ Activity Date and the days since activity is now displayed a learner’s portfolio page. 



Breaks in Learning 

The ESFA Funding Rules state that if there is a gap in training, the learner should be put on a break in learning resulting in a pause in ESFA funding. Within Eportfolio a Break in learning can now be record on the learner’s Episode page. 


New API endpoint (/User/{id}/breakinlearning) has been created that will allow breaks in learning to be populated in EPortfolio. More information on our available API calls can be found here 

Impact of BIL taken into consideration when calculating a learner's Expected OTJ. If a learning is on a BIL then they will not be completing any Off-The-Job training. Therefore, their expected OTJ will stay the same until they return. 

A banner is shown at top of the Portfolio page when a learner is on a break in learning. Clicking on banner will take the user to the Break in Learning section of the Episode Details page. 


  Off-The-Job Reminder 

New functionality has been added to Eportfolio that will send an email and create a task for learners that haven'tlogged OTJ for a configured time period.More information can be found here. 

New Centre settings have been added to the Timesheet section that will allow you to control when the emails and tasks are sent. 


Email will not be sent: 

  • when learner has disabled email alerts 

  • to archived learners  

  • learners on Breaks in Learning 

  • before the learner’s start date 

  • after the learner’s anticipated completion date 

The task will take the learner to the learning journal if enabled, otherwise the timesheets page. 

If OTJ has beenlogged with a date after the task was created, a modal dialog will be shown giving the learner the option to mark the task as complete.Otherwise, the task can be completed by clicking the Hidden button.  





New dashboard report is now available to Centre Managers, Centre Monitors, Assessors and Trainee Assessors. 


This report showing learners that have not logged Off-The-Job 

  • Over 4 weeks 

  • 3 to 4 weeks 

  • 2 to 3 weeks 

  • 1 to 2 weeks 

  • On a Break in Learning 


Clicking on a segment will take the user to the Active Learning Report listing those learners. 

A new Active Learning Report is now available from the Reports page. This report lists learners furthest behind at the top. 


Data Export  

The OTJ Target to Date column and the OTJ Deviation have been added to the Users Data Export. 


Record a learner’s actual learning activity start date 

Learners can now record when the learning activity of an assessment started. The Start Date and Time have been added to the Timesheets section of the Assessment page.  

Graphical user interface, application, Word  Description automatically generated 

If this is not recorded, the Assessment Date will still be used. If the Start Date and Time is recorded against the assessment, then this is shown on the Timesheet. 

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• It is now possible to Assign a Role to a user. There a 3 Roles Available: Super Admin, Admin, Tutor.

• A user that has been flagged as a Tutor can now be assigned to a Course.

• The "Users" menu option has been removed from view when logging in as a Admin or Tutor Role.



• When clicking onto Gap analysis some users were being taken to the Learning Journey page, you should now be taken to the Gap Analysis page.

• You are now able to import an ILP that has the Off The Job 22/23 Field or BKSB field included without receiving the error 'File is not recognised'

• The scorecard graph will now show scores submitted after 2022 when Full Duration is selected in the filters.


The learner's main learning aim is now set correctly when a main standard is assigned to the learner via the API

• You are now able to set Off The Job Values via the API End point ( /User/{id}/updateoffthejob ) for Learners with a start date between 08/01/2022 and 01/08/2022


A Defect has been fixed that was preventing some Learner records from being transferred from Enrol to ILR.

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