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Can I move learners from one centre to another?

When learners move from one centre to another, or even to a different training provider, the learner's portfolio will need to be manually transferred so that their progress and other important data is copied to their new account. 

Our Premium Services are more than happy to do this on your behalf. If you're interested, please see the pricing in the brochure at the bottom of this guide.

If you'd like to do this yourself, follow the steps below:

Steps for the original centre

  1. Download the learners portfolio and then provide the new training provider with the downloaded ZIP file - Download Portfolio
  2. You would then need to take screenshots of the below and provide these to the new training provider, if required:
  • Gap Analysis
  • Progress record

  Top tip

Right click anywhere on the page, click print, change the print destination to Print as PDF to record the whole page

Steps for the new training provider

  1. Create the learner a new account and assign all the same learning aims and units as the previous centre - Setting Learning Aims and Units
  2. Add in any weightings, start and end dates and assign any users to the learner who need access (Employer, IQA. EQA etc)
  3. Create an APL assessment and select any criteria previously covered by looking at the screenshotted gap analysis - Create an Assessment
  4. Attach the downloaded portfolio as the evidence
  5. Attach the rest of the screenshots into the portfolio evidence folder (the camera icon) on the learners portfolio home page
  6. Create timesheet entries based off the screenshotted timesheet entries from the previous centre - How do I add a Timesheet Entry?

  Top tip

We advise accumulating all the off-the-job entries into one new entry and then on-the-job entries as one entry

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