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  User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Centre Manager

Announcements can be created to communicate important information to the whole centre, certain user groups or learners in a certain class, placement or provider. To create a centre announcement, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Centre in the navigation menu
  2. Click Announcements
  3. Click Create New Announcement
  4. Add Title
  5. Add Summary
  6. Enter the Start Date/Time and the End Date/Time
  7. Select the User Roles that should see the announcement
    • Selecting Learner lets you choose which classes, placements or providers to display the announcement to
  8. Click Create

Once the announcement has been posted, it will be displayed to the selected users during the specified dates.

When a user logs in, they will be shown the announcement and will have the option to “Continue” or “Do not display again”.

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