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Covered in this webinar:

  • Homepage, Dashboard and Accessibility
  • Teaching, Learning & Assessment Plans
  • Completing Assessments and Activities
  • Progress Reviews
  • Gap Analysis
  • Resources
  • Timesheets
  • Tutor Reports
Webinar Transcript

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and

welcome to another set of onboarding

training webinars here from one file my

name's Jacob hood I'll be your presenter

for today I'm actually the onboarding

project specialist here at one file so I

guess for those who are not aware I'm

part of a new onboarding team and we've

been put together to better equip our

users with resources and knowledge that

they need to effectively use one file

okay so we've been together now for

since around April make we've been busy

creating more user guides written and

video Crossman creating a library of

farms for you guys to download lots of

new content and including these new

training sessions okay so I've been

running these webinars now Alexis since

around April may focus on different

areas of one file so some days we'll

have a look at user roles specific

training sessions similar to today where

we haven't looked at the cheetah

training webinar other days will have

local at work flows through the use of

blanks of plans and templates and then

there's also other sessions where we get

to focus on feature sets such as one

files new learning cub we've recently

taken a break from these webinars we

were a couple weeks off where we add

some time to collect feedback hear some

comments from attendees and basically

review the sessions that we were running

so between now and Christmas we'll go

ahead and set up a whole host new

sessions along with some favorites from

the months prior so just before we

actually jump into the day I wanted to

quickly take you guys over to the

onboarding page again if you yet to be

introduced to the unrolling team and

you've probably haven't seen this page

either this is a new page it isn't

attached to the website so to speak it's

usually a link that we've been sending

out and but pretty much everything that

the team does the onboarding team gets

us to this webpage now just in case

someone wants to visit this page later

on I will drop the URL into the chat

which you should all would should have

received okay but just so it's prompt

some of these sessions that we're

running between now and Christmas so you

guys have got a better idea of what it

is that you could get refreshed on ok so

again for those who are unaware we do

record these sessions as well

okay we all save one version of each

webinar please do allow a few weeks for

these new ones to find the way onto that

page with retrim it's a book into

webinar training here's what we've got

running for the next few weeks okay so

we still don't like so our Center

manager sessions both intermediate and

advanced we've still got a session that

focuses on the reporting street within

one file only comes down to tutors we

now have the full range of different

tiers if you like so we have a

foundation intermediate and advanced of

course the foundation will be going

through today for features and products

the more new I wanted to point out here

will probably be the individual learning

plans progress reviews and a brand new

Creighton teaching and learning plan one

as well for the users for thought that

likes evacuate learners employers and

observers and finally at the bottom we

have a brand-new type of webinar I

suppose for advice and guidance this

I've got likes of planning your

curriculum of intent within one file

once prepare for audits and compliance

inspections and how to prepare for

Ofsted so please do have a look at these

other webinars and we would love to see

more of you guys are booked on to as

many as possible but today's session

Cheeta foundation training now just

before we jump in there's some more

housekeeping see out of the way first so

somewhere on your screen right now

usually anchored right there should be a

go to webinar panel a couple features on

this panel one that may interest you the

most fervor is questions place if you

have any comments questions or concerns

from today's session then please do feel

free to pop them into the question box

however it will be the end of the

sessions which we have a look at those

today's session all going on for around

20 to 25 minutes and then any time you

have left at the end there will be used

to answer your questions and finally a

feedback surveys so at the end of

today's session whether you guys leave

or whether I end it from my side you

should be presented with a feedback

survey in your usual internet browser

you'll greatly appreciate if you could

take the time to complete that survey it

shouldn't take you more than 30 seconds

though it's only around five multiple

choice questions but that really helps

us gauge to know what a session perhaps

need mending

in the future

okay just one final check to make sure

that everything's working okay from this

side what to think

it is go up stuff some why is it we'll

be covering in today's cheated

foundation webinar during the session we

will look to cover homepage in

dashboards and accessibility we'll have

a look at the length of the teach and

learning plans and how it's actually set

work for our learners well then what

happens when an assessment or activities

has been completed we'll quickly touch

upon progress reviews have a look at

some really useful pages in the system

such as the gap analysis will such fun

sense resources time sheets and a bit of

the off the job and we'll end with some

tutor reports as well okay so let's get

rid of the presentation and jump into

one file okay so we will be hosting

today from a user's point of view all

right so this is what your cheetah see

when you first log in okay so a few

things to point out here some navigation

things I'd like to touch upon first and

therefore first place we're going to

visit it's not gonna be this - boy

that's in front of us but if you pull

your attention to the top right hand

corner of the screen here and we got a

couple of quick functions within this

toolbar such as your account Sam okay so

we should have your name if you've

uploaded a profile picture that should

display in the little bubble as well and

then your YouTube role that you're

currently logged in as I'm currently

logged in as a tutor next there are

something to be aware of we do our stuff

the tasks list and messages as well and

there's a basic messaging system built

into one file so you can quickly look at

your task list any messages you may have

received okay but such things within

your account tab and take you but within

the account time you can set your online

status list or whether you're online

away from desk and out of office that

kind of thing profile we can store your

personal information

it isn't necessary to have an account in

one file if you wish the story or

whether your employer or train provider

wishes to store it then they can do so

within profile but it's actually the

appearance settings we're gonna start

with today okay

so within the appearance settings we do

have the legs of different themes now

these things

mainly m3 in line with accessibility so

if there's anyone with any sort of

visual impairments I possibly dyslexia

and rules disease text boxes stand out

on a webpage and we do have a few themes

to hopefully alleviate some of that

stress as we move down we have our

rather we use a rag system throughout

the website as your Reds Amber's greens

or traffic light system as some people

like to call it this is for highlighting

areas of concern areas of progress and

of course all the areas in between so

again if there's so many difficulties or

objections viewing these colors again we

do allow you to change them and then

finally you can choose your preferred

font along with a fun size now any of

these settings by the way they only

change it for your account okay so don't

worry about changing it for your entire

sensor so to speak but these are more in

here for the likes of I guess a large

sensors that often have the internet set

and their browser settings locked down

by like the likes of an IT team and what

would really benefit if the font size

was just a little bit bigger okay so

these are in here so you can set that

for your own account if not for yourself

it's always useful to know about those

appearance settings you may know someone

else perhaps would benefit from playing

around with a few of those as I always

like to begin any sort of new user

rolled session with those but let's go

back to the home page now so I look at

some of the more interesting data that

we have on this front page nothing to

note here is the menu across the left

hand side we can expand this selecting a

little burger icon at the top it does

explain the menu so you can see what the

each of the options are but regards the

home page and grants to what you guys

are greeted with when you first log in

it's probably looking something like

this you have a tutor dashboard okay the

whole idea too to the dashboard is to

quickly share some information with you

guys in regards to your own work clothes

so any information that's being

displayed within these words are all to

do with all the learners that you have

assigned to your Chitra account now we

can see we've got likes of calendar so

any appointments with learners will be

collected within there any tasks that

you have to over the coming weeks we can

see the likes of learners last logged

yeah and that goes through with all the

feeds reports on the dashboard if we

wanted to know the information behind it

let's just use this one for example

learner's last logged in if we wanted to

know the nine learners that looks like

they haven't logged in in over ninety

days there we can actually select that

section of the pie chart and I think

it's through to report with those nine

learners not only that but a lot I'll

show a timestamp right down to the

second of when they learned last learner

last logged in so every soft action on

one file is time-stamped in a similar

manner and that basically means that

like so your sense of managers is a full

audit report available to them Jimena

homepage so so there is a report I

hiding behind each of these Dashboard

widgets if you like and we can I've seen

the likes of a reviews - future planned

visits it learners on target overdue

portfolio completion dates and what's

great about these dashboards is that

they can actually customized as well

it's not your user role account that

would customize it it will be your

stencil manager and they set it for the

the entire user rule and so the sensor

manager won't be able to customize yours

but then have a cheetah's or something

different they'll be set in their

dashboards the cheetah's and a desperate

for the learners and so on well it's

still useful that it can be customized

as we scroll past the dashboard we then

come across the learner dashboard so

these are all the learners that we have

assigned to this tutor okay so in useful

information Smith's particular table

though we can see the learners account

you can see their names their user names

if they're loaded profile pictures even

what class they currently belong to us

sitting we can see the main learning

game that they're working towards

followed by these progress and target

bars so usually fast quite often

throughout the website we found it's a

really easy way to gauge whether

learners up to against where they should

be up to so with that the red bar is the

learners target where they should be

able to buy now in their program which

means the green bar is their current

progress depending on what is going to

signed off within the system now these

bars can be customized

of course the green bar is very

dependent on what work the learner does

the red bar can actually cost most quite

a bit in terms of how that generates how

do you anticipate Alone's targets it's

generate throughout the program again

that's something that will be controlled

by your sense of managers okay so let's

have to jump into one of our learners

now let's see if we can set some work

okay so I'm gonna jump into mr. Pete

blue for today selecting a learner from

this table will take you to the learners

portfolio but once again we've got lots

of important information so I've dotted

around this initial page so at the very

top here we have of course the learners

portfolio profile picture rather and we

can see each component that makes up his

apprenticeship as well looks like this

Jones working towards a customer service

practitioner standard okay can also see

the current and target progress for each

of those components underneath we can

see is overall progress but see what

placement it currently belongs to we can

set a learner status which is a way of

labeling our learner so this gems

currently on target so we've labeled it

as that but you may want to highlight if

learners over at risk are falling behind

or an area of concern it's a great tool

for reporting with a later on off the

job you can see those systems actually

generated a percentage this gems

currently acts thirteen point four

percent of his total link to enter and

then underneath we have a plethora of

features and some interactions with our

learner the main three are the three

biggest buttons on this page we've got

the length of the teacher learning plans

we've got essent and we've got progress

reviews okay so hopefully we'll touch

upon at each of these areas today so

when it comes to setting work within one

file the several ways around that we

could actually do that we could just do

it as a straight activity I might be

enough to drum activity where they'll go

to a different area of that system to

sort of record and reflect some learning

that they've done it may be an

assessment type of activity where it's

actually getting that to suit criteria

when it gets marked off rather than just

sending an ad-hoc assessment though

you've probably done your activities and

learning development and plunder within

a teaching and learning plan so we can't

create those within the system as well

and basically all we mean by planet

within one file is a collection of

activities it's really going to set some

work for your plan today so let's go

ahead and create a new one for this


I should mention by the way if it was an

assessment or a plan that you going to

send over to learner you can actually

create them as templates so you can send

it to multiple learners at once

templates isn't something with such a

fun within the foundation I think that's

the next one up your intermediate

sessions and but just leave it where you

don't have to create this for every

individual learner if the working

towards the same activities okay but

we're actually creating a plan you can

see we've got details for plan itself up

top here so a title which I would highly

recommend giving your plans real titles

or any new activities in one file really

the day this was been delivered was it

me delivered as a remote or face-to-face

visit if the plans are done during the

visits then do we want to set the next

plan visit whilst were here yeah if we

do we can leave this test if not we can

uncheck that well if we do leave it sits

we can go ahead and say okay so me visit

the next time we're going to come down

will be in a few weeks time starts and

end dates in there again was it a

face-to-face visit if so what is the

location again on this date it just

helps you guys report later on and same

with your center managers as well

ok so now we've got that visit

information in we can then scroll down

and begin to create some tasks for our

learner here yes we use the add task

awesome okay so first of all we choose

our assessment method now this is these

of the default list that we have within

the system but again your sensors can go

in here you can customize these areas

you can delete them create your own I'm

gonna pop one in for an activity for an

observation okay because we're here with

the learner and so I'm just gonna set up

a task to let me know what will be

observing okay that may be so a

particular process at work in the

workplace that you want them to sort of

observe and make note see feedback from

you can set these stats and due dates

you can actually change the who that's

actually started by as well in most

cases this is an observation

you'll be completed by the tutor but if

we slept in another one if that's we'll

do that in just a second let's finish

this task first okay so got some

instructions here we've got less than

101 it is that will be observing we can

add any amount of resources to this

individual test if we wish to and then

we select outcomes okay so we now we're

marrying up this task to criteria now of

course this won't add instant progress

but it does mean when it gets signed off

once the loan is uploaded and everyone

signed it off then it will add progress

you've already mapped it to the correct

criteria now this is actually just a

Center setting so if you don't wish to

marry all your activities or to criteria

and when your first announcer learns it

is something that we've done afterwards

but again that be a center manager

controlled center setting okay so I've

just elected a couple of criteria from

the on program learning now of course

there's been a demo since I'm not

following any real programmers search

but of course I'm sure you guys having

built the plans would know which

criterias are which knowledge skills and

behaviors that these activities relate

to okay so we've got one task in there

just an observation we're going to set

up another here for a case that okay we

can't use you this task should be

started by it we are going to leave it

for the learners please write a case

study um okay Andrew this box can be

expanded and it does look different when

it gets sent over to learners so don't

be afraid that we've not got enough room

here for comprehensive instructions we

can always make that box vinegar and it

is much clearer when it gets sent to the

learners okay so we could drop in some

resources into here for example I think

a major crime tomorrow PowerPoint that

we had open at the start but it's not a

problem well this is great about adding

resources to the task itself rather than

the plan or rather than the learners

resource area is that when they come to

do this activity they will have

everything they need from that one

assessment page but you'll have the

attachment on that same page okay let's

go ahead and slit save that

so if clanton a couple of tasks here

we're not gonna do any more for today

but of course you can keep adding tasks

if you wish to you could stack those

stats and due dates you could really get

good few months of the loans program all

listed within a plan but we're gonna

leave this for time everything is good

enough to send over to our learners we

can add any further attachments to the

wider plan if we wish to see any

feedback and comments to the learner so

I'm just asking to please accept this

plan before they begin working through

tasks you can record any issues arising

perhaps in the areas of a concern that

you can see happening for this plan but

once you have it you can sign it off at

the very bottom the page and just so you

know these the role that is highlighted

yellow is the area you need to pay

attention to this little tick box and

wants to happen we can save now because

we've created this as a plan the plan

will get sent to the learner the learner

will also have to sign it say that he

accepts the work well then just do also

have the option to reject by the way if

they feel like they've they've already

covered those criterias are they've

already completed those tasks they could

reject it for those reasons and let's go

with the motion that our learners are

accepted this accepted it and they've

already begin to work through some of

those tasks in fact he's only finished

that case that it and he said

get back to us okay so we're going to

fill in the rest of the process now

we're gonna say that that case that he's

just came back to us what do we do at

that point how do we actually market how

do we sign it off so I'm just jumped

into my task list which I said early on

we can access through the toolbar at the

top and I'm Trever to view all the big

blue button at the bottom there then

this is our task list now you notice

some of these have been highlighted in

red that's because of course these are

now over June it's not just highlighting

overdue tasks for learners or any user

roles in the system as well that'll be

transparent for the center managers okay

so they can offer support to you guys

where necessary

okay so our learner should have sent it

our case study back so look through

these tasks I don't think and see it

here okay

three moments other guys just sortin

find the case that doesn't serve them

where we wanted it to let's see if we

get some consent over again my screen is

just paused for the time being I'll

bring it back in just a moment okay so

thank you guys back apologies about that

I usually have something known bisetta


okay if we jump back into attach list

that case that he's been sent back from

our learner now okay so we want to open

this up and we can usually see depending

off the reference again this is why you

want to give your activities real names

within the system and so you can

probably easily find it as a module one

two three and so on but I know this is a

case that's the default reference I'd

give cases is the CS let's jump into

this and this is how the task actually

looks for your learner's as well when

they open up those plans so you can see

those instructions much more clearly now

at the top again if there was any

attachments there'll be underneath the

learner instructions as well details

about the assessment got the criteria

that had been selected so this is what

were you first paired up to it and then

the learners evidence now they've

actually provided evidence in the text

box which is good they could also upload

any of our attachments as well if they

wish to now it's down to us as the

tutors sort of read through this

evidence now have a look through this

Cavitt case today and saying you know do

we think they've covered these two on

program points here if we think we have

covered them then we can give them a tip

now we can also actually jump back into

their program and set even more criteria

if we think this could be

cross-referenced the simile behaviors

this simply demonstrates oh I need to

demonstrate within that program as well

we could also miss that set criteria

button and add even more to this

particular page okay but we've come for

that we've said but yet we're happy with

that the progress is going to be made on

those two particular knowledge points we

can then leave some feedback for learner

however this pick the tutor doesn't

really give the best feedback oh so

she's rather stale there's certainly

nothing constructive there for the

learners to go back on them work with so

we have got some features that will help

give that quality feedback give that


feedback within one famous thing that

has offs that are always looking for so

just come back up to the text-based

evidence here for the learners case

today let's say that this last sentence

doesn't quite make sense

I'm sure you could say that for the

entirety of the evidence here but let's

say that this particular sentence

doesn't make sense

once I've highlighted and then given the

option to annotate it face it means we

can just leave notes on that particular


okay so whether it is grammatical errors

whether you want to learn us to go back

fill out that sentence a little bit more

explain themselves what when bought

whatever it may be that will now remain

annotated as such so when the learners

come back to have a look at their

feedback they can hover over and see the

annotations and the same with any iq8 as

well they'll be able to see and sort of

any highlights and annotations that have

been done so once were happy

I'll take note of this timesheets box as

well so on every activity within the

system learners camera called time

against that activity and they can use a

record whether it was completed off the

job or not

that helps feed into the actual office

job function that we have within the

system so the lens don't even Carla

Thomas in this event ninety minutes

however I know that this task was

actually done off the job ok join their

sort of scheduled off the job a week so

I can override that and say well I know

this was erm done is off the job so if

the learner didn't choose to select it I

forgot to select it rather and you guys

can as well and just like before we need

to sign something off its highlights the

row needs to pay attention to

once you sign the one to click save and

quit that will add progress to the

dashboard back on the home page ok what

is that mr. people who's moved over a

fraction of a percentage there but is

still progressing ok so it's still quite

a few things to carefully if it's a so

let's see how quickly we can get through

these so if we jump back to our and

learners another thing that you probably

complete them will be likes of progress


okay now I'm sure each sensor doesn't

differently in terms of how frequent

their don't how they're actually done


changed ever so slightly since you guys

are move on to the new prince of

standards a target setting session now

whatever it may be this page can be

customized quite a bit so from the icon

reviews let's follow it through I'll

kind of show you guys we've got a very

customized version of the review within

my Center but it's certainly nothing out

there and what you guys kind of complex

with your Center so first of all it

takes in the review schedule ok listener

we can schedule the live learners

reviews each row in this table

underneath is a review itself ok so you

could go ahead and schedule them all at

once if you wish to I wants to do it and

hug them you can do it that way as well

now while this tables actually shown us

is each column here is a unit which has

been assigned to this learner now again

this is a demo sensor that we are

currently looking at today and so this

table doesn't generate quite how it's

meant to mainly because I go in and

constantly change all the days with you

cares what you should see with these

tables is that you'll see quite a low

percentage to begin with and that first

review of course the learners made no

progress and then as they were look

through way through the program now as

you guys keep delivering and conducting

their progress of use we should see that

percentage dive increase as it gets

further down the table now if want to

trim into any one of these reviews just

scroll on to the right hand side and we

can open any of the completed ones if

there's any pen that needs sign enough

as well any new ones that need starting

so this is the review page so like said

this has been customized ever so

slightly so the top we've got all the

default fields out sections that we have

evidence page anyway and then I've

actually put in some custom fields and

through the custom form builder ok so

because he likes I've often jump

aggression between reviews we can see

unit progression between reviews

achievements between reviews which is

all the activities and in these other

units that been signed off since the

last review we can leave review for

individual units by using this drop-down

we can even leave a blanket review if we

wish to add any amount of attachments

now we have lots of our sensors

recording their progress reviews so they

don't have to rely on any tutors minutes

being written up towards the end of the

week we can actually just record the


we audio video and then attach that

session or attach that file add to this

page and then we come across some custom

sections that I've created popped into

my progress review such as agreed

actions rights from responsibilities

support and feedback and even a section

for the employers as well okay so please

speak to your center managers those are

the guys that can customize the review

pages like this it's a book matching

review process that you have within your

delivery okay then back to default

fields with feedback and comments any

agreed action and it signatures at the

bottom you may notice that we've daily

employer feedback form and the employer

actually requiring a signature for this

with you you employees can be quite

interactive with one file it all really

again depends on how interactive and

yeah within the delivery at the moment

whether they want to use the system and

what they can't have quite a part to

play in terms of leaving feedback for

learners account assigning the lengths

of reviews and plans and other

assessments okay so we're gonna jump

back to Pete's portfolio is just one

more or one or two more things online to

show you guys hopefully will squeeze

them in over the next few minutes okay

so one of the things we might want to do

is have a look at the learners progress

now we can have a little coastal over

look at these little tables that we have

dotted around everywhere it looks like

it's a hundred percent in most cases

just a few things will end point and

Gateway we want its best to be done just

yet is you've got a few more things on

these on program will need to finish but

don't really tell us a lot we might

actually want to look into that a little

more details all right well how many

pieces of work has he uploaded towards

his on program learning how many

entities have we done ed so prepare for

endpoint assessment okay there's quite a

useful tool for that it's actually

hidden within the progress tab in the

portfolio it's the first icon a longer

called gap analysis now as it may sound

this will analyze any gaps within the

learners work so far but the way it does

that is it'll pull in each component

that learners work and SWAT and it

breaks it down into its units outcomes

an individual criteria

okay so we can look right there looking

at the customers

is practitioner standard the knowledge

unit here in particular we can see each

outcome and each criteria now on the

running side we have a couple more

columns a supporting evidence column and

progress now the progress column has

little green boxes in there now those

boxes actually change color depending on

whether learner has covered this

particular M criteria yet or not so

green let's and know that yes learner

has it covered that we can also see that

through the support in evidence column

the sports and evidence Kong will have

actual hyperlinks to pieces of work

which the learner has completed and then

their tutor mapped to this particular

knowledge criteria so we can see 41.1

here within the knowledge unit learners

completed three separate activities okay

so essentially I'll be able to see all

the work that learners done from this

page already maps to secrete knowledge

skills and behaviors now if we minimize

some of these units there's a couple of

things as like to point out such as

different color so what if your box

isn't green such as Issa we've got an

Amber and we've got a red well amber

listen though that work has been set

against this okay we can see that the

things haven't behalf being uploaded but

is yet to be signed off and then red you

may have guessed it listen know that no

works been done towards this or

whatsoever we can also set in what we

call consistency rules which are

basically if you have a requirement that

learners may have to upload three pieces

of work or cover a certain or

demonstrate certain behaviors on three

separate occasions you can write those

rules into the system as well it's

exactly what we've done for the learners

on program learning ktc within that

progress column we have three boxes now

look clear

those boxes are all green we can see the

lens uploaded at least three pieces of

work for each of those okay of course if

there's only two in this supporting

evidence form we'd have two green and

then one that's neither amber or red

okay so gap analysis really useful seen

if those are requirements have been hit

within your delivery okay guys I know

we've hit that 15 minute mark so I do

apologize I think we're gonna run over

just ever so slightly today and I do

appreciate you guys could hang in for a

few minutes so love to get some

questions and it promises only few more


okay so let's head back to mr. blues

portfolio okay there's something we

mentioned a little bit earlier on I

wouldn't really touch upon it it's off

with a job so we've already seen today

that learners can record and time spend

and off the job through the assessment

page and you may remember I did mention

that you can actually do that on any

activity that learners can complete

within that system

okay so they can always record time

spent and they can always record whether

that activity was completed after jump

so all this information all this time

that we're recording must be saving

collected somewhere from our learners

portfolio page or one of the icons that

we should have underneath is timesheets

okay this page is just that this is very

class all that time spent along with it

off the job information so I've actually

it just scroll to the bottom this page

to begin with and so the very bottom

will have entries and these are just

every time the learners recorded time

against an activity again another reason

why you've probably want to name your

activities within the system so it's not

just a big long list of reference codes

okay but again I understand that some of

these a case studies we've got journal

entries there which is the area that's

used throughout the job primarily and we

can see how much time was spent against

each of those that see wasn't right

inside along with whether that I've been

selected is off the job as we scroll up

we can see that a cumulative time spent

across the different assessment methods

and those different off the job

categories as well it's again your

center managers setup and at the very

top lepage we have the dedicated off the

job function which pretty much

calculates the learners percentage so

far as long as you got likes of cheaters

and learners recording time on behalf of


okay so as you get who's enter the total

contracted hours as long as someone's

recording time on behalf of the learner

we can then calculate the actual hours

that needs to be completed II total I

was so far an intern an actual


why do reports as well so you could have

a look at that information all the

off-the-job information for all your

learners and I've been assigned to you

and finally to enter today and we will

just quickly touch upon the resource

area which can be accessed through the

left-hand menu

resource area is a sense of wide

resource area okay so the phrase means

that everyone can access this page which

means it's great for storing all your

different kinds of resources further to

this though we can create folders and

organize resources into folders but you

can also set permissions on the folders

so you can say ok only tutors can access

this folder like assessor resources or

maybe it's only the learners community

access this folder and further that you

give lucky dancing learners even further

and say okay if learners are in a

particular class all right if learners

are working towards a particular program

particular learning game then they can

access these folders ok so it's quite

useful to rather than emailing your

resources out all the time

trying to find them so then attachment

to assessments in the system you can

throw all your resources in this area

you can also save links as well which is

quite useful just to mention reports we

won't have a learning look at any today

because I know we've just run over by a

couple of minutes but the reporting

suite is really useful for tutors it can

be accessed through the left-hand menu

you see there if you just have a look at

it is split the page it's doesn't split

into different sort of categories such

as sensory pause assessment unit boards

tutors learners and look some

customisable ones underneath as well

these are all pre-built reports which

you guys can have a look at click of a

button ok guys that is pretty much

everything we had to show today I do

apologize for any over ever-so-slightly

don't think we've quite got back into

the swing of it it since our short break

a week or so ago and we'll have a good

questions in just a moment

and so if you haven't already please did

begin preparing those and if anyone who

isn't sticking around for questions

thank you very much for attending this

afternoon I do hope it's been useful and

have a look at that some introduction to

the tutor role within one file and some

of the more basic functions as well

though I guess if you're not sticking

around think about much for attending I

do hope to see you on our session in the

future and for everyone else I'll be

back in just a couple of ticks

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