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On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Enrol to introduce a fix. 

There will be no product downtime. 

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Covered in this webinar:

  • Activating the Learning Hub
  • Create Scorecard Ratings
  • Completing the Scorecard
  • Assign Ratings to Learning Aims/Standards
  • Learning Journal
  • Learning Growth Chart
  • Courses
Webinar Transcript

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen

welcome to another onboarding training

webinar here from one file my name is

Jake I'll be your presenter for today

I'm actually the onboarding project

specialist here at one file so if you

guys have yet to be introduced to the

onboarding team we're a new function

that's been put together

so you basically better equip our users

with the resources of knowledge that

they need to effectively use a system so

we've been doing this through creating

new guides as written and video guides

but we've also a minute via these

webinars as well so nice 30-minute sharp

webinars where we get to focus on

different areas of a system some days

we'll have a look at user roles specific

training sessions such as your sense

managers tutors or employers all the

time we'll have a look at work flows

through the use of plans and templates

and then others we have a look at

feature sets so just today we're having

a look at one files new learning hub

before we actually jump into today's

session though a would like to self

highlights on the sessions we have

running between now and Christmas and

like so the embodied seems a fairly

recent thing we've been running these

since May and at the end of September we

took a short break to collect all the

feedback all the commands that we've

been hearing from you guys and that's it

helps us design and a few more webinars

so over on this particular webpage and

again if you're not being introduced to

the onboarding team yet you may have not

come across this webpage and in fact

just in case you would like to visit it

later on I'll drop the URL into the chat

box okay so we should all go see if

that's what this page is it's basically

where we've been saving all of our

resources so anything like the written

and video user guides forms that we've

been saving I've seen the brochures

about what it is that the onboarding

team do okay but we also save our

webinars in head as well so let's have a

look what we've gotten running so we

still have the likes of our sense

manager training sessions both

intermediate and advanced so got a

session that focuses on the reporting

system within one file we now have the

full range of cheetah's sessions from

foundation intermedia right through to


in regards to features and products

probably probably your new ones to point

out here will be individual learning

plans progress reviews and we've got a

new amended version of the teaching and

learning plan session for the users were

still relaxing the IQ as learners

employees and observers and a brand new

type of webinar for advice and guidance

so we have the likes of planning your

curriculum of intent what to prepare for

audit how to prepare for Ofsted okay so

please do come and have a look at this

page and book insist many webinars as

you are able to okay but today's session

that the learning Club specifically with

the e-portfolio okay so we're gonna have

a look at the new of learning club that

one file interest I keep saying new I

think well I'll probably call it new

until it's at least one year old I think

is introduced and at first of March 1st

of April so a couple of months ago now

but what this feature set is is a

collection of features which have been

specifically designed to help you guys

to deliver at the chip stand but as

always with one file it's not

necessarily the case it's not strictly

used for standards it can of course a

few guys can think of them of the way of

using it then before we have to jump in

and have a look at today's session now

there is some housekeeping to get on the

way first so somewhere on your screen

right now usually anchored right there

should be a GoToWebinar panel a couple

features on this panel but one that may

interest you the most is questions so if

at any point throughout today's session

you have any questions comments or

concerns and please do feel free to pop

them into the questions box however it

will be them the sessions which we have

a look at those as for today's session

I'll probably run for around 20 to 25

minutes and then any time left over at

the end there will be used to answer

your questions and finally we have

feedback surveys so again at the end of

the session whether you guys believe or

whether I end it but from my side you

should be presented with a feedback

survey in your usual internet browser I

would greatly appreciate you've put set

it's time to complete this survey

shouldn't take you more than 30 seconds

it's only around five multiple choice

questions but as mentioned it'd be

greatly appreciated it helps what helps

us determine which

sessions to keep going and perhaps which

ones we need to look at amending okay

let me do

final check make sure there's

everything's okay from this side and

we'll go ahead and jump in


okay so everything seems to be good so

let's go ahead and jump

session so one fast learning cub during

this session will look to cover

activating the learning cup for your

center creating scorecard ratings

completing the scorecard assigning those

scorecard rating scales to learning

games and standards within your Center

have a look at the new learning journal

and in part of the learning growth of

chance that comes along with it and then

of courses as well okay so if you've

actually heard of the learning cup some

of these things might not make too much

sense just yet

okay but hopefully when we start going

through them it should all find a place

for you guys so we're gonna log in I'm

gonna start from our center managers

point of view we're gonna visit a couple

user roles today and we're kinda going

to touch upon each of the features and

also how to set it up as well as a few

bits that perhaps wouldn't usually be

required from the sensors to set up but

is required to make the learning come so

first of all learning club what is it so

it's a set of three new features okay

that one files designed like said to

help really with new with the likes of

new Ofsted and sort of checks that

they'll be doing within their process

when assessing these are the new

standard delivery but there's also a few

other things in here as well that's

quite Universal so those three features

are a learner scorecard a function that

allows learners to score themselves

against each of their knowledge skills

and behaviors and that will slowly build

up a learners journey from their own

perspective GTR down to their own self


in each of those areas it comes with a

learner journal a more updated function

something we did have in the system

before hand but heavily sort of amended

and the parents changed and a few more

things added to that so again be more

reflective and being more in line with

the learning and development needed

further new apprenticeship standards and

then finally we have courses formerly

known as one file a virtual learning

environment so this is something

actually was available within the system

long before the learning hub kind of

came out I think it was like obviously

eighteen months prior to that we

introduced the the course builder but

yeah there's now actually be included as

part of that package as you think all

kind of comes together quite nicely

so where we are going to start so first

of all it should be mentioned that the

learning club is an add-on for one file

okay so that does mean it does come out

have a bit of an extra cost when that

cost actually goes it goes on top of

your learn learn a seat price okay so

how much you're paying for your learner

seats at the moment if you were then to

look at learning club you'll see if that

price probably goes up a little bit okay

so if you don't have learning club but

would like to have those negotiates and

discussions and please do speak with

either the new sales team here at head

office or speak to your relevant success

managers okay those guys will be able to

give you more than enough information

and probably a quick demo as well if

today doesn't quite cut it for you so if

you have already got a learning cup okay

maybe was included in your initial

package or if you have purchased this

after the fats there's a few things that

will need to happen first of all we need

to switch the learning cub on on our

side okay so that I'm most likely we've

done em as soon as you guys and southern

garite's is up going ahead with that

package however when we switch it on for

your Center in the background it doesn't

necessarily change anything just yet we

actually leave the final switch so you

guys okay so this where I started as

these sensor manager because of course

it's the sentiment has been the main

admin that do the final switch for your

sensor okay so underneath sensor gone on

to the sensor section here the last icon

is up great okay so

Paige actually does this is will we

contain the final switch if you like the

final tick switch on and we'll have an

upgrade blue button here on your brights

inside you can see that I've hardly

completes him oh okay everyone this

place actually just show you this tell

me what's gonna happen to your data and

as I mentioned one of those features

that's included in the learning cub is

the learning journal the learning

journal actually replaces an existing

function that was in one file in the

learners journal Harry rather than learn

a journal just Journal em so yeah it

replaces that function and the way it

does that in the background it's

basically going to take all the

information that was saved on the

journal and migrate that over to the

learners journal Oz its pages pretty

much telling you same with this link

here it goes into a detail description

of what's going to happen to your date

so where it's going to go how you won't

be losing any of it but it will be

moving from one function to the next so

to speak so once you guys have a kind of

read through that and you're happy with

what's going to happen to your data like

said there will be no loss of data it's

just going to move it from one place of

the system to another then you can go

ahead and click that grade button please

do allow for a few few minutes so might

not be too bad no officer when he was

first released he's taking a little bit

longer but sure I'll take a couple of

minutes which actually switched on for

your Center and then new features should

appear however there's still probably a

few things that we would recommend your

sentiment just setting up after we've

upgraded that should then give us access

if we come down to quality to a new icon

called scorecard rating scales so as I

mentioned one of the new functions

within the learning curve is ADA learner

scorecard and ability for learners to

you score themselves against each of

their knowledge skills and behaviors or

curriculum with intent whatever is that

you're actually delivering and using

more power to deliver so before anyone

excellently score themselves we have to

create that scoring scale thanks let's

hover over into the scorecard rating


what's good about customizing these

scales yourself is that you can have

actually different ones or four

different standards are different

scorecard for different classes you can

actually have as many score guys as you


okay so it's bad little crater new one

but we can see the ones that we've only

got up here on my Center

there's cretin he wants to go through

the motions here

and so this rating scale here these

numbers go from nought to ten this is

the scale that learns will be presented

with and we can change almost every

aspect of this okay so stand that up we

can give this template a new name you'll

probably want to name it after well the

reason that you creates in a scale you

doing it for a particular standard a

particular class seeking the cohort and

perhaps you want some name your

scorecard after that rating prompt this

can be used for learner instructions yes

as a default it'll just let's say please

call yourself using this scale that's

the information little sentence learner

and perhaps you wanted to change that

add a bit more context into there you

can do so that box okay there's actually

a more a little bit more detail here in

this M little window lets you know

exactly where this is going to be used

and how it's going to appear because the

scale itself we can change almost every

aspects about lift scale air we've gone

with a an eleven point scale that's the

naught to ten but you guys can actually

customize this you can remove and rows

if you were still we've just gone base

this off recommendations from Ofsted

pretty much and they said the most ideal

scale be a ten point scale and we

weren't having that eleven just because

we realized that ten doesn't include the

actual numbers zero okay but everyone's

as customized this we can see we can

change any of the numbers using the

rating column here okay it's like

there's no it's a duplicate value there

doesn't change that one to eleven I'm

sure you wouldn't actually have that but

we can see there it's now changing the

scale at the top okay if we didn't want

as many rows we could use this final

color here where we've got these little

trash cans if you like as I say if we

only wanted a five-point scale you can

actually delete those right down so you

have naught to five now color coding is

a little bit off now so perhaps we could

change that using the color gradient

tool here okay more sense doesn't it

natural color gradient and then the

actual hints underneath as well such as

non foundation strong again if you want

to sort of change them you can do so

okay so change this is strong we should

see that BAM move your just move to

there once you're happy if you ready for

this walk out to be using this them

scale and then we have to publish if we

don't hit that publish button it will

not be available for any limits to use

that ok so we've created our template

our template scale we now actually have

to design this scale to a particular

learning game okay so from a sense

around let's head to the homepage to

Center and then follow the icon learning

games this will bring up a page of all

the learning games are currently signed

to your Center and you may notice this

if you used to looking at this page we

have a new column rating scale template

and you can see at least on a few of

these usually users defended themselves

or any sort of a spoke curriculums we

have a drop-down where we can now select

any of those score card templates that

we were just looking at and creating now

you may notice that not every learning

game here has that drop-down again

that's something that we need to do in

the background so seems you guys know

which learning game are learning games

rather you want your learner's to scroll

themselves against maybe like I said it

may be the actual knowledge skills and

behavior within a standard or it may be

a curriculum that you guys have

specifically built and you'll just let

the qualification teams know so they can

make that scorecard compatible lexical

learning and squawk out compatible on

our side as well

okay so the next area we'll have a look

at I'm just debating whether we should

jump into courses at this stage don't

think we make a so came back to my home

page still has a sensor manager because

as a default it's the sensor manager

that would create any of the interactive

courses within one files VLE okay that

permission are classically handed down

so belief tutors could be given the

permission to build and interactive

courses as well but as a default out of

the box it's sensor managers okay so of

course then you can access through the

left-hand menu

the little graduation hats for the icon

okay so let's that will take us through

to our course library so these are all

the course that we currently have

published on my sensor along with a few

drafts as well let's give you guys a bit

of an idea of what we can do here where

at least when creating and well I'll

show a quick example as well and just

before we move on to the next stage and

so we'll go ahead and get a new course

what we mean by interactive course and

why this is useful especially flexiprint

up standards is that you guys are

probably thinking of new activities of

new ways for learning and development to

take place within the learners workplace

okay we've seen an increase in use of

interactive learning techniques such as

quizzes knowledge based quizzes and

interactive courses similar to this so

he promised to create and of course I'm

just giving this the name of demo just

for the sake of today and it's a demo to

perhaps you can also give it description

if that's this whole first page that

we're customizing helps us find it from

the library page so we can give it a

description of course I want to select

this course they can know exactly what

this course is far perhaps which

subjects it relates to categories you

can create categories this really helps

you guys sort of whistle through your

library when you begin to fill that up

and this lots and lots of courses in

there you can start using these as

filters and it's just filter through

again you might want to filter this

route for other subjects and classes and

learning games it's relevant to maybe

you'll start categorizing for class or

maybe just it's all subject

and we can give it a cover image as well

as you saw back on that homepage or the

course library page rather lots of my

courses had a front image and that is

where we can set it well if we just jump

straight into modules here after

creating that front page here's where we

can actually begin to add content so

first of all we can create modules think

of these modules as sections or units if

you like and then underneath each unit

our module we can add pages you can by

adding page we could either add a custom

multimedia page full of text headings

hyperlinks videos and images and cannot

be self customized and formatted it

however you like we can have a insert

video as one of these of pages as of

enlarged through a full page so from the

likes of YouTube or Vimeo it's just a

case of dropping in the URL we can

upload existing score packages so if you

have to use the VLE in the past and

perhaps maybe moodle blackboard

pebblepad things like that and you'll

find the most common format of all these

courses and it is it's something called

SCORM okay so basically we do allow you

to upload existing interactive courses

that you may have from other systems as

well there's lots of third-party

providers as well that just solely

creates interactive courses for stuff

like this things like some functional

skills as well and we actually work with

two we have two partners when it comes

to courses because we don't actually

create or sell at any ourselves but we

do partner with the likes of WMV

elearning content and also learn box box

as well so again speedy success managers

if it's a new sales team we're more than

happy to provide a brochure of what

packages we can provide from those guys

and then finally we can create an

interactive quiz okay this is where that

knowledge base quiz can actually come

into play here

now we're not to build of course today

but you already have an example so we'll

have a preview of this example before we

jump in as I'll learn it so firm kind of

go through each of these things and from

the learners perspective okay so let's

go ahead and a preview this one here

it's a it's not academic should mention

I think it's all to do with 80s films

but it's just an example of each of

those page

that we were just talking about okay so

here's the first page and it's one of

the videos that I mentioned as you can

have a YouTube video and that just been

enlarged to a full page here okay so of

course the learners would watch the

video and indulge in whatever knowledge

as to share then once they're happy they

can move on to the next page using the

buttons at the bottom here we have a

multimedia page which is full of images

headings text and hyperlinks and we can

also have videos on this page as well

don't stretch the size of the page for

you like it's all using a saw and drag

and drop as a function so for this image

of Eddie Eddie Murphy for example if one

sit on the right hand side of the head

and it'd just be a case of clicking

dragging and dropping it's at this side

and then finally at least in the setup

of this course once the learner has gone

through all these sort of pages indulge

in whatever knowledge you have to share

we're actually testing them with a quiz

okay a quiz which you guys would design

you create other questions and you

create all the answers then you can have

like our multiple choice you have manual

answer and manual import answers as well

okay so I'm gonna intentionally accept

this quiz wrong but for a few reasons

now you may notice across the top here

we've got the question some of the

questions also have descriptions within

that description area you can also have

videos and images okay so it really

opens the door opens up the door to what

kind of questions you could actually ask

your learners here I've got one here

with multiple choice I have more mortal

multiple answers rather okay let's do

the final question just to get through

the quiz at the end it will let them

know that learners how well they've done

in this instance we scored a zero out of

five and the pass back was set to four

okay so you can set a numerical value as

the past mark or you can do it as a

percentage can show

I can actually show the learners which

ones I got right which ones I got wrong

without giving them the correct answers

perhaps asking them to retry if there's

not hit that bass mark then this course

one but not class is completed until

they've actually hit that patch map so

they can go back after the pages they

can then actually exit and come back to

this course at later time if they wish

to and but yes this will not be classed

as complete and sort of hit that past

month why we've done that is because we

can actually map any of these courses as

evidence back in the learners portfolio

okay so if we do build a course for the

intentions of delivering new knowledge

delivering more knowledge about a

learner standard you know it's less off

program then wouldn't completing that

course and completing that quiz in a way

be enough evidence and then enough

evidence that the learners gained that

knowledge okay so if very much to do so

so we can map these courses to knowledge

skills behavior back within the lens

portfolio if they were 20 quite unique

in that sense in terms of you need to

want phone okay so we pretty much how to

look at all the things that we could set

up now and so to end for today we jump

in as our learners we can see each of

those functions and how they actually

affect the learners learners like him so

let's leave my sensor manager okay we're

gonna log in is our learner here and one

of the areas that we've not looked at

yet it's the new learner learner journal

okay this is a more dedicated area where

learners would upload the likes of their

officer activities

yes let's jump into our portfolio or I

just have its own icon for the learners

as does the scorecard and courses it's

all three of those functions included in

the living Club

obviously to be used by the learners

okay so I'll actually do it via the

learning journal stay for the left on

menu rather right and jump into the


okay so like I said this is the feature

that actually replaces another one with

of the same name if you do have the

learning cup so there was a function

called journal which is where learners

would record it off the job information

prior that's an elearning cup being

released okay it's now that learner's

journal you can see the changes that

we've made it's more built into a very

familiar timeline and user appearance

now I'm guessing if something easily

scroll through and it reflects exactly

what activities we've done on which date

okay which activates the post themselves

these posts are either reflections of

learning they may be feedback and

comments some of the likes of the

cheaters aren't maybe and off the job

activity okay so both learners and

choosers can create posts okay this just

case I've been reflecting and typing of

what it is that they've learned that day

I said maybe it is enough to job it to

me it's a planned activity because you

can write these things into your

assessment plans as well

but once the one is written up a bit of

reflection about what is that why is

that they learn today in this instance

you can also attach files yes again drag

and drop files such as images and they

will display in the post you can create

learning activities

it's very actually detail and the

off-the-job activity that's taking place

okay in the class or mapping to criteria

as well let's actually have a look at a

completed post it might make it a little

bit more census so and we have I said

today is observed in supervisor so it

looks like there's enough the job

activity okay you guys uploaded a

picture I'm not sure if it's necessarily

relevant but has uploaded a picture here

which we can office Lea

open up in a full screen if we wish to

it's also recorded some other things in

here such as the linen activity itself

some work shadow in with Tom the

supervisor so you did that for two hours

of 10:00 a.m. on the 23rd of August and

it was classes off the job so if we used

to go to this alone as the timesheets

page which should be able to find this

record in here those two hours that he's

recorded well know that not only the

learning activity he's also reported

criteria now this is something that is

new when it comes to this version of the

learner Journal

okay so you can see that the learner

themselves are actually mapped this to

to knowledge points now the whole idea

of learners mapping their journal posts

to criteria it's one so they closely

become a little bit more aware of what

their standard entails well it is that

they're expecting to complete and by the

way it doesn't lessen actively against

the knowledge skills and behaviors age

of whatever learning came they have a

sign so it could be this standard or it

might be the curriculum that you guys

have specifically built around a quick

brown as a standard itself okay so not

only will this either start being a bit

more aware of what it is that you guys

are trying to teach 7-l and so i've

developed with them okay but this also

helps mapping it to criteria when it

comes to the learner scorecard so jump

straight to the scorecards left-hand

menu there okay the lettuce can complete

this however often you guys some decide

and I think it can be done the basis

place you I didn't to do it soon or even

longer than that link can be done okay

we'll come into it annex completed

scorecard here so what I'll do in this

instance we've chosen the actual

standard itself so we've got the

knowledge skills and behaviors across

each of these three tabs okay we can see

each sort of outcome and the criteria

underneath there but on the right hand

side we've got this little number that's

the score that the learners I actually

gave himself in regards to their own

confidence for this criteria on this

knowledge point if we actually slept

into it it take us to the score count

itself and like I said we the scores

already there for this particular one

okay but you can see the scale now as

well you may notice this the right hand

side of the page it says the learning

journal now if we go ahead and pick one

that should have been a bit more it

should have been completed a little bit

more let's say you're only getting one

posted property of sitting it some more

no crap

he was letting this the wrong criteria

but no problem what this scorecard now

actually does we've got a school Carolyn

it's left-hand side it's got the

criteria at the top and of course it

will have a looking rate themselves but

on the right hand side it will present

the learners journal but it will only

show the posts with learners and Matt a

post to this fifth criteria so that's

why the letters can now map criteria to

their own post within the learning

journal it'll help them reflect when it

comes to the scorecard okay they don't

have to necessarily leave this page

leave the scorecard page have a look at

through their through their assessments

on the journal anything else if there's

a task within the jail that's relevant

to this particular criteria will present

the right side so the lens can easily

reflect and go oh yes I do remember

doing this task actually so perhaps and

is he fat maybe it's actually more of a

six than a then a four and there's the

limbs go through each of these criterias

giving the scores themselves and as they

do and complete this scorecard over and

over again throughout their program

it'll build a graph hopefully a better

looking graph and then this particular

one is only completed one score can't

bless the learner and but this graph

Lexie's plot those average scores onto

this graph okay so any scores that loans

give themselves across a single score

card will get plotted on this graph so

what we should see over time is that the

learners journey build that we should

have a suburb it makes really want

Nestle to be a straight incline and

surely be dips and downs of where the

learners and realize the scope of a

particular subject perhaps raise

themselves a little bit lower but that's

exactly the sort of thing that Ofsted

unlucky far moving forward they want to

know from the learners perspective and

they confident did they understand their

role do they understand the knowledge

skills and behaviors that they're in to

demonstrate okay guys a thing that ties

it up quite nicely hitting that

30-minute mark on the dot

that has been one files learning Club at

least each feature that's included in

there don't forget we've had a look at

how to actually answer late the hub okay

from the sense manager's perspective to

make sure that everything's set up

before people begin using it but the

learning curve itself includes the new

learning journal the learners scorecard

and that interactive course builder

hopefully let's give you

a better idea of what we meet now if you

ever see hit any marketing material

saying learning cup if you see us at an

event talking about the Limi club that's

exactly what we'll talk about so we'll

have a look at some questions in just a

minute so if you haven't already please

do you begin preparing those for

everyone else who isn't sticking around

thank you very much for attending this

afternoon I hope it's been useful it was

a few more bits that you can go back to

your Center now with and explain a

little bit better perhaps if you don't

stick around it's not a problem I do

hope to see you on more sessions in the


and we're back in just a couple of tips

for questions everyone else thank you

very much beats you soon

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