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Covered on this webinar:

  • Completing Forms & ILPs
  • Creating Courses
  • Managing Learners
  • Assigning Learner Template Forms
  • Actions and Resubissions
  • Reporting on tasks overdue by learner
Webinar Transcript

good morning ladies and gentlemen and

welcome to another sets of onboarding

training webinars here from one file my

name's Jake I'll be your presenter for

today and the onboarding project

specialist here at one file so basically

I work with the onboarding team help

those guys get all their training dates

in place and help develop new and

offensive self resources for you guys so

for those who have yet to be introduced

to the onboarding team and we've pretty

much been put together to better equip

our users with the resources and

knowledge that you guys need to

effectively use one file okay so we're

doing this through various different

methods one of those is through these

live training webinars where each day we

get to focus on a particular topic where

does that be a user or specific session

someone today where we're looking at

tutors it may be a look at work flows

through use of plans and templates and

then other times we might look at

feature sets such as 1,000 new learning

hub these sessions we've been running

since May I believe I've recently taken

a bit of a break a couple of weeks out

just so we could stop or review all the

feedback and have a look and sort of

reassess the webinars and so we're gonna

have been pretty much written a handful

of new ones we've also retained some and

amended others so that's kind of where I

want to stand today we're just quickly

showing you guys and what sort of

sessions we have running often sold now

until Christmas okay so again if you've

not been introduced to the onboarding

team then you may not be introduced into

this page either so this is one files as

of onboarding page or hub if you like

it's not attached to the main website so

we usually send this link out and so if

you would like to come back to this page

I will actually copy the URL at the top

and pop it in chat just so you guys can

visit it at a later time but basically

from here any sort of video resources

written user guides forms and webinars

that we do will all be found on this

page okay something else to note as well

is that we actually record at these

webinar sessions we'll just record one

of each kind of session so to speak and

so please do a few all week

until these new ones help on that but

you can watch them anytime

wasn't that let's jump into the live

webinars to see what we've got running

okay so we've so kept the sessions for

sense managers at the intermediate and

advanced levels we still have a session

for all the reports and reporting in

general within one file for tutors we

now have the phone a set M of I guess

training sessions really that we'd like

to do we've got the foundation

intermediate and the brand-new one of

which of course we're delivering this

morning advanced when it comes to

features and products just a few new

ones to point out here such as your

individual learning plans their progress

reviews and we've got an updated

teaching and learning plan session in

there as well for the users we've got a

q8 learners and employers and finally

got branding type of webinar which is

for advice and guidance ok so we've got

a couple already prepared for these such

as planning your curriculum of intent in

one file what to prepare for

order in compliance inspections and how

to fair far Ofsted

I guess if you do fancy have a look at

our join in any of those sessions and

please do and have a look at the

onboarding page where I just thought I'd

go through some of those new sessions

that we've introduced in this other

let's badge of I've been asked but okay

before we actually jump into today's

shooter advanced session there is some

housekeeping to get all the way first so

somewhere on your screen right now there

should be a go to our panel is usually

anchored right a couple features on this

panel but one that may grab your

attention as most is questions so if at

any point throughout today's session you

have any questions comments or concerns

then please do feel free to pop them

into the questions box however it will

be them in the sessions which we have a

look at these as for today's session

they'll probably run for around 25 to 30

minutes and then any time we have left

at the end there will be used to answer

your questions and finally we also have

feedback surveys so at the end of

today's session whether you guys leave

or whether I end it from my side you'll

be presented with a feedback survey

which should pop up in your usual

internet browser

we would greatly appreciate to take the

time to complete that survey just gives

us a bit of a gauge on how you guys are

finding these sessions okay

Cheeta advanced webinar this is a brand

new session we thought about what we

already have in the foundation in the

intermediate we wanted it to have a bit

more of a natural flow so some of the

things that we'll be touching on today

things that we may have only briefly

touched upon in say the intermediate

session another thing to know with

today's session there's some of these

actions and features that we show may

also require certain permission step in

the case we'll get into that in just a

moment and also we will be touching upon

the VLE or the course builder that was

in today's session which only comes with

one fast learning hub okay we try to

think of all the more advanced other

actions that a choose may do on one file

are those sort of high-end features that

are usually locked away behind center

managers but we are seeing a lot more

sense of self hand those permissions

down but let's have a look at what it is

that will be completed today so we have

a look at farms and how to sort of

complete those but more importantly how

that information then feeds into the ILP

we'll have a look at the course builder

and we'll very briefly go through some

emotions and the different kinds of

pages that we can create and using that

course builder managing learners is

information that can be handed down so

basically the tutors can then create and

manage learner accounts and so we touch

upon that that follows our nicely to

assigning learner forms will start our

actions and resubmissions and then

finally we'll end with some reports and

but we'll put more of an emphasis on the

tasks over gee I learn a report okay so

I think everything's working okay from

this side and so we can jump straight in

for today so let me get rid of this

presentation and let's go ahead and jump

into one file

okay so actually of thought we will be

hosting today from that tree to point of

view so let me login as my Jude's at

home okay so the first thing return

touch upon is farms and aisle Peas

now if you've not been introduced to

farms or the custom farms within one

file yet basically it's a feature that

allows a sensor manages it is on the

sensor manager they can create them at

least to capture additional information

in one file and perhaps information that

we don't capture as a default okay

what's great about these these forms is

that you can actually then be used to

add additional fields exist in areas of

our system as well such as the progress

review page and the teaching and

learning plans page okay so to give you

guys an example of what we can do with

these farms are gonna head over to one

of our learners because although is this

dense manager that creates them it's not

often the sensor manager that actually

then sells them in and now when the

sentiment chair creaks any form when

they publish it they have various

options and places where that can go

they can also decide who needs to fill

that farm in okay and the options are

usually tutors such as yourselves

learners may be IQ A's are employees as

well now for the most part a lot of the

farms at least farms used to capture

additional information about the learner

for example and will be sitting on the

learner portfolio page okay so just

headed over to one my learners here mr.

Pete Blum looks like he's working

towards a friendship standard okay and

you may notice underneath II the three

main tabs here we have our our little

action sounds which then actually fold

out and see more features one of those

if we have farm setup will be farms okay

so this one's got a various varied

amount of farms in here really click

that one let's just head back

okay farms can be print one to use for I

said to capture additional information

so the limit is the hair obviously no

nose no have balance really but we often

see these being used for lighting

inductions and maybe it's like two skill

scans additional feedback forms be

completed by employers our cheese as a

search or maybe it's like some initial

assessment results another thing that

the forms are used for in one file

to capture information to be used within

the ILP okay we'll move on to that in

just a few moments let's now let's have

a look at some farms that need complete

hair such as our initial assessment

results for this learner okay so you can

see the farmers are pretty much broken

down into sections so I'll split up by

these headings here and then the

intersection is filled with a various

amount of fields men dunno how it's

being created so this one's an initial

assessment results and so we're using

four skills as our example here and you

can put logos and images and stuff into

the farms as well sort of sterilized

them and keep them in brand and you can

see underneath we have a section for

each of the other subjects and which our

learners come through during their

initial assessment and diagnostics here

so check numeracy literacy and I see

there's not too many fields it's just as

soon as they're for likes of percentages

and so I am just going to make someone

pay above all gods fill it in I make up

I don't mean make up numbers and then

make up percentages there we go

okay date of the assessment so you can

have date fifties in here obviously text

fields you have these little drop-down

fields as well let's say that's our

learner achieved a level one okay and

even add attachment areas is currently a

student's upload this if go now let's

just go through this farm filling in

these fields okay Papa didn't dates for

our assessment say we got level one

again and same down here but let's give

us a bit of a bit of a higher score okay

and Levine created its own deck relation

area at the very bottom here asking

everyone to sign this off

go ahead and save that so that's all

there is to it really when it comes to

complete in the phone was of course the

context the farm will be different

depending on what your sensor setup now

is another farmer once it's complete

there as well is additional information

for the commitment statement because as

I mentioned a moment ago the ILP

function within one file and relies very

much on pulling in information from

different areas of the system it's a lot

that information can be pulled in from

what we already saw such as learning

details their employees details things

like that but there may be some bits and

that we don't capture as a default so

we'd always recommend creating a form

and so that's what this additional farm

is for here this we've got detail for

the EPA organization for example main

contacts there perhaps paint some

numbers up just to fill this farm in

okay address in there as well unless

I've got other sections here for links

of key policies air clearance of program

responsibilities for the learners tutors

and players okay then plans of training

as well any use of prior learning and

their details about maths in English and

you need to learner support okay go

ahead and save this what real ones get

to know is show you guys the ILP a

search okay so if an oil paint has been

created once again is something that's

managed by any sentient managers so they

have to do some just side wipes it gets

pulled into the IRP with what has been

created and saved undersigned to your

learner's then will find it underneath

progress okay I said this is using

information that either already exists

in one file or is pulling additional

information through those forms okay so

this one

absolutely the commitment statement

father who looks at a moment ago that's

primarily why it's being built with her

so you can see we've got and all the

stuff logos in I should mention this ILP

by the way and as it's more French it

was standard what we've seen all of our

sensors do is build their il peace to

match the EFSA's air commitment

statement ok so that's what that's the

example follows here and just if you was

wondering ok so we've just kept sitting

in line with branding thereby putting

the EFSA's and then you saw flow goes in

there ok but as we look through and

again also we've done is copied each tab

from that commitment statement ok but we

do actually have a session that's more

focused on try our piece if you wanted

to see how we built this but fidei let's

have a look through you to pulling in

existing information here and such as

learn details then we've got details

about the employers as well oh here we

can see the endpoint organization

details ones that we just filled in so

you can see how those forms can be used

as a soft pull any form of dates really

into each learners aisle please here we

can see those sort of policies

commitments responsibilities and start

making a little bit more sense now to

why they're just attached to a random

farm attached to the learners portfolio

and see this being used to fill in and

build up that sort of commitment

statement that ILP for this learner

plans of training a phalanx of learning

game tables the unit tables everything

that law would learn is working towards

its progress so far what's been assigned

with all those sort of air dates in

between as well all the other bits of

information you imagine we store a

learner's unit table here and review

tables all the reviews I've gone ahead

the progress that was recorded between

each plans and of this course this list

goes on about what information we can

pull into here if we just get to the

bottom of this particular things bit on

program for a while this particular

learner I think these are all the tasks

okay and then gets through the sections

for recognition of prior learning which

you can see is now pulling in that

information that we just filled in on

the farms and the initial assessment

results as well you can see the

percentage is being pulled in okay

what's great about the IRP in one files

that you can create sign of all copies F

for each person for

involved in the program to sign so this

might be done that progress of you stage

it might be done at Saul's new

milestones reached okay whatever you've

soft planned within your delivery you

can create a sample copy it'll sort of

take a freeze frame or a screenshot

rather of this data as it currently

stands because this is a live document

as you saw we're pulling in information

about reviews assessment plans tasks

learning tasks things like that

it'll constantly do that and throughout

the learners soft program so if you want

to have to take a screenshot of how this

data currently looks you can go ahead

and select create and then everyone in

this table above most then sign ok hence

why we have a lot of our sensors now

doing it out of that progress of view

stage are set off any milestones

achieved okay that's a good chunk really

on custom forms and I our peas but we've

yet to touch upon it within the Cheetahs

sort of session so we thought it would

be very informative to spend a bit of

time there okay we're gonna have a look

at the course builder now okay so the

course builder is an add-on to the one

file system it is actually included in

the learning hub but it was introduced

before the learning cup so there may be

some senses where with just the course

builder without the updated scorecard

I'll learn it's Journal anyway let's

head over to courses which cannot be

found through your left-hand menu ok so

the first page you get taken to here is

the library page so these are all the

either publish courses on your sensor or

the courses that you are currently

building now as a default tutors cannot

build courses however since managers may

want to or may decide that you two

should they're there to to live in their

delivery and the ones who use collects

all the resources assigns it out you

know make sure it all sort of matches a

program the scheme of work the

curriculum intent and everything else so

maybe it makes sense in your deliver

that a tutors are the ones I creates in

the interactive courses so exams

managers can hand permissions down

okay so I'm just going to show you a

quick example and I'll show you guys how

you can actually then create your own

again we're not won't go into too much

detail there's a more focused webinar in

the learning KOB session that would be

focused on the more on how you can

create effective and interactive courses

let's have a look here you can see when

you hover over of course you have the

option to assign which of course that's

how you assign it to learners and but if

you have this little eye tool at the top

we can actually preview any published

form any published course rather as when

it comes to courses there's a handful of

different pages that you can create at

least if you do choose to create your

own such as a video page okay so we just

popped in the URL here for a YouTube

video it filled this page so of course

the learners would watch indulgent

whatever knowledge you have to share

moving across the pages using the

buttons at the bottom we then come

across a multimedia page a pitiable loss

of headings text images in our videos on

this page as well you can also have

hyperlinks as well that takes learners

to different resources saved elsewhere

and then finally what makes these

courses interactive it is the fact that

you can create a quiz to actually test

them that learners knowledge at the end

of the quiz so you might want to sort of

stagger them in between pages as well

okay is multiple-choice and questions I

believe you can create manual answers

and as well so have questions that have

like a manual input so as well as your

questions you can also have description

to see your questions or you can add a

little more context put in those

descriptions you can also add images and

videos again changing the soft questions

that you could ask your learners okay

when you actually create these you set

the pass scores are passed sort of marks

really so in this case err we'll find

out when we get to the end here okay so

we only got one out of five and you must

have received or at least got correct

for to actually progress in this course

okay so you guys can set those pass Max

learners can show details I can see

which ones but right which ones they got

wrong but of course without giving the

correct answers we want them to get this

course right why it's because we can

actually map these courses to criteria

pay back within learner's portfolio

which doesn't require any sort of second


so once the learners have completed the

course if they hit the password that was

set and that can map and add progress

directly to their knowledge skills and

behaviors Oh quickly oh ok so quickly to

show you guys how you can put something

like that together really listed there

we can see from the library page if

you've been given permission to do so as

a tutor you'll then have this blue

create button the top right hand side of

the page

ok like so all quickly just go for the

motions here as we've still got quite a

lot to get through so of course you want

to give the course a name and so I'll

just call this demo for today we're then

customizing that from page okay so what

we basically see from that library page

so he can upload a thumbnail we can give

it a bit of description as well we can

also add categories it's really useful

because when it comes to learners they

can soft search through these categories

and in case you have lots and lots of

courses and you start to drill it down

to particular topics or subject areas

AB so you know you can't go ahead and

create categories clearly choose

existing ones you can create your own as

well by typing in ok so from the

Paige was to search these keywords this

particular course would then appear so

this is the front page they said once

you're happy with that we can go ahead

and create content and just move the

tabs along on to modules think about my

jaws as your sections or your units even

if you like

okay so create as many modules as you

like and they can see within each module

weaken and pages so if we go ahead and

slap it and pages this is where we can

add a custom multimedia farm a

internet-based video either from the

likes of YouTube or Vimeo and of course

the quiz at the end there would have

another options offer SCORM package and

so although this is a course builder and

you don't necessarily have to create

your own courses

you can't import your own courses if

they within a SCORM format

okay so scrum seems to be the most

common format for these interactive

courses especially if you use two other

VLE systems such as blackboard and

pebblepad one factors also resell

interactive courses well we do have some

third-party courses ever so you know

please do get in touch with your success

managers if you'd like to know about

those okay in case of selecting and the

pages here for just go ahead and have a

look at the custom all to me do you want

just as an example it'll take you to

this gridded view okay you can see at

the very top here we can add any amount

of these things such as text images from

videos it's just a case of selecting one

of those options it'll give you a box

switch then we can start customizing

okay so you can see whether this is a

heading gone out or a title to type that

in here you can make things bold

underlined our usual and formatting

tools and then it comes to customize it

as you hover over any of your text boxes

at the time you have this little blue

button which you can use to change the

size of okay or then move around the

page okay so it's quite intuitive really

simple soft builder here and South

customize easy areas em but yeah of


design this however you like adding as

many videos images text and hyperlinks

in here if you don't let the grid view

you can't run selector okay but just

still follow the similar air so I'm

gridded boxes if you like okay so please

do have a playground at with of course

builder these can be really effective

for learners especially working towards

the new standards if you have lots of

knowledge points that you want to get to

your learner we didn't want to do

through a classic classroom session and

perhaps building some interactive

courses could be the way forward

okay so feel the bit before we end

today's session and speaking about

having Commission's handed down to

tutors and not that one of those

permissions that could something pandit

however if you like is the ability to

manage learner account this can greatly

depends on your delivery it depends how

much the I guess the admin work your

teachers do now so if you guys already

manning's learners in terms of setting

up their program posting the lives of

dates and you're the ones that speaking

with employees for example then it may

be an idea to have those discussions

with your sensor manager and have that

permission handed down if the duration

has been granted okay from your tutor

homepage as you scroll down so your

learner dashboard you'll have an

additional bottom manage learners okay

so let's go through the motion said

let's see what we can actually do if

this permission is granted

so by sled to manage learners it takes

to Susie learn a database they suppose

and with all these soft learner options

in here some of these we wouldn't have

been able to see without the managed

learner permission okay but one of the

main things that users can do with the

permission set is create those new

learner accounts okay you can either do

bulk uploads face yes these you can just

go ahead and create new here when you do

create a new learner you are given the

option to and it's the first names and

last names okay will last to these

they're when creating a new account we

then have some optional information but

of course probably if it is a real

learning you'd still have this


such as primary email database the date

they were registered on the sensor the

ull if it is relevant and national

Shone's again if it's relevant

from there you come self preemptively

fill in some learners episode and by

episode we mean this this program that

they're currently working towards okay

so for example if learner I guess

traditional NVQ census but if you're

learning moved on from a level one to a

level to that level to be classed as a

new episode in one file

okay so set on this first the initial

episode for this learner we can

predefined the default user here we can

predefined the class that leaves off

will be sitting in placements we can

assign the framework template if we have

those created and the episode start date

for the learner okay of course fill in

all the information in and selecting

crepe we'll add a new limit within the

database here now there's lots and lots

of options in here we won't be gone

through each and every one of them today

and but something that I feel like it's

important to point out is episode okay

switch quickly jump to this chance to

episode here from the episode page

itself is where we can set a lot of the

labels or existing groupings that you

may have set up on your sensor by that I

mean things like class placements

providers setting the obligee after job

information any special requirements the

learner status okay so what some

information on this page this is usually

again like say something that's usually

managed by a sense managers and but if

we have that permission to manage

learners and that all becomes available

to the cheetah

okay so again it really depends on how

you guys currently use one file if you

take so if you need a benefit from the

likes of the learner status

classes and which hope so classes

certainly a more simple one which is

definitely effective on your Center and

placements providers ok learn the

details of ethnicities learning

difficulties and these other additional

support that this learner may need

then at the bottom of the episode page

this is where as a cheater you would

assign learner farms ok so again this

isn't available if you don't have that

manage to learn options it would just be

your sense managers that assign farms

but if you do have that manager learners

then you guys as cheaters can assign any

of the custom farms in your Center to

your learner's you can also see from

this table as well

if learner are whichever user role was

meant to complete that has begun to do

so so it follows the same set of green

and red progress bars that we used

throughout the system okay so maybe off

center managers created some learner

satisfaction surveys and the best you

guys' chooses to send them out to your

relevant classes they say I've gotten

lots and lots of farms my Center but we

can find here in a template we have

learner satisfaction survey so it's also

to learners obviously wrong that

learners page at the moment you can only

assign individually as a tutor at your

Center lenders can assign in bulk okay

so as we already in the learners episode

you change the action to a sign for this

learner satisfaction survey click Save

at the bottom the page that farm has now

been sent to I will learn as a portfolio

page this a bit where we will so that's

where we were looking a little bit

earlier on let's quickly jump to this

learners portfolio let's show that to

you guys I don't make mom perhaps I

didn't save it there because usually

would obviously appear here in the

learners of forum section so any new

forms at us sign and should appear in

there okay just a few minutes left and a

few more things to touch upon today so

let's jump back to our home page ok so

one of the points once it's lunch one

today is resubmissions

if you realize when it comes to the

foundation in the intermediate sessions

we spend a bit good time focusing on

work and work assessments learning

activities development until it is over

to our learners and of course how we can

plan for all those activities as well so

there may be times where resubmissions


now of course we thing

submissions and your role as tutor and

you know you've got someone before you

guys in the process such as the learners

and you've got someone after in terms of

the IQ A's

so you guys may actually encounter both

camps both types of resubmissions that

we have within one file some let's head

over to this learners rather this tutors

task list here we've got a couple of

tasks built up here the first one we're

gonna do is a caterer which has been

sent over to us by the learner okay then

I think this is an ad hoc assessment we

didn't ask him to complete this one well

so they've written a bit of a case study

here okay so what were actually gonna do

is just resubmit now it isn't the

biggest thing but we didn't really cover

this and don't kind of cover it and when

we're setting the work in the other

session so we thought we at least I'll

show you guys what we submit if you ever

hear about it so you can see here that

learners and uploaded and evidence of a

lull in some case studies in here and

not really certainly criteria not left

me any feedback either um so I don't

really know what this is for

so I'm gonna have to send it back to the

learners really I asked him you know

what is this completed was this

particular case to be far now of course

there may be a whole host of reasons why

you actually need to resubmit work back

to learners and but all you do need to

do is concert on the tasks that it's to

be signed by a tutor and rather than

signing it okay if we cannot forget that

the signing is this other trigger that

then marks its progress here in one file

but we have a big red resubmit bottom

well it will ask us to do if we do

resubmit it's always filling some


okay so we've already done that in this

case you see we put in there okay so

let's just resubmit and it says you sure

you want to send this Batson learner

okay that's looking something back to

learner and then we all see that

feedback and of course to be able to add

and I'll remove anything that we've

requested there another kind of

resubmission that you guys may come

across is a IQ a unit resubmission okay

so of course the or IQ aides will self


the unit it once completed but an IQ may

not necessarily creep with either your

actions your judgments or the feedback

you've given so they also have a reason

I'll have an ability to resubmit so if

they do you'll see oh come on something

like that

okay so in this instance it was a unit

simmer so unit summary for mister people

who requires Maurice mission and a very

sort of thing to what we've just done

went to learners however it's been done

to oh I guess this time around as we run

some review the unit somebody once again

and then this should be some comments

from the IQ a ok so in this instance we

need more feedback focusing on how we

could ask the learner to achieve more or

get a higher mark it so basically I set

leaves with some more constructive

feedback okay so you can see the

previous feedback there to the learners

that we left and so then of course we

would make the amendments perhaps leave

better feedback to learner we can then

also leave a message to the nqh as well

and then we've done salt we've also been

asked to acknowledge this feedbacks

let's go ahead and Mark that it gives

you the green tick and then once we're

happy we can resubmit and send it back

to the IQA for final approval

okay guys I've notice we'll just run a

couple minutes over here so to finish

for today and the last thing I wanted to

point out was that a particular report

actually so I'm gonna very quickly

jumped through the reporting page and

just the I'm going to what we wanted to

show here was tasks over to you by user

okay there's another really useful tool

and of course if you're managing

learners it's actually stay on top of

having tasks they have if anything's

fallen over do because that'll be

visible to your IQ aides and your sensor

managers so of course is reports to help

you guys stay on top of things like this

okay so a really simple report is got

all the learners that we have at least

access to you as a tutor what class do

bonding nasty of overdue and as we're

the majority one files report if there

was a learner with a high amount of add

overdue tasks such as mr. Jason learner

321 is far too many so perhaps we could

see and what those tests were we can

select learner

I'll take him to there

tasklist okay so just a really useful

report there and to help you guys stay

on top of your learner of do tasks okay

guys that is pretty much everything we

wanted to show in today's tutor advanced

webinar I hope it's been useful there's

definitely been some more things which

we have put I got to focus on what

either requires additional permissions

or add-ons such as 1,000 new learning

curve but of course we do have centers

where tutors do manage learners they do

create courses as we far the best to

include these in the likes of the

advanced session okay so thank you very

much for attending today

I said give hope it's been somewhat

useful and perhaps these things that you

can go back to your Center with now and

chat with no center manager play around

with some of those tips and features

I'll have a looking questions in just a

moment as if you haven't already leastly

begin preparing those now we're back in

just a few more tips so everyone else

thank you very much for attending I hope

to see you

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