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Covered in this webinar:

  • How to create Teaching and Learning Plans
  • How to use Plans effectively
  • How to create detailed Plans with learning materials
  • How to report on and view all created and assigned Plans
  • Planning Visits, OTJ & Reviews
Webinar Transcript

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen

um welcome to another onboarding webinar

here at onefile

sorry it started a little bit late today

the the previous webinar just ran over a

little bit

and so thank you everybody for joining

today um so today's webinar is going to

be covering

how to create teaching and learning


and so before we have a look at the

objectives for today let's just go

through some housekeeping

so somewhere on your screen right now

you should be able to see

a go to webinar panel and on that panel

you should be able to see

um a questions and a chat feature so if

at any point throughout today's session

you do have any questions comments

or concerns please feel free to just pop

them in those boxes

and we will run through any questions at

the end of the session

so as i mentioned today's webinar is

going to be covering

teaching and learning plans so during

today's session we're going to have a

look at

how we can create a teaching and

learning plan how to use plans


how to create detailed plans with lots

of learning materials

how to report and view all plans

assigned and created

and finally planning visits off the job

and reviews into our learning plans

so let's jump into the software

so today i am logged in as a tutor

um because what we're going to do is

we're going to go straight into

a learner and create a plan from their


but these steps are exactly the same

and if you did want to create a template

so let's jump into a learner's portfolio

so i've just used the quick drop-down

box from my tutor account there

but you can also go down to your learner


as well um where you can search for the

learner and you can also see your list

there of who

is assigned to you

so let's go back to the learner's


so you do have the option of clicking

into this light bulb here

um and creating a plan straight into

this learner's portfolio

um so the way um

of doing this is that you would only

create this plan for that learner

and that plan will only be available for

that learner

but if you did want to create a template

um this would then save in your

plan templates and you can then reuse

that and send that out to multiple


and so if i just went back to the tutor

home page

if you scroll down in your home page you

do have the same icons that

the center manager would also have so

you have got your assessment templates

your written question forms

and so you can see they've got like the

same pictures because they are

um also a type of template

and because you can only send written

questions out when it's been added into

a plan

so the plan is the light bulb so plans

are like

little snippets of your scheme of work

so in order to build a plan template

um you first need you need to create

your assessment templates first

so these are your small pieces of work

that you're going to add into your plan

later on

so if we go into assessment templates


the first section you'll see is center


so if your center manager has created

any templates

or promoted any of the tutor templates

they will appear here

so they are available to everybody on

your center

and then if we scroll down the next

section is your tutor templates

so this is anything that you create as a


so if we just go ahead and click create

new assessment template

we're now just going to create um our


task so you'll notice that we've got two


boxes here so the first one is how you

want the

reference to show on your center and

this one is for

um the learner's portfolio so if you did

want those titles to be different

then you do have the option of doing

that and but

if you're not too bothered about that

you can just

give those titles the same name

underneath there now we've come to the

task details

so this is where we're going to include

all of the information

um around this task so what do we want

the learner to do

um so they understand um

what they need to do in order to

complete this task and in here we can

also include

an estimated time of how long we think

they should um spend on this task so

that will then help the learner when

they are logging anytime so if they are

logging off the job hours they can use

that as an estimate

for their time they're spending on this


and then they can log that time then at

the end when they've completed it

um so you would put all your test


now what you want them to do and then

you could put

important estimated

time spent


so you want to include as much detail in

this box as possible for the learner

so they know exactly what they need to

do whilst working on this task

underneath here we've got the primary

assessment method so you need to choose

the main method for this assessment

if you have got secondary methods turned

on in your center

this is just an area where you can

select a method

so if the learner is going to use more

than one method so we've selected case

study but if

i know that learner is going to be using

more than one method

and i've got the option now to tick this


whilst creating the template but this

also shows up

when this template um has generated as

an assessment to the learner

and so when the tutor our assessor comes

to mark this

they have the option at that time as

well to select them there

so under here we've got option to lock

down so that just means that this


won't allow it won't allow it to be

assigned to learners that aren't working


the learner name that you've selected so

you can lock it down to a specific

learning name

so again this one is locking it down to

a specific

framework and so these are all

frameworks that have been created on

your center

next we've got how do you want the

evidence to be recorded

so this is how do you want the criteria

to appear

when the assessment generates to the

learner's portfolio

and so if i just select some criteria

i'll show you the difference between

those two options

so i'm just going to set criteria

and then using this drop down box i'm

just going to

select the learner name that i want to

select the criteria from and then once

you select that it will then show all of

the units

inside that learn name so if you select

the unit and then click

add selected it will then bring that

unit up just down below here

so if we expand and collapse it will

then open up your unit so you can see

all of the criteria

inside there so we just need to go ahead

and select the criteria that we want to

add to this

task and press save so that will pull

that through now

there we go so we've got it selected as

holistically so all that does is it will

just list the criteria

so this is the criteria the learner will

be working towards

when they're completing this task um and

then the

next option is separately against

individual criteria

so this will provide the learner with a

box underneath each piece of criteria

for them to provide their answers

so i'm just going to change that part to


so we do have an evidence box so if you

did want to put anything in there for

the learner you can do

you can also import word documents into

this area as well

when this does actually generate to the

learner's portfolio as an assessment

they will also have

an attachments area if they wanted to

attach any documents

and then finally we've got tutor

comments so if you wanted to leave any

comments in there you can do

but once you have done all that you just

click save

and that is your first task completed

so that's your first template

the next option that we have got

is to create written questions so this

is also a type of template

so if i click into this icon here

written question forms

written questions gives you the option

to create your own

questions and you can then pull that

through to the learner's portfolio

so again we've got tutor forms and

center forms

so we can use any that have been created

via the center manager

so you would pull this template through

when you're going to create your plan

so let's um just go ahead and click

create new assessment

um so you would give your assessment a


and again you've got the option to lock

this down to a learning name

and then right at the bottom we've got

we've got a button here that says create

new question

so this is where you would um type your


and then at the bottom here we've got

set criteria

so this is the criteria that you're

going to select

um to sign off once that question has


answered so you would select the


scroll to the bottom and click save

so that is your first question done

you would just then repeat those steps

to create

each question that you want to

add again

selecting the criteria

that that question would sign off and


so once you have um complete created all

of your questions

and you're happy with all of the

information in there

you would then go ahead and click this

tick box to publish the questions

so by publishing the questions um this

will now allow you to

select this template when you're putting

your plan together

and if you did um generate these

questions to the learners and you notice

that you needed to amend them

um if you did come back to this area

because they've already been published

they wouldn't allow you to amend the

questions but what you will have is a

button at the bottom here that says um

new version so what it will do when you

click that button

it will archive this version

automatically so you

it will be hidden and then it will

create a new version that's unpublished

so you would then be able to edit that


so what we'll do now we'll go into

the light bulb so what that is the plan


so the terminology may be a little bit

different on your center

um but it's always the light bulb

for the plan templates so this is now

where we're going to start pulling in

our tasks into the plan

so again at the top we've got the center

template so anything that center manager

has created

and then just underneath there we have

got create a new template as a tutor

so again we've got two title boxes here


the template name for what you want it

to appear

on that previous page and then we've got

teach and learn and assessment plans

this is what it will

show when it comes through to the

learner's portfolio

so you just want to give your plant a

title and so you

understand from that title what is

included in that plan

and then if you just scroll down this is

where we come to our tasks section

so you would click add task

and then what you would do now is select

the assessment method

of the template that you've created and

you'll notice that this drop down box

will appear

so if you select that drop down box you

can then select your template that

you've created

and what that will do is it will pull

through all of the information that you

added to your template

so it'll pull through the criteria that

you've selected your learner


how you want to map this and also who's

going to start the assessment

so what this means is who is going to be

adding the evidence first

to this assessment so please make sure

that you have selected the correct


what you can also do on this page is you

can attach learning resources

um to this task so when it generates to

the learner's portfolio

it will also pull through that


so if you select that button you can

drag and drop

files from your computer and so if i

just opened up this folder

um we can select a file and drag and

drop that there

you can also select that button to open

up your files on your computer

and you can also add links in here as

well and so if you had a useful website

that you wanted to send

with this task to the learner you can

also create links

as well

so you can see there they've attached to

this assessment and i'm just going to

press save

so the reason why we create the

assessment templates first

and then pull them through to the plan


because this is a generic plan it won't

allow you to actually select

criteria on this page and so that's why

you would pull

all that through into a template first

and then

select your assessment template on the


so you would just repeat that step for

each assessment that you wanted to pull


and then for the written questions you

would select the assessment method as

written questions it will then come up

with all of your published banks

so you would just need to select the

bank that you've created

you won't actually see the questions on

this page they will only show

once the assessment has moved into the

learner's pending assessments

and that's when you would be able to see

those questions

and so you would just need to give the

learner some instructions on here

and you can also add your learning

resources there as well

and then another type of task that you

can add onto your assessment plan

is an activity task so when you click

add task it will always default to the

assessment tab

so assessments are the tasks that you're


that includes criteria the learner has

to upload evidence

in order for that to be signed off

whereas your activity task

it's not connected to any criteria so

these tasks won't generate any progress

on the portfolio

but you can use these um to send to the


to get them to do certain things

and for example you could use this to

get a learner to do some research

and ask them to prepare for their

upcoming progress review

and it's tasks that they would need to

carry out but

they wouldn't necessarily be attached to

any of the criteria within the portfolio

so when an activity task is sent to the


these will always open in the learning


and so if it is something like research

or something that they're going to do

that is towards their

20 off the job hours they can then um

also log that time whilst they are in

their journal doing their reflecting

so again add your learner instructions

and include as much detail in there as


and what i'm going to do now is i'm just

going to show you

um an assessment plan that we've created

and just to give you a bit of an idea of

all of the information that

and could be included in the plan and

how to set that up

and so once your tasks are added to your


um you would just need to add any

feedback if you wanted to to send that

to all learners

and then there's also an issues arising

book so if there are any issues arising

pop that in there and then press save

and so if i just opened up and this


so we've got customer service

practitioner so this is for an

apprenticeship standard

um and it is the diploma route so the

learner will also be

working towards the diploma and this is

a scheme of work for

10 weeks so depending on how your um

center does

and send out the work and you can title

it like that so you're aware of what is

inside the plan

then down here we've got our tasks so

the first task we've got um titles as

well so we know

um exactly what those tasks are for so

the first one is the starting point so

we're asking the learner to fill out

their scorecard

so we're just giving them lots of detail

on how they can do that

and then underneath we have that

important message and to let them know

that they need to message the tutor to

let them know that they've completed the


um so they will then review that

the next one we've got a learning

activity so again this is an activity


so it's not connected to any criteria um

so it's letting the learner know and

what they need to do so they need to

complete a course

and to access it they need to click on

their course icon in their portfolio

so we give them lots of detail on how

they can do

um what we are asking them to do and

we're just giving a little overview

there of the course

and then again we've got some important

information and so on completion what do

they need to do

so we're asking them to go into the

journal and reflect what they've learned

and we've got some learning resources

there that have been attached

the next task we've added is a

development activity

so this is developing on the learning

that they

have um carried out in this activity


and so this is the action so what do we

want them to do

and again important remember to record a

timesheet record

confirming the time spent so this is to

make sure

that they are logging their off the job

hours and we're giving them approximate

time there of 550 minutes

next we've got an assessment of learning

so this

is an assessment task and this has got

criteria so the learner will need to

provide evidence in order to meet

the criteria selected

again we've got a mini mock

and this again is included in criteria

so they're having a mock professional

discussion um

as this is part of their apprenticeship


and next we've got an activity so this

is a review of progression within the

journey to the gateway

so this is a review for the learner

and then we've also sent a activity task

um to the employer because we've got the

employer added to the learner's


we can send them an activity task just

to ask them

um to attend the review for the learner

and then finally we've got a meet

meeting activity

a one-to-one school card meeting with

your manager

so that is all set out within the

assessment plan template and then when

the tutor actually comes to assign this

up to the learner

they will then have a button on the

right hand side to set the dates for

each of these tasks

so they won't all go to the learner on

the same day

so once um you have started to assign up


to your learners you'll be able to view

which plans have been sent to them via

their portfolio page

so if i just went to a learner's


if you scroll down on the portfolio page

you'll come to this section here

so the terminology will be whatever you

have called the assessment plans

and then it will give you a list of all

the plans that have been assigned to the


so they'll give you the dates that

they've been set the

um titles of the assessment plan

and this is why the titles are really

important and

as you can see mine aren't very good on

my practice area

and so it's really good to give that a

really good title so you know exactly

what is in there

and then we've got related tasks where

any visit date set

any future planned tasks so this is if

you have set the start date in the


and then if it says that the plan is

locked by the iqa

that just means that these plans have

been signed by both the tutor and the


and so if the iqa wanted to go into that

plan it is open for them

and to go in and sample and sign if they

wanted to

also we've got um

some reports for the plans and so if you


go to the reports page

so i've just used ctrl and f there on my

keyboard and just use this little search

box in the right hand corner

and so if you typed in your keyword it

will then just highlight the report that

you're looking for

and so we've got the teaching learning

and assessment plans report

so all you would need to do is use your

filtering options here

and you can select

a specific tutor if you wanted to

and also select a specific cohort

and what this will do is it will just

show you the name of the learner

their cohort all of their information if

a date was

um put in there for a visit and what

type of visit that was

and also if a visit was cancelled as you

can set those visits when you're

assigning out the

assessment plans to the learners

so that is the end of today's teaching

and learning plan

webinar so we'll just go back to the

objectives for today

so we've gone through how to create a

teaching and learning plan

we're also included in there how to

create the templates first

and then select them when you're coming

to create that

um plan how to use planned effectively

how to create detailed plans with

learning materials

and so that is when you're entering your

instructions and then attaching

your learning resources to the task

how to report and view all plans

assigned and created

so that is where we're scrolling on the

learner's portfolio page

to view all of those plans and then

finally planning visits after job and


so that is when you're creating your

tasks in your

plan and you can pop in there at the top

it will ask you for any dates for visits

if you have them

um and then you can also include your

off the job hours

in your tasks and also and send

reminders for

um the learner and the employer to

prepare and attend the reviews

so i'm just going to um

go away for a couple of minutes and just

wait for anybody to fight up any

questions you've got from today's


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