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Covered in this webinar:

  • How to schedule Reviews
  • How to complete Reviews
  • Managing Review settings
  • How to inlcude Employers on a Review
  • How to cusotmise Reviews with Forms
  • Reporting on Reviews
Webinar Transcript

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen

welcome to another set of onboarding

training webinars

here from onefile my name is jake i'll

be your presenter for today

i'm actually the onboarding project

specialist here at one file

so for those who yet to be introduced to

the onboarding team

we're a new team that's basically put

together to better equip

our users with knowledges and resources

that they need

to effectively use our system so

we've been tasked with building brand

new user guides

written and video and come up with new

ways to basically engage you guys in

terms of

how best to deliver new knowledge

whatever it may be

so before we actually jump in today i

wanted to very quickly take

you guys over to this page now again if

you're not introduced to the onboarding

team you may not have seen this page

either but here is where we are storing

all of the user guides

and video written all the forms that we

create of course all these webinars that

we schedule

and the recordings of such webinars as


okay so just in case you guys want to

visit this page later on i will

drop the url into the chat box

okay but i just wanted to quickly

highlight some of the new webinars that

we have running between now and


as we've recently taken a break from

doing these sessions uh we started

around may

and then towards the end of september we

we didn't reschedule it just so we could

sit back we could review

have a look at all the feedback amend

some of the sessions and create

some new ones so between now and

christmas we've still got running

our center manager sessions both

intermediate and advanced

we've still got a session that focuses

on reporting with one file

for tutors we now have the full range of

training sessions from foundation

intermediate and advanced

new ones to highlight underneath

features and products will probably be

individual learning plans

progress reviews and then we've gone

ahead and rewritten the teaching and

learning plan

session for other users we've still got

the likes of iqa

learners employers and observers and


we have a brand new type of webinar as

well for advice and

guidance focus on things like planning

your curriculum of intent within one


what's prepared for audit and compliance

and how to prepare

for ofsted with one file

okay so please do have a look at some of

these sessions and we'd love for you all


jump on as many as you possibly can

okay but today progress reviews this is

actually a new session

we we very much include progressively

using other uh user role sessions that

we have

and but we've realized we didn't really

have one that focused solely on that and

we were beginning to get a few questions


this time around we've gone ahead and

designed a webinar around this

subject alone before we jump in though

there's some housekeeping to get out of

the way first

so somewhere on your screen right now

usually anchored right so there should

be a go to webinar panel

a couple of features on this panel but

one that may interest you the most

is questions so if at any point

throughout today's session you do have

any questions comments or concerns and

please do feel free to pop it into the

questions box

however it will be the end of the

session to which we have a look at those

as for today's session probably on for

around 20 to 25 minutes and then any

time you have left over at the end there

will be used to answer your

questions and finally we do also have

feedback survey so at the end of today's


whether you guys uh leave whether i end

it from my side you should be presented

with a feedback survey in your usual

internet browser

and we would greatly appreciate if you

could take the time to complete that

survey shouldn't take you more than 30

seconds there's only around five

multiple choice questions

but yeah like i said it will really be


okay let me just double check make sure

that everything's working okay from this

side and then we'll go ahead and jump

into today's session

okay so progress reviews

what is it that we'll be covering in

today's webinar

so during this session we will look to

cover how to schedule progress reviews

and of course how to complete them

we'll then go into some more um


or customizable options rather with

managing your review settings

how to get your employers included on

the review in terms of one file that is

and how they can actually

have a signature required and then how

to customize

reviews using the custom forms feature

within the system

then finally if this time we'll have a

look at a few reports

that we have based around reviews

okay so let's get rid of the

presentation and jump into today's


okay so we're just going to fix a few

user rules today we're going to

begin from a tutor point of view and

we're going to go in and have a look at

the the sort of the default function

well what's already there out of the box

as soon as you guys

i suppose get up and running so we've

jumped in as our tutor

we're going to scroll down we're going

to jump into one of our learn's

portfolios here

i think it's a mr michael jacobs

and the review button is one of the

three main functions that you can see

on the learner's portfolio okay we've

got likes of plans

assessments and reviews

by selecting reviews it will take you to

a page that looks something like this so

perhaps if you've started

i only just started then perhaps there

won't be so many entries like there is

with myself here

but what this page is is basically where

you can go ahead and schedule all your


okay so you could use this section at

the top to pop in what

dates the review's been completed okay

we will actually go and have a look

at the main review page let's go ahead

and put in today's date

which is about the 13th pop some time in

there as well

and let's say this has been done as a

remote session you can say whether it's

face-to-face but if you do choose

face-to-face you will have to put a


and just so the system can then report

on that information

okay i'm gonna go ahead and schedule and

what it does by a schedule and it adds a

new row to this table

underneath when it comes to this actual

table you can see we've got several rows

here and each row

is a progress review okay and we can see

the sort of

the deviation there within that first

column after the dates and then each

of these columns are actual units that

have been assigned to this

learner now i should mention because


hosting today from my practice center um

the practice server doesn't quite

update this particular page as well as

it probably should so it will again look

different when you guys begin to fill

this table out

what this table will actually show is

underneath each unit is we should see a

sort of a low percentage perhaps in

those earlier sessions and

those early reviews but as the learner

sort of works their way through

their program and their progress

obviously um increases

with each passing review and reach

passing activity and learning


and then we're actually looking for

these percentages to increase over time

so as it goes down

the table we're looking for that

percentage to increase

okay if we just go to the right inside

like i said this demo sensor that's why

we've got so many units and things

uh constantly jumping into my learners

and messing around

and probably changing settings that i we

wouldn't advise you guys to do a few

using a live server shall we say

but on the other side of the table it

lets us know

uh who has signed it who's the last

person to sign this using the green box

we can see

l there for learners to let you know the

review has been signed by the learner

a's to let you know that he's been

signed by the assessor or tutor however

you refer to

as your mentors there okay we can see

the status of each of these reviews as


i'm going to go ahead and start this new

one that we've just scheduled we want to

go ahead and have a look at the

the default page really what what do we

give you guys out of the box

for the progress review page

okay so we've just opened that review

that we've just scheduled

okay so this hasn't been worked on as of


you can see we've got the actual data in

this little review section that's just

in case that the review was done on a

different day to what you originally


you can change the actual date to today

again it just helps for audits and

reports later down the line

okay now i will mention that some of

what we

see on this page today can be either

removed or customized

i won't be going into detail about that

until we've gone through this page at


once okay i want to separate what's

available as a default and then what we

can do to customize so everything here

is like said is this is how the out the


okay so we can see the off the job

progression between reviews which is

actually a new

um section for the review page i think

it came down in the recent update last

thursday okay so we can see the change

since the last review

uh of course because this feature wasn't

here last time we did a review for this

learner there was nothing in there at

the moment but hopefully next review

that should

complete and fill in we can see the unit

progression between reviews so again

just highlighting each unit that the

learner has assigned to them their

current progress anticipated completion

date and if there's been any change

since the last review

we can see the achievements between

reviews so this is actual activities and


and units signed off so we could jump

into any one of these activities and

assessments if we wish to if we wanted

to do something like spot check or

discuss any of these

activities further with the learner we

have a section to leave

reviews for individual units

just case of selecting the unit from the

drop down you can enter new review

and on the right hand side and you can

begin to review other units

we have a box for the blanket review

flag the review for all units

we have an area for attachments we have

lots of our centers uh recording their

review sessions

therefore the tutors don't then have to

write up the minutes uh later in the

week so to speak

and then at the bottom we have the likes

feedback and comments

okay when this gets into the learner to

sign the learner will also have their

own feedback and comments box

an area to record any agreed actions

and at the very bottom we have the

declaration so it's asking for learners

and tutors signature there

okay it always highlights the role that

you need to pay attention to

so you can go ahead and save sign and

save that of course we're not actually

reviewed here so we won't we won't save

that one

okay i'm sure that would come up on

reports first center managers

so this is the the basic review

page like i said this is what you get

out of the box but you don't have to

necessarily use

that page or use that page in its

current form we do

allow you to actually customize the

progress of your page

in various different ways okay so that's

the default

review we're actually going to leave the

tutors now we're going to jump into our

center managers

um it's usually the center manager that

does a lot of this admin work in terms

of customizing center settings

um setting up templates things like that

so i thought best to

split today's session up into those two

sections of the default and then what we

can customize

so we've jumped in as our center manager

now there's a lot of things we can

customize for the review just through

your center

settings option so with my center

manager account i'm going to

head over to center and then we should

have an icon called settings

okay and if you've been on this page if

you have access and dementia account at


you'll probably realize how large this

page is i'd always recommend if you know

a word or if you know the section or

even a keyword of what it is that you're

looking for

use ctrl f for those who've not noticed

the little search bars are popped

up the top right corner of my screen and

that isn't a one final thing

okay you'll find that on any internet

browser but if control f

you can then sort of search the page and

so if we go ahead and type in review

you get a couple options that jump up

here i'll try to jump through these

and talk through some of these with you


okay so the first one that's popped up

here is a learner status which basically

allows tutors to set the likes of the

learner status

during an assessment plan or a review

usually this can only be done through

the learners episode page

this is the actual review section the

area did want to show you guys

and what we can basically do here is we

can determine

first of all how often your reviews

actually take place

okay now if you've done the move

recently from um

old style frameworks to apprenticeship

standards and that may have changed with

you guys uh you might have um

increased that time of when you want

those reviews to be done but basically

what this will do

is if a review has not been scheduled

um within that sort of duration 12 weeks

in my instance if one was not scheduled

at all

during the 12 weeks then the system will

itself still set a reminder

it will still sort of highlight that

learner's review date as read to let you

know that there is you know

there is a an overdue date so to speak

even though one hasn't been scheduled

okay so we can change the frequency of

that um using this little box here

and we can also switch that off as well

okay so basically what it's saying is

that it won't automatically give that

date you can switch it off

and then it will only be down to when

you guys schedule it

the one underneath is quite important as

well we will be touching more upon this

um later on as well it's employer

signature required

okay so again for those who are

certainly who's moved on to the new


you probably found that you're having to

get your employers much more engaged now

into the delivery and one of the ways

um that sensor has been doing this is to

actually have the employer involved in

the progress review stage in fact i

think the pro

the employees have to sign up if they're

involved um but yes if you

want your employees to interact with

your one file system as well

you can actually create them a user

account and but if you want that

encounter to be a little

more interactive in regards to signing


learners um reviews then you want that


ticked okay also got another criteria in

the box the default employer must be


for each learner

underneath we can then actually

customize some of those default

sections or switch them off basically

okay so we went through each default


um just a moment ago so we did see some

of these things but you could actually

say okay we don't want a lot of this

agreed action we've done something else

to capture that

uh review for individual units and all

alert units i don't want to document


in a text box i want them to record it

and attach the recordings instead

okay whatever it is that you guys um

sort of do for your review now or have

you'd like to do your review moving


if none of our default sections suit

your delivery then you can go ahead and

switch them off in here and just bear in

mind that we'll switch off for all

learners on your center

okay let's carry on having a look

through the settings here for particular

reviews i think the last thing to

mention really

is the terminology okay so we've just

been taken to the terminology table

within the

settings page you can actually change

the name of the

review itself okay so if you don't call

them reviews uh whether you want to call

it your milestones

meeting you you sort of stretch

um i had a lot of people just change it

to progress review itself

rather than review but again it's

completely up to you guys again it's

your center managers that can customize

it and give the

actual icon and any reference of the

word review within one file

to a completely different word

okay i think that was all going to

mention within the center settings that

i'll just quickly jump to a few of those

um using that control f up there okay so

there's a few center settings on how you

can actually drastically change how that


review page looks not

just center settings though there's

still much more we can do even at this

stage say if we have

say switched everything off from that

review page from those settings there

we've switched the employees on because

we want those guys to be involved we've

changed the

frequency of how quickly reviews need to

be done but we've switched off all those

default fields

which principle which would leave us was

quite a blank page not much going on


but there's still something else that

sensor managers can do to customize

those review pages and that is through

custom forms

okay so hopefully some of you guys will

be um aware maybe even proficient

and with the form builder within one


in which case you may already know but

for others

what the custom form feature allows you

to do is allows you to

create forms to capture additional


within one file information that one

file doesn't ask for as a default

what we can do or where we can publish

those forms is basically in several

different areas across one file not only

can just

have it as a form standard learner's

portfolio but we can use

those forms to add additional fields the

learner review

is one of those pages we can add

additional fields

so we're not going to actually create a

form today we do try to focus more on

the review side itself

um but there's a few things a few forms

i have as an example here

okay that i thought might be good to

show uh such i think it's this one we'll

have a look at this one here the

apprenticeship progress review and by

the way all the forms of my center

they've all just been created by

either myself or other admins here at

one file um

yeah there's nothing here again that

kind of comes out of the box i've

created all

these okay so this looks like it's a


for the likes of agreed action let's

just go ahead and preview this form to

see what it would actually look like for

the learners

okay so we've got section two here for

agreed actions so this is where we're

talking about smart targets we've just

created a couple of fields to

document uh targets in regards to

workplace knowledge

uh functional skills and any other any

other actions such as soft skills

we've built another section here for

your rights and responsibilities

okay where we get to sort of pick a

topic each time whether it be equality

safeguard and prevent

british values and support and feedback

okay so let's jump back to the

form list there oh it went back too much

if i

open the back up apologies if you have a

look at the publish options rather

okay for that form we just looked at for

the agreed actions we can see it's been


under learner review for the tutor to

complete always bear in mind the

username in these brackets is who needs

to complete that form and so in this

instance it's complete for

setup for the tutor to complete but we

can also set

fields for the learner to complete and

the employers which of course if you

have that employer

signature setting turned on where

they're required to um

sign off a review and leave feedback


if you were to use this form you could

get the employers

to give even more information there such

as magnetic example let's go ahead and

have a look at

another one i should have called

employer feedback from there it is you

can see this one's been published to the

learner review page as well

again we'll preview this one

so this one acts as well a feedback form

for the employees in regards to their


okay looks like he's going through a

sort of a scorecard system where they

sort of rate

each of these areas and give some

positive feedback in areas of


so we have a couple of these forms

assigned to

the progress review page and i have

already gone through the sort of liberty

of assigning these to the actual

learners don't forget just because

you've created a form it doesn't

necessarily mean that every learner has

access to it

you do have to assign it to the learner

using the buttons on the right hand side

but okay let's leave the center managers

account now because like i said i've

already assigned these to a learner

so let's go ahead jump back in as a

tutor and have a look at what that

customized review page

now looks like

okay we'll be jumping into a different


let's jump into his review we'll

schedule a brand new one

for today

we'll go ahead and start this

okay so this we should find now a few

differences on this particular review

page it should be a lot more

comprehensive because we've added

several forms

asking information from pretty much

everyone both tutors and employers

we didn't actually switch any of those

default sections off either so we should

still have them here

we can see the off the job progression

yeah we've got the unit progression

between reviews

achievements between reviews review for

individual units and all units

any attachments and then we can see that

we've come in onto

the custom form that we were having a

look at not a moment

ago okay so now we can set the likes of

smart targets within our review

now we can have our discussions about

your rights responsibilities and record

that discussion all the details and

points about that discussion within

our review and we can talk about the

support and feedback

but not only that once the tutors and

learners have signed it off

this particular review will then get

sent to the employers because they have

an area of the

page to fill out now as well for their

employer feedback farm

okay we're getting some additional ones

in here as well perhaps others i forgot

i had a sound such as more prevent and

safeguarding and then we come back to

the usual fields

of feedback and comments agreed actions

and decorations and you may notice on

this particular decorations

at the very bottom there we have one for

employers as well because we had

that setting switched on within our

center settings

okay so that's pretty much been most of

the things we wanted to show today in

regards to reviews and but there's a

couple of reports as well that i thought

would be quite useful

to highlight to you guys

okay so we'll stay in as our tutor here

and we'll jump into the

reports suite through the left-hand menu

okay and the few that i wanted to point

out are underneath learners

learner reports and we have these three

reviews here with the green ticks we've

got reviews outstanding

reviews overdue and then just reviews

again it should be fairly

self-explanatory in terms of what each

report does here but let's just jump

into them anyway just so we can get a

good glance

okay so you do have to define your

filters before the report generates and

so let's

go ahead and choose well i'm going to

say show all for class

and then it'll show all the outstanding


and if it's a review that has actually

been signed off then they may

in fact found itself on this report and

there may be someone who's yet to

actually signed off

okay so we can see here we've got

reviews a couple of views here for mr


and when the date should have gone when

the review should have gone ahead

the cheater they're assigned has the

choose to signed it yet

no has the learner signed it yet known

in these instances

and you can see it's been started

waiting for tutor or created waited for

due to start

okay so it's a really quick report there

where you guys can sort of monitor what

reviews you have outstanding and you can

export this to spreadsheet formats as


as you can always do with one files

reports and just to have a look at the

others as well

okay like reviews overdue

and within the filters here you can

actually define and say actually i only

want to have a look at the ones that are


by up to four weeks

okay it'll give you the dates exact

dates of when you have scheduled

to complete that particular review

okay and then finally the actual reviews


probably is quite self-explanatory at

this stage but this will just show you a

big list of all

the reviews that you have been involved


again we can always export this to

spreadsheet formats you can drill down

further using the filters at the top

as well and things like completion dates

and defining value placements class

report groups or archived learners

okay guys that is everything we had to

show today

for progress reviews or at least an

introduction to those the default one

what we get out the box

how we can actually customize that to

then actually match

our delivery okay so we'll have a look

at some questions in just a moment so if

you haven't already please do begin

preparing those

if everyone else isn't sticking around

thank you very much for attending this


i do hope it's been somewhat useful uh

seeing how

the review function does work within one

file and perhaps so you can report on it

or even you wasn't too sure on how to

customize those

hopefully now it's giving you a bit of a

better idea okay so i hope to see


on more webinars in the future and i'll

be back in just a few moments to answer

your questions

bye for now

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