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Covered in this webinar:

  • Creating Assessment & Plan Templates
  • Learning Journey
  • Resources
  • Assigning Courses
  • Scorecard
  • Learning Journal
  • Timesheets
  • Progress Reports
Webinar Transcript

hello ladies and gentlemen

my deepest apologies um i managed to

pick up the only

dysfunctional headset in the entire


um so apologies hopefully there was

still some sound at the very start there

um but i understand that some

sometimes they've been lost at this


okay i apologize about that i'll try and

jump in as quick as possible

sweating a little bit after running

around the office as well okay the whole

idea with the webinars is to obviously

better equip you guys with

resources and knowledge to use the


so with this new batch of webinars we've

gone ahead and created a whole bunch of

new web

webinars in fact based off your feedback


to us so i very quickly wanted to take

you guys to this page this is the

one files onboarding page okay so

everything we do

as a team we'll sort of save this page

so you'll find lots of user guides on


and video and written we have likes uh

forum libraries as well where you can

actually pick

and which forms you'd like to have sort

of imported onto your center and

everything but of course we also have

the webinars here

okay you can also watch your recorded

webinars as well but we'll just jump

into uh book your webinar training just

so i can show you guys

the new selection of webinars that we

are running

okay so we've still got the ones that

focus for center managers and reporting

like i said we've got the full range now

for tutor so foundation intermediate and


we have a range on features and products

new ones being sort of individual

learning plans

progress reviews and we've got a more

updated teaching and learning plan

session as well

for other users we've got the likes of

iqa learner and your employers and


and finally a brand new type of webinar

at the very bottom here

advice and guidance okay so you get

likes of planning your curriculum of


what to prepare for audit and compliance

how to prepare for ofsted

using one file

okay so now you guys a little bit more

clued about the sort of webinars that

will be running

over this next session if you like this

season of webinars

uh running this up until christmas let's

jump back to our tutor training at the

intermediate level

okay so let's have a look and see what

it is that we'll be covering in today's

session oh a bit of housekeeping as well

guys whilst move on to this next slide

somewhere on your screen right now there

should be a go to webinar panel

a couple of features on this panel but

the one that may interest you the most

is questions okay so if at any point

throughout today's session you

have any questions comments or concerns

then please do feel free to pop them in

the questions box i know a lot of you

have already found them

and when the audio went at the start of

session okay so any point

uh please do drop your questions into

there however it will be the end of the


to which we have a look at those

as for today's session

it'll probably run for around 20 to 25


possibly on to the 30 minute mark as

well with that little delay at the start

something else to mention as well is

that at the end of today's session will

be a feedback survey

and this will show up in your usual

internet browser and we would greatly

appreciate you could take the time to

complete that survey this is what's

really helped us gauge

which webinars you guys have found

useful which one's not so useful

and of course which one's mainly

changing up a little bit

so during today's session however we're

having a look at likes of creating

templates and plan templates we'll have

a look at the learning journey

we'll quickly touch on center resources

we'll have a look

at some of those uh more learning cup

focused features such as

courses scorecard and learning journal

we'll have a look at timesheets and then

we'll end by having a look at one or two

reports but hopefully at least squeezing

that main progress report which i find

oh so useful

okay so let's get rid of the

presentation now

okay so let's jump into one file

and of course we'll be hosting today

from a tutors

perspective so let's jump into my tutor


okay so this

is our homepage we won't be going um

doing a tour of the system actually we

would with the the foundation one

okay so we're going to kind of quickly

recap on the sort of things that we

touched on last week

um so we kind of show like i said that

we did the main through the system so

you guys knew where to find things

but we also had to look at setting up uh

likes of an assessment an activity for

our learners

and we also created a plan as well where

we could collect several tasks together

and then send it off to our learners all

at once

in today's session we're actually going

to touch or rather start with um

using templates so very similar process

we're going to have a look at creating

an assessment

and creating an assessment plan if you

like our teaching learning plan however

you may refer to it within your delivery

but we're going to use the templates


so when it comes to setting work on one

file there's different ways we can do


there's different amount of tasks that

we can set our learners as well but

generally we'll either set an activity

or an assessment

okay and send that off to the learner or

we might do that various plan where we

actually collect several tasks together

and then send them off all at once

when we talk about templates rather than

having to create

individual tasks for your individual

learners and creating plans per learner

you actually create those activities

create that plan as a template it's then

saved to your center

so then you can actually send that

template out

to multiple learners at once okay so

it's ideal if you have the likes of a

well just a structured program really

okay so if you have a certain amount of

uh activities that your learners will

always do each time you get a new cohort

and maybe if you think like an induction

as well

when learners first come aboard your

training center you'll probably go

through an induction with them

all those learners will be going through

the same thing okay so be a similar


if you get a new cohort uh towards a

particular um subject that you're

delivering so

using templates is actually a really

effective way to

use one file so you can actually access

templates from the very bottom of your

home page okay so we're going to


the dashboard we're going to minimize

the learner dashboard and then we come


forms and templates okay so we're going

to start

we're going to follow a similar process

really as we would if we were creating a

plan for an individual learner

okay we're going to create an assessment

and then we're going to go ahead and

create a plan

but don't forget this is now well within


so let's jump into a set of templates to

begin with

okay so when it comes to templates uh

both the same for assessment and plans

as well

uh you have two sections okay you can

see here we've got center templates

and then at the very bottom we have

tutor templates

so cheater templates are templates which

you have created

okay not all tutors just yourself

whereas center templates

is what your center manager has created


center managers also have the option to

promote your templates

okay so for example if we create a

template here we only have an option to

create a tutor template

it'll sit with under this tutor list and

because it's something that we've


but if a sentence manager sees that a

template says actually this is gonna be

really useful for

all the tutors on their center then they

can actually promote your template to

become a center template

okay it's basically just sharing it so

then everyone in the center can use it

let's go ahead and create a new template

okay so this is going to look very

familiar if you've already created

assessments or plans before within our

system we can give it a name

okay so we'll do um

we'll say projects one uh keep it simple

of course you might actually

give it a bit of a better title uh for

your learner so they know exactly what

it relates to

okay we can give some details here for

the learner and so this will be a

project i wanted to work on in fact i'm

going to select that now with our

assessment methods

okay so choose our method

okay once you spend the rest of the

session typing up a natural task here

but you get the idea of course we'll

give whatever instructions we need to to

the learner

it will look different when it has to

get sent over to the learner by the way

as well so don't worry about

how much text you popped into this box

you can also stretch it with the bottom

right corner as well

okay so you can actually see everything

that you've typed up

okay so give the learner some

instructions here this is just gonna be


an assessment for the project itself you

can lock it down

to a single learning game by the way

okay which basically means that this

template will only ever be

available to choose for learners on this

particular learning game

if it's a more general task uh i.e like

the inductions that we

i mentioned earlier on then you probably

won't want to lock this down to

a particular learning game

okay you can also lock it down to

frameworks as well

okay i'm going to leave this not locked

down for the time being

then as always we choose whether we want

to to be answered sort of holistically


against individual criteria

we can then go ahead and select our

criteria so what

criteria does this particular project

relate to

okay i'm going to leave this customer

service here obviously if we select that

drop down you'll get all of the

learning games on your center

okay let's go ahead and add that unit

and then we can expand

all or collapse all i'm just going to

select a couple pieces of criteria here

but of course

um you guys will probably have a little

bit more um knowledge in terms of what

activities relate to what within your


okay let's say we've selected some

criteria that relates this task

and then obviously the evidence box is

there for the learners we can


fill this area out if we wish to and it

would be a case learner's signing often

but i'm going to leave that blank

i want the learners to write up all

their projects here

okay and you can also set the feedback

and comments now something that you may

realize or may have noticed

um for this assessment template if you

have you are quite familiar

with setting up other assessments and

plans is that there's no signature box


okay don't forget this isn't being sent

directly to a learner

it's just staying as a template for the

time being

so please accept this task and begin

your working through

okay i don't think it could be more

grammatical error because grammatical

areas if i tried there

okay so that's our very quick assessment

there we've set that up as a template

it'll then sit at the bottom of this

list here

and underneath the tutor templates it's

project one there wasn't it

you may notice whilst we're having a

look at this table we have the option to

edit which will take us straight back to

that page we're just on

or we can assign to learners okay i'm

actually going to leave that button for

the time being we're going to pull this

into a plan

this particular task before we then

assign it to learners but we could at

the stage if we wish to

assign any of our templates to any

amount of learners

okay let's jump back to our home page

and go straight to the bottom again

where we're going this time jump into

teaching and learning plan templates

now the technology may actually differ

from your center i think i've changed my

assessment plans to be called teaching

learning plans from my center yours may

be referred to as plans or the default

assessment plan when we go into plan

templates however

we're greeted with a similar similar

setup really we have once again we've

got center templates and we have tutor


okay so there's no difference here

either so tutor templates is everything

that we've created

center is what's available for the whole

center to use

okay and once again center managers can

promote your

templates to make them available for


we're going to go ahead and create a new

okay again we can give this

a title if we wish to

okay and then we can add text and again

if you've built plans before

and even if it hasn't been as a template

this page will probably look quite

familiar to you guys

within the section for tasks we can now

start building up

our tasks okay so as we usually would in

this instance we can pick out our


and we can choose whether it's an

assessment or an activity

and i'm actually going to set up an

activity here okay so for those who are

unaware the difference here

is an assessment it'll take learners to

the assessment page and it needs to be

mapped to criteria

an activity will actually take the

learners to the learning journal

where they record uh primarily their

off-the-job information but it's any

other sort of reflective accounts and

accounts of learning really okay so this

doesn't necessarily need to be mapped to


what activity i'm going to create

is just i want them to do a bit of


for their project

okay so see what i've just talked to

there just said please prepare for

project one obviously

real life situation you probably have

more instructions in there um but i've


mentioned that this is to be done during

work time and the time spent here will

count towards you off the job

as i mentioned this activity will take

the learners to the learning

journal where they would traditionally

record their off the job

at a time okay

so now we've got that activity in there

of course we probably if we're preparing

for project one we need to pull in that

project one now

but so far we've not really seen any way

to do so well when it comes to templates

okay when we want to pull a template

into a plan

like we are doing now we first have to


that a assessment method so we created a

project didn't we so

that's why it gets nice and simple

now once i select that assessment method

we have a new field a new drop down

that's appeared on the right hand side

saying use template which is optional

you don't have to

we've selected there we then have our

project one

up here now we can just uh select this

and it will fill in all the criteria

selected it'll fill in the instructions

because of course we've already set that

up within the the template itself

so once we have to do unless we wanted

to attach any amount of resources

it's safe

okay because we've already created that

as an assessment so the whole idea is

with um assessment templates is that you

can put then pull them into

plans later on down the line okay or any

stage really

so now we have this plan built up again

we can add any attachments

uh can we can add additional forms as

well and write any feedback and comments

we've got a box for any issues arising


i'm going to go ahead and save this

now this will save at the bottom of our

page there we've got project one

okay we can always jump back into that

template if need be

but if we don't let's go back for a

second and we'll go ahead and we'll

assign this to some learners

so if we go ahead and choose assign

learners we then get a drop down where

we can have a look at

uh particular classes or all classes if

we wish to put more filters here as well

to get learners to um to

here or not we can go ahead select which

learners we want to send this plan to

by giving them a little tick

and then we can follow this and set this

plan up as we usually would putting in

dates whether it's been delivered as a

face-to-face or remote session

uh the tasks that we've saved within

that plan have already been pulled

through because we already saved it as a


and it would be the same here for

attachments feedback and any issues


now we finally get the signature at the

very bottom here

okay asking us to sign this and when we

do so it will then send this plan to the


okay so the whole idea with templates is

if you are running the same

course if you're running the same

program over and over again

then the chances are you're going to

follow a very similar delivery method

each time

okay or there's certainly going to be

certain modules activities tasks

assessments that the learners are always

going to have to do

each time you get a new cohort in that

particular subject

so if that is the case and it is

recommended having a look at the

templates and setting up that way

these templates will always be here now

in your center

okay so although you may have spent a

bit of time bit of admin work setting up

in the first place

when you do get a new cohort in customer

service for example

then it's just going to be a case of

assigning these templates off to the


and then they're set up you know however

long you may set those tasks up for you

might have the first couple of months

set up

in templates you might have the full

program set up in templates but the

whole idea of course is that it's saving


time now if your delivery does have a

change okay whether it is such a minor


or you know quite a big change to the

workflow and delivery of things

you can always come back and edit these


so you're going to save yourself a lot

of time and a lot of effort and you know

if you do have that sort of structured


things and activities that you're always

going to deliver each and every cohort

and it's strongly recommended setting

things up in templates

okay so

that's kind of the main bit of today's

session is having a look at those


uh as i mentioned last week on the

foundation we looked at just setting up

those things

on an ad hoc basis for individual

learners and now we've had a look how

you can be much more effective and

efficient with your time on one file

and then prepare work for lots of

learners at once

uh now we're running a little bit behind

but i'll try and get the foot down a

little bit

because there's plenty more that we want

to get into today's session and the next

place you're actually going to visit

is something we call the learners


okay so i'm going to jump into one of my

uh learners portfolios let's say mr p

blue here

okay i'm going to head underneath and


where we're going to find this icon

learning journey

so very quickly just wanted to point

this out and it's something i've always

had in the system and i don't think too

many people

um you know are aware of this there at

times but basically what this learning


is is um it was basically a graphics

visual representation of

all the activities which the learner has

completed within one file

okay so we've got a legend or a key on

the right hand side here

so the maroon blocks are sort of your

assessment so how many assessments the

learner's done

split into their different months how

many plans have been created or sent to

the learners how many progress reviews

are done

okay so if your progress reviews are on

a six weekly or

12 weekly sort of basis you should be

able to see that it's every other

month here we should have a review

complete and it looks like the lesson

that was done

was back in june 2018. this is an older

learner it's not actually a real learner

before anyone worries but

this gent was um it's been a program for

a long time

okay and unit completions in there as

well and then

in terms of that we can also see the

progress okay so we can see the target

sort of

progress age the dotted green bar and

we've got the uh amber red

threshold so when the learners kind of

last us behind you know falling behind

where things start

being highlighted in red in one file

okay so if you fall behind that

the actual progress bar itself is a blue

bar and it's not

actually displayed in my graph right now

i'm i'm on a demo center so i'm it's not


as updated as the live center so to

speak and plus i'm always in here doing

these sessions

messing with things so my blue bar is

actually at the very bottom here

it's coming up with zero across the


okay but of course with your learners

with your live learners where we do keep


you'll find that this blue bar will of

course match that of your learner's


and you'll be able to see how they've

done against their target or against the

sort of amber

red threshold and throughout their


but really good for offset approving the

sort of activities that the learner's

done and throughout here and these do

actually count as links as well so you

could click

any one of these blocks within this

journal and it'll take you to that

particular activity

okay good stuff and

something i think i did mention uh in

the foundation as well so i'll just

briefly mention again

uh here just for those who weren't

involved in that one last week

um but down the left-hand side uh where

we'll find this up the main menus really

uh the main sort of functionality that

you guys will be jumping in and out of

can you notice that one of them there

is resources so you do get a sensor


area and without over explaining it too

much this is of course the resource area

but your whole sensor has

access to okay uh one of the things that

may be different though for your center

your tutor role in particular

is that center managers can pass down

permission where tutors

can edit these the this page

these resources on this page okay so as

a default it's only really your sensor

managers that can control and

maintain these areas but your choosers

can get

given permission and how would you know

that you'll be able to tell from the top

right hand corner of the screen and i

have here mode

which is currently selected to preview

and we also have another one here called

edit okay

okay so i've just selected edit and this

is where we can now um upload new


uh upload new resources we can add new

links as well

okay so i'm going to go ahead and create

a new folder and just because the other


icon is not something to be displaying

so let's go ahead and just do a test


when you create folders you can actually

set permissions

okay so this is what the rest of the

screen's actually telling us we've got a

title at the very top here for this


but we can see actually we just want to

restrict this folder and the

access to this folder to learners okay

why would you do this well there might

be a case of a particular

cohorts on their subjects uh

apprenticeship that you deliver

it may have a need for lots of resources

to be stored

but you don't necessarily want your

dentist learners to be having a look at

your engineering documents

um so you can set permissions to say

okay only learners

working towards customer service

practitioner for example or business

admin okay so

only learners working towards a

particular learning game will have

access to this folder of resources

or it might be a different situation

might be cheaters and say actually i

only want my tutor to have like this

folder because it might include

marking documents or other admin

documents okay which of course you

wouldn't want your learners to find

so using those different permission sets

are really useful

to sort of maintain how and what access

people have to the resources

within your center resource area

okay so we're going to take a trip now

over to some

some new features they probably

introduced around six

seven months ago now um into this system


the next few features we're going to see

we're actually we call the learning

hub here at one file so the learning hub

is a collection of features that

have been designed with the likes of

apprenticeship standards in mind

now a lot of these features still very

useful for those who are not working

towards standards

i'm actually going to start with the

most useful one out of all of these that

i found at least

and that is the interactive course


okay it's formally known as the vle the

vle was actually introduced to the


um about 18 months ago much earlier than

the hub itself

but we'll find the course builder they

just refer to it as courses within one


down our left hand menu

now with this course builder there's

plenty things we can do

as a title suggests we can actually

build interactive courses

and resources to then send to our

learners you can also upload existing

ones as well

okay so if you do use the likes or have

user likes of moodle

blackboard things like that then you'll

find that a lot of these

courses are in a scorm format okay so if

that is the case and you have purchased

the rights to

um use those courses and you you're free

to download them off your one system

and you can upload them into one file

and they should work exactly the same

we do actually have a more dedicated

session uh which

talks and it shows you guys how to how

to build

really engaging interactive courses um

but that isn't today so what we want to

do today is quickly sort of show this


okay so we've just selected into courses

and this is our course

library okay so we've got a couple


in here a very quickly preview one and

before we then i'll show you guys how to

assign them to learners

okay so whilst we're hovering over one

um we can go ahead and preview

a published course oh by the way if you

are creating a course it's only you that

can see it until it's published

okay so the same for any sense managers

and stuff the center manager is creating

you a new course

and you're like oh i'll have a look

before we send it off to learners

you won't be able to see until the

center manager publishes it

okay so when it comes to the course is

this one that has been built um by a one


um admin theme is to be honest it's only

been thrown together to show an example

of each of the pages so we can have

videos straight from the likes of

youtube or vimeo okay in your

interactive courses

as we scroll through the pages we then

come across a multimedia page

okay so the old idea here is just lots

of information can be thrown onto one


with images videos again you can have

hyperlinks of course headings and text

and then finally to test your learner's


you might want to put together a quiz

okay so we've got a multiple choice uh

quiz in here

okay and when the learners kind of go

through and answer each question

depending on whether they hit the pass


which i don't think we're going to in

this instance because we're just

blasting through the questions but let's

have a look no we've got zero out of


okay so in this instance the system is

actually going to ask the learner to


okay this whole course won't be classed

as complete until the learners

hit that pass mark which is set to at

least four on this particular course but

it's something that you guys can control

when you build your own

because the questions is something that

you also put together

what's great about the course builder in

one file is that these

interactive courses can then actually

map to criteria or they can match to

your knowledge skills and behavior

okay so you can add instant progress

back to learners portfolio

and just by completing an interactive


okay so let's head back to our home page

i do understand

we've hit that 30 minute mark so i do

apologize but i will

like to sort of squeeze these last few

uh features in here

and again i do apologize for early delay

at the start but i do

hope people can hang in there um okay so

let's quickly get through them

so let's jump back to one of our

learners and mr pete bloom

so i mentioned earlier the more

dedicated area i think i mentioned for

learners to record that off the job

so jump into our learner's portfolio

page it's one of the icons here it's

learning journal okay different to

learners journal

that graph that we saw earlier

underneath progress this is underneath


and it's the learning journal

now once again this is a feature that's

included in the one files learning hub

however there's still a very um stripped

down version of this for

centers that don't have the hub because

of course learners and choosers will

probably still need to record off the

job whether you've decided to go with a

hub or not

but basically the learning journal is

more of a

it looks more like a social media feed

but the whole idea is that learners and

teachers can

kind of create posts as records of

learning uh they can attach

the likes of learning activities to

those posts okay as you can see that

this learner's

done some work shadowing of their


there you can see i've spent three hours

there and it's gone towards is off the


okay another learning activity where the

learners uploaded pictures and they

could upload videos as well into these

posts if they wish to

so this pretty much is your more ad hoc

area to record either reflective


or you know records of learning or

off-the-job activities that kind of


okay it can also map it to criteria as

well learners that is

learners and tutors can both map

these posts to criteria this is

different from assessments however and

because of course the settings it will

then add the progress

this area does not add progress it's

more of an awareness thing

for tutors and learners and to sort of

you know be aware of what sort of

knowledge skills and behaviors they're

displaying or what are the points and

within your curriculum that they're sort


working towards in that particular


okay i've come up to the top we'll

quickly make a post here and we'll give

some feedback to support their learning

okay you can see we've got an area for

text we can attach any amount of files

we can attach

a learning activity to this and require

some off the job and we can even map

this to criteria for the learner to let

them know

that this bit of feedback is in relation

to this particular

behavior that you demonstrated

all this information that we're

currently putting together whether it is

the learner tutor

really helps the learners out when it

comes to the third and final feature

that's included in the learning hub

the learner scorecard

okay so underneath progress from the

lens portfolio we have the scorecard


so the whole idea of scorecard is a

brand new feature never had anything

like this

built into the system but the whole idea

is that the learners are given a scale a

visual scale at one to ten for example

and then given the option to score

themselves against each of the

ksps or the curriculum within 10

whatever it is that your learners are

working towards to

working towards in one file okay so

we're currently looking at

the knowledge unit and we've got all the

knowledge criteria underneath here and

you can see the learners actually

already rated themselves so i'm guessing

it'll be quite early on because he's

giving himself quite low

scores okay so he's scored himself for

two here's the scale that he's got to

choose from

your sensors can actually customize

these scales can be quite handy

but as we flick through here and the

learners will be presented with the same


as they flick through their criteria you

can see we're getting posts

pop up on the right hand side and this

is pulling directly from the learning


this is why you map criteria to your

learning activities within the learning


because it then helps the learners

reflect when it comes to scoring


okay so hopefully a bit more of an

active uh learning a bit more active uh

sort of delivery cycle here this

right-hand side of the page should be

full uh certainly later on down

and within the learners apprenticeship

as they do more and more activities they

start recording more and more off the


records as well and that right-hand side

of the screen should

really help them reflect it basically

allows them to reflect without having to

jump into different pages of the


okay guys the final thing um

i want to very quickly touch upon before

we bring today's session to a close and

have a look at some questions

is the timesheets area okay so once

again i'm going to jump

into my learner's portfolio and

underneath activity

one of the final icons on the right hand

side we have timesheets

okay so the timesheets page is basically

all the times which the learner has had

recorded whether it's the learners that

recorded it or tutors

so at the very bottom of the page we

have individual entries okay so it's

just gonna look like a big database


and but at the very bottom we have all

the activities that is done whether it

is journal entries where there is a case

studies in this instance and different


and on the right-hand side we can see

how much time was spent during that task

and whether that was highlighted as off

the job

as we scroll up we can see that time

accumulatively spent as a total and just

towards off the job

and at the very top we have the


off the job function okay so it's

basically all you have to do when you're

learners um first sign up but it's

yourselves as students or send of


is enter the total contracted hours for

this lens apprenticeship

the 20 will already be in there as a

default and then as

tutors and learners start recording time

on behalf of learners that will help us


target off of the job hours actual off

the job hours

so far an intern an actual percentage

okay and this percentage also sits on

the learner's portfolio page as well

so really if your loans have been set up

and if

you guys and the learners are recording

time and recording off the job

for example then pretty much one file

will work out the percentage for you

will do the rest

for you okay so that's one less

spreadsheet and off of your desktop i'm


okay guys once again i can only

apologize for that delay at the

beginning with that dodgy pair of

headphones and thank you very much for

sticking around

till the end i can see that the majority

of you guys did stick

stick around here we'll have a look at

questions in just a moment so if you

haven't already

please do begin preparing those uh

within the question

section on the right hand side i'll be

back in just two ticks and we'll have a

look at those and go through those


for everyone else who isn't sticking

around thank you once again and for

joining us today i do hope you found it


and don't forget about that feedback

feedback survey at the end once you

first leave

okay guys bye bye for now and we're back

in just two ticks

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