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Covered in this webinar:

  • Timesheet Categories
  • Contracted Hours
  • How to Plan Off-the-job training
  • How to record Off-the-job training
  • Reporting on Off-the-job training
Webinar Transcript

My name is jake i'll be your presenter for


i'm actually the onboarding project

specialist here at one file

so for those who have yet to be

introduced to the new onboarding team we

were put together

back in around april may and the whole

idea of the new team is to basically

better equip

our users with the knowledge and

resources that they need

to effectively use one file so

since our inception we've been busy

training new customers we've been

creating new user guides both written

and video we've been coming up with

ideas such as the form library you guys

can sort of download forms

for of one file to you know upload into

your center

at a click of a button but we've also

been conducting these

live training webinars we've recently

taken a break however

and just took some time to sort of have

a look and review the webinars and

sessions that we were running

have a look at all the feedback that all

you guys would have been left

or been leaving guys rather and from

that we've actually gone away and

created a handful

more new webinars and they're all being

delivered between now

and christmas so to begin for today we

thought we'd actually have a quick look


on the onboarding page so again if

you've not been introduced to the team

just yet you probably haven't seen this

page yet

either and this is the main web page for

the onboarding team this is where we've

been putting all our new user guides

both written video

pretty much anything else that we do

will find its way onto this page

in due course just in case anyone does

want to visit this page later on

it isn't attached to our main website it

is a link we've been sending

out so i'll just pop that into the chat


okay so you can have a look at this page

at a later time but to have a look at


webinars we're running between now and

christmas we'll head over to the book

webinar training


okay so we've still got running our

center manager sessions both

intermediate and advanced

still got a session that focuses on the

reports within our system

for tutors we've now got the full range

of tiers and difficulties that we wanted

from the start such as foundation

intermediate and

advanced for features and products

new ones to highlight here would

probably be individual learning plans

progress reviews

and creating and teaching and learning

plans for the users we've still got

likes of iqa

learners and employers and observers and

right at the bottom we have a brand new

type of webinar

for advice and guidance now this has all

been collected uh through some of the

the feedback and comments that we

constantly hear

through our user base and our success

managers who are out in the field

and delivering trainings that are just

staying up to date with the industry so

using all the information that we do

have available to us we put together

some sessions that focuses on

and the likes of planning your

curriculum of intent within one file

what to prepare for ordering compliance

inspections and how to prepare

for ofsted okay so please do have a look

at this page we'd love to see as many of

you but on as possible

but for today we're having a look

at timesheet timesheets and off the job

training records specifically within one


before we actually jump in though there

is some housekeeping to get out the way


so somewhere on your screen usually

anchored right

there should be a go to webinar panel a

couple of features on this panel but one

that may interest you the most

is questions so if at any point

throughout today's session you do have

any questions comments or concerns then

please do feel free to pop them into the

questions box

however it will be the end of the

session to which we have a look at these

as for today's session we'll probably

run for around 20 to 25 minutes and then

any time we have left at the end there

will be used to answer your questions

and finally we have a feedback survey so

at the end of the day session whether

you guys leave or whether i end it from

my side

you should be presented with a feedback

survey in your usual internet browser

would greatly appreciate you could take

the time to complete that survey it's

only around

five multiple choice questions long so

it should take more than 30 seconds

like i said we would greatly appreciate

you what helps us gauge whether you guys


finding these sessions useful okay so

let me just double check make sure that

everything's working okay from this side

before we go ahead and jump into today's


okay it looks like everything is okay so

time to eat snacks the job during this

session we will cover the likes of

timesheet categories how to actually

organize and create those

in the system so people can actually

record off the job activities have a

look at the likes of contracted hours

and how you can go about setting those

for your learners

how to plan for off-the-job training how

to record that off-the-job

training activities and of course

reporting on such

things as well okay so let's get rid of

the presentation

jump into one file and for today we're

actually going to visit a couple of user


uh this kind of covering uh time sheets

and off the job

in its sort of an entire so we thought

we'd best cover each element that's


required to do so so we're starting from

the beginning we're going to go in as a

center manager to begin with because

if you plan on using the system for your

recording of off the job activities at

least tracking time spend time spent

across the learners program

then there's a couple of things that we

need to set up first

one of those things is what we call

timesheet categories

okay and these can only be set up as the

center manager so

we've just jumped in as my center

manager here we want to head over to

look up tables underneath center okay so

if you scroll down your homepage you'll

be able to find the center section or

you can access center through the left

hand menu

okay it's the yellow cylinder here where

the magnifying glass is look up

tables okay in the very end there we

have the icon

timesheet categories

what we mean by timesheet categories

think of these as your assessment


but for things that aren't assessments

okay so you've got two types of

activities within one file you've got

your assessment which is um

mapped to criteria once the tutor signs

it off it allows learners to

upload evidence and then we have

activity which is within the learner's

journal area where they can record the

likes of off-the-job activities or any

sort of reflective activities or

reflective accounts that they've done as

well so when recording

an activity opposed to an assessment we

need to pick what kind of activity it

was still

okay so this is what we refer to as time

sheet categories

so here's all the examples um on our

sensor already i think as a default

there are no

categories so your center managers or if

you are sent to manager you'll have to

come up to this page

and create categories before anyone can

record um the likes of

a journal activity or off the job


okay so when we create a new one in the

case of selecting the create button

giving the category a name and on the

right hand side we have a couple of um

columns here that kind of do and mean

different things so first of all i've

got learning activity

so if we select this one it means it'll

become available within the new

learner's journal okay so when learners

actually go to record activities on that


it'll only be available for that page as

a learning activity if we don't select

that then it won't be available for the


learning journal and by new i mean the

learning journal that's included in the

learning hub

okay which was released um earlier in

the year

and then we've got default off the job

as well which basically means that any

time recorded against the activity

regardless of where it gets recorded

any time spent will automatically feed

into the learners off the job percentage

that we have

okay so obviously only select this one

for these sort of methods and categories

activities which will

only ever be completed uh during this of


hours okay once you're happy you can go

ahead and click

save on the right hand side now we've

got a couple of examples already in here

okay so we've got a classroom session

we've got a classroom session based in


a lot of industry events functional

skills events again off-site workshops

and maybe online reading some

independent learning work shadowing

research all this kind of stuff and

again if there is one

activity which could be used for job

specifically i've actually created

another one there

to make sure that that one defaults to

the learner's percentage

as well

okay but of course this will be

relatively relevant to the kind of

offshore job activities you plan with

your learners

so this must be created before anything

else can be done

another thing you'll probably want to do

and as a default this does lie with the

center managers to begin with at least

is set the total contracted

hours for each learner

okay so for this i'm going to head over

to my users page on the left hand side

open up the learners jump into one of

the episodes here for one of my learners

okay an episode again

okay from this episode page here's where

we can actually um sort of define the


um start dates status class placements

and whether there's been sort of

specific reviews highlighted for this


different providers learn the details

you can also select all the forms i've

been assigned as well which is quite


okay and if there's sort of any

percentage through those forms

in terms of completion and but within

here if we go back up to the top

we have an off the job section

okay so it's asking for the total

contracted hours for this learner's


now i should mention this feature is

only really used if you are

delivering standards and of course if

you're using one file to track the 20

okay otherwise it can actually be

switched off and any mentions off the


won't be included for your center okay

but we've been asked to enter the total

contracted hours

okay so i believe this is all their

hours and they're contracted over

however long their program is so it's a

two-year course it'll be two years worth

of work hours excluding

holidays as a default the percentage the

sort of um

target for off the job percentage is 20

but you could change that you may want

your choosers to work towards 22 just to

make sure you've definitely gone over by

the end

and when it comes to the actual epa

stage okay but this must be done

for each and every learner at the moment

it can't be bulk

uploaded but i believe that's something

that we're looking into and

as i said it's a default that center

managers are the other ones who can set


however the permission can be handed

down to tutors

so tutors can also enter this

information okay and this isn't the only

page that you can actually enter this

information we can also enter it

from the learner's timesheets page as

well but we'll see that as a cheater

in just a couple of minutes

okay so i think we are done for center

managers so the only one

the few things that do need to be set up

is time sheet categories so off the job

records can actually be recorded

and if you wanted the system to track

the 20 you also need

the total contracted hours for each

learner to be entered as well

so we're going to leave our center

managers now it's going to head into our


where we're going to have a look at some


okay so jumped into my tutor i've

already sent my plan over to my learner

so i'm just going to jump into

his plans here

okay here's a plan that i created a

little bit earlier on it's certainly one

of the most simplest plans i've not

pumped too much effort in

of course we'll probably expect you guys

to give a lot more instructions a lot

more clear instructions to your learners

um okay but within this plan i've set up

two activities

one of those is an assessment that's the

first one here so it's been mapped to


straight away you're asking to complete

a case study we can see there

and then the second one being an

activity asking the learner to

shadow a supervisor for the afternoon

and to understand how the

how their supervisor deals with


okay the whole idea by showing this plan

really is to include your offline job


so there's an assessment here this case

three for example

now this case study won't be completed

off the job but in my instructions i've

detailed how i want the learners to plan

before they actually go ahead and

complete the case study itself

okay so i want that planning to be done

during work

time so i've actually give those

instructions please record your off the

job time spent

on the assessment page before you

actually sign it off and send

back so whilst this is a terrible

example of a plan

it's uh rather what it's meant to be

detailing or demonstrating

it's fact to put your instructions put

those off the job instructions into your

tasks include them into your learning

instructions here

make it clear as crystal and you know

what it is that learners will be doing

it's only going to look better on you

guys come the end of the process when a

they go through sort of epa

and obviously the epa will be able to

follow as much clearer because they'll

be able to see exactly what's been

planned out for the learners and when

and of course if you guys ever get

audited or inspected again it would be a

great sort of demonstration of your


of the start of action plan the scheme

of works that you put together

for your learners okay so like i said

we've already sent this over to our

learner we're actually going to follow

that through when we log in as our

learner to have a look at all those


and off the job bits okay i guess the

other thing to point out whilst we're in

as a tutor here

is there may be occasions where you need

to bulk upload

off the job time for learners

a great example of this is if we've

arranged a workshop session for example

uh based at a local college and but of

course it was during work time our tutor

went down they did a training session

with them

especially you know go go over some of

the knowledge um that's

required for that program

so in that situation there's two options

really we could either

ask the learners to write up uh the

activity to write up the record of their

learning for that day and then record

the off the job time spent or if that's

a responsibility that lies with the

tutor then there's actually a way tutors

can do it

for multiple learners all at once and

that is through

our register function okay so just

scroll down to the learner dashboard


you should have an icon called sessions

now within the sessions um what happens

is basically your

center managers will create registers

registers obviously being a

collection of learners okay and then you

can go ahead

and run an instance of that register so

for example that workshop session if we

go to do a workshop session with cohort


here we can go ahead create new and it's

let's cover hot one and

we'll follow through in just a moment

but having a look on the actual sessions

page itself

these are all the other sessions that

have taken place

um over the well over the lifetime i

think it is of the

everything that you've signed off as a

session at least we have a look at

opening sessions only we can have a look

at archive sessions again if we wish to

okay we can jump into any one of these

um signed off

sessions but if you wanted to create a

new let's go ahead and create a session

we pick the register okay now i should

mention you can actually edit the

learners in your register

um when we jump into the session itself

we can add or remove so let's go ahead

and just

choose cohort one here

okay so two learners are will be in this


we can set the workplace to be college

uh the starts and end times of when this

is actually

um going to be so it's nine until

12 it's just half a day and we can see

here we've got a little off the job tick


go ahead and take that enzyme is an off

the job tip box within one file

it means it'll add it automatically

after you've clicked save so any time

spent here so the

three hours that we're going to record

here will automatically feed into mr p

blues and mr michael's off the job

data so let's save that so we can

actually conduct the session

what's quite handy about sessions like i

said we can actually add more learners

if we wish to of course if a learner

missed one session but was able to

attend this one but they're not part of

this register

it's not a problem we can just add them

to the list but the whole idea of the

sessions themselves is to actually

record attendance okay so we can say

whether each learner had attended if

they hadn't attended if they were absent

we could give it an absent code which

again your center managers can customize

if they did attend was delayed at all

okay now again this is down to you guys

in your discretion whether you record


but for example if this particular

activity is counting towards off the job

and let's say here that mr blue was 60

minutes late

is it really fair that mr blue would get

the full three hours

towards his percentage um like you know

michael jacobs who was here

at the correct time so by recording

lateness it'll actually dock

60 minutes from mr pete blue here um

from whatever the total time this

session was

okay so if it's three hours you'll only

get two recorded

against his name so that latest can be

quite useful

it was of course it just depends on you

guys as a center and how stringent you

are on

uh sort of those start times and things

like that and of course what it is that

you're actually recording

okay so our sessions go ahead we

recorded our attendance let's sign off

as the tutor and then those three hours

or in mr blue's case two hours will get

pushed towards the learner's total

off the job percentage

speaking of which we're going to leave

the tutor side now

we're going to jump in as our learner

but it should be mentioned at this stage

everything we're going to go in and do

as the learner

can also be done on behalf of the

learner by the cheater account as well

okay so just remember anything we see

from this point could also be done by

the tutor as well

but let's do it from our learner's


okay so

this learners has already been sent a

plan now that's that plan that we looked


not too long ago so let's jump into this

learner's task list

should find somewhere near the bottom

please sign your recently prepared plan

open it up we should have two activities

one being an assessment

includes some off the job time and then

the other is an actual like off the job


and for supervising our supervisor

supervisor shadowing your supervisor

really not supervising them

okay so all we have to do here is accept

this plan as a learner

okay and those two tasks will appear in

our test list at the very bottom here

okay so we'll go through these two

methods here of how learners could go

about recording off the job the first

one we'll jump into

is an assessment is that case study that

we spoke about

okay so we've got the learner's

instructions here at the top again if

any sort of uh

resources attachment ross included they

will also be at the top as well

you can see what criteria is that we're

being asked to

cover here and then we've got our

evidence box for our case today

now i'm actually going to type up okay

study i've got much more

important things to show you guys in

regards to off the job and let's just go

ahead and

fill this with text at least

okay so just throw some text into here

this is our case today

okay now looking at the instructions

themselves for this particular and it

looks like you had to do some planning

um at a different time so we've been

asked to plan

during work time and of course when we

actually sit down to do

our sort of apprenticeship work then

complete the case study here

so of course we've gotten nowhere to say

as such within this particular page

that the learner yes went ahead and did

that obviously they just included in

there right so i'm saying i

planned and i researched this aspect but

we can still record off the job time


at the very bottom here

so if this task was completed off the


we can enter the time spent here and we

can also say whether it was

as well now when this actually gets sent

to our tutor to be marked we'll actually


um the evidence and whatever else there

is to uh sign off here

if that hadn't meant it that off the job

tick box but the your tutor knew

it had been completed during work time

they can actually override that and

select that themselves as well

okay so that's again another way that a

tutor could still be involved and record

that time if required

but the learner knows what he's doing

here so he's also selected that he's

spent an hour and a half

and off the job so let's go ahead and

sign this

save and quit of course that gets sent

back to our tutor tv amount

however if we come back to our task list

there was another

activity in that plan and that was

it was regarded as an activity as such

rather than an assessment with our


and so we'll take them to the learner's

journal page

okay so again we've still got the

instructions here uh we could jump into

the plan and have a look at the wider

plan if we wish to

ever really what's

needed here is for the learners of

detail about this activity about

shadowing their supervisor

okay so i won't obviously go ahead and

write about your reflection there but

the learners would detail what it is

that they've learned how they're going

to implement that into their

work environment perhaps they've

recognized some differences to how they

uh deal with customers opposed to how

their supervisor deals with customers

i think this gent's working towards a

customer service i think that's why i

keep using customers as an example there

but whilst creating this post the

learner could attach any amount of files

to reinforce

the fact that you know shadow these

supervisor maybe it's just a picture of


from over the shoulder watching the

supervisor conduct some you know go

through a particular process it could be

absolutely anything it can also be

videos as well doesn't necessarily have

to be

images but if it is an image it will

also display in the post which is quite

nice it doesn't hide itself away

underneath the download button

we then have to actually link the

learning activity itself to this

and okay so this is the reflection of

the learning

and then actually detail what the

activity was um so you will list all

your other activities in here

but if we just go ahead and add new

and work shadowing

supervisor okay seems to be hitting

every other keys other than the ones i


when it comes to selecting a category

this is where those timesheet caskets

come into play now

and we can see we have many more on our

list earlier and that's

just because these are the ones that

were selected as learning activity

okay so this is where they'll become

available to use and if they were

selected as a learning activity so we've

already got our work shadowing option

there so let's choose that one that's

the type of activities it was

uh when did this start we did it in the


okay we did that for a couple of hours

now again

when we had a look at timesheet

categories earlier

work shadowing also had the column

ticked default to off the job

so that tick box that off the job tip

box on the right side has been

automatically been ticked

that's because any time this category is

selected and used

any time recorded must automatically

feed into the learners off the job


again it just makes it a little bit

easier a little bit more efficient for

people using the system

and by having that work shadowing is

only ever going to count as off the job

in my

sort of situation here so why not

defaultage means one less click for

everyone else using that category

okay so that was the actual activity

itself let's link that to my

post here we could think that's the

criteria for wish t now this is more

for reflecting uh within the learner's

scorecard rather than it is

adding progress as such in a traditional

sense of an assessment

uh so this is more for the learner's

reflection and it doesn't necessarily

have to be the knowledge skills and


either that's actually attached to this

it could actually be your curriculum of


that you plan to deliver okay but the

whole idea is that learners begin to

recognize um and sort of highlight when

it is

when they actually do pick up something

new and they do learn something new a

new process

or perhaps a new way to deal with

customers and they actually recognize oh

oh this is a new behavior this is one of

the behaviors that

i should be displaying on should be

demonstrating you know

for my particular role and i'm working

towards that i'm skilling towards

okay so behaviors that say develop


and because the learners learn how to

take ownership keeping your service

knowledge up to date

and considering personal goals because

that's what we saw this supervisor have

link and create and now that's created

that and again that time that we've


within that activity those three hours

will go towards this learner's off the


now we've looked through a couple of

activities we've looked at three

uh at least three different ways and how

off-the-job time could be recorded on

behalf of learners today

so if this happens each and every time

there must be somewhere

where all this time then gets recorded

and gets collected

well there's certainly is so let's head

over to the learner's portfolio i don't

think we're still in as a learner

at this stage although what we're about

to have a look at can be accessed by

anyone with access to the learner

and so tutors iqa center managers and

everyone else employers too

and then from the learner's portfolio

page oh that learning journal by the way

though that where we just recorded that


it can also be found on the lens

portfolio okay called learning journal

but all this time that we've been

recording is actually safe within the

time sheets

area for the timesheets area we'll start

from the very bottom and work our way up

so at the very bottom that page is going

to be a big long list of each and every

activity the learners

recorded and completed and how much time

was spent

during that particular activity

now i don't have a

sort of a naming convention in place for

my center i just keep the sort of

default references that the system uses

and but of course when you guys actually

create tasks you can give things its own

names its own references

so when looking at information like this

things might make a little bit more


but i do understand these are likes of

case studies

journal entries like off-the-job

attitudes we just saw a moment ago

more case studies in here some

observations as well and so on so on

okay so we can see details about the

activity itself we can see what sort of

category it was and

who the time was recorded by whether it

was the tutor or whether it was the

learner themselves

but on the right side we can see how

much time we spent with that task

and whether it was highlighted as off

the job

scrolling up we can see that cumulative

time spent across the different

assessment methods and timesheet


okay so there's a couple assessment

methods you can see there's uh some of

the off the job categories that we're

looking at at the very start of today's


we can see how much time we spent all

together and how much

time has been spent just towards off the

job alone across those different


and then at the very top we have the


off the job function so it's pulling in

the learners total contracted hours

this is another page where you can enter

it if you have permission to do so so

center managers tutors and so on

target percentages they're working

towards and as tutors and learners begin

recording time on behalf of the learners

that helps us calculate target of the

job hours so what we're working towards

actual off-the-job hours so far and in

turn an actual percentage

and which we're trying to get up to that

20 mark obviously not 100 we're trying

to get it to the 20

mark actually it says this down here

okay so it's currently at 14.3

so it's not far off it's probably about


the way left okay and this percentage

will also sit on the learner's portfolio

page as well okay for those who may

notice that when we're on that page

and you can see here off the job okay so

that percentage will actually constantly

update it'll act as a

live figure almost so each time another

activity gets recorded

that percentage should move ever so

slightly so i guess the final thing to

have a look at today

i am actually going to leave the the

learner's side once again

just for a moment is to have a look at a


so all the information we've just seen

on the timesheets page

uh more specifically the off the job

information at the very top

we do actually have reports so you guys

can have a look at that information


okay so bring you guys back i've just

logged in as a center manager

uh imac's on a different center just for

those keynote

um observers but i'm just gonna use my

colleague center here just because he's

got much more learner data than myself

on my center so as center manager i

think it's

right down to tutors who have access to

this report by the way and so it's only

really learners that don't have access

to it

and we should find here underneath

learning reports and off

the job report

selections here let's widen these uh

date parameters just to make sure we

have something to look at on the report

we can filter through report groups

default shooters you can't forget

different cohorts if you want to

placements and providers

and whether to include archive learners

or not in case it's a for audits or


click submit and not too many there's

there we can get more learners to


default class perhaps oh perhaps not

okay let's go leave that now so with in

the report itself we've got basic

learning information

and what it is that they're sort of

working towards what cohort placement

completion dates that kind of thing and

then the right hand side we have

total contracted hours target percentage

we're working towards

target hours total hours and actual

percentage and we can't export this to

spreadsheet format so of course if you


uh preparing data for uh border director

meetings or perhaps you do have

inspections and

you don't want to give um you expect

access to one file as such but you still

want to prepare the information then you

can still take this information

out of one file if you wish to

okay guys that is everything we have to

show today

uh sort of touch upon timesheets and off

job training records

we'll have a look at some questions in

just a moment so if you haven't already

please do begin preparing those

for everyone else thank you very much

for attending this afternoon i do hope

it's been useful

you've got a better idea now on how you

guys can probably uh

plan and then demonstrate and sort of um

have that capability have that

functionality within your system to

record off the job activities

and you know taking in account taking

into account the whole time sheets of

process now that we've gone through


okay so if you're not sticking enough

questions thank you very much i do hope

it's been useful and hopefully to see

you on

more sessions in the future for everyone

else i'll be back in just a couple of

ticks to answer your questions

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