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Moodle Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on with Moodle allows users to log into Moodle using their OneFile credentials. During the single sign-on process, if an account doesn’t already exist on Moodle, it will be created and then the user will be logged in. 

Reach out to your Onefile Success Manager to enable the Moodle integration.

The ClientID and Secret need to be generated by creating a single sign-on app. You will also need to download the Moodle plugin, which can be accessed by clicking the Open button for the single sign-on app you created for Moodle.

  User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Only centre managers can add a Single Sign-on app. 
  • Only Moodle Administrators will have the ability to install the Moodle Plugin. 

Downloading the Moodle Plugin 

To download the Moodle plugin as a centre manager, follow the steps below: 

1. Click on the Centre icon

2. Click on the Integrations icon 

3. Click Go to Integrations

4. Click on the Configure button of the single sign-on app for Moodle

4. Click on the Download Moodle Plugin button

Installing the Moodle Plugin

This section can only be completed by a Moodle Administrator or a member of your Internal IT department with access to the Moodle back-end. 

There are two ways to install the OneFile Authentication plugin: 

• Open the ‘Auth’ folder and paste in the unzipped plugin 

• Log into Moodle as an Administrator and upload the plugin through the interface 

Once the plug in has been installed, you will need to enter the ClientID and Secret provided from the integrations page on OneFile. 

When the installation has finished, you will need to enable the plugin, which can be done by clicking the Eye icon shown below. Doing this will display the “Log in with OneFile” button on your Moodle login page.

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