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Microsoft Azure AD

When a user browses to the OneFile login page, they have the option of signing in 2 different ways based on what has been configured: 

  • Username and Password
  • Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Microsoft 365 and Facebook must be setup by each individual user once the relevant button has been clicked on the login page.

All our users from all the organisations we work with, access our products through the same single login page. We do not know who they are or where they are from before they login.

The user is therefore presented with a login page containing the different options available:

To log in using Microsoft 365, the user can click the Microsoft button, and this starts the login journey to Microsoft.

It should be noted that this is using the Microsoft 365 generic/multi-tenant login page rather than a specific organisations tenant login page.

If the user is not signed into Microsoft Office365 at that time, then they will be prompted to login, as shown below:

Sign in 
mail address, phone number or Skype 
No account? Create one! 
Can't access ßur account? 
options

However, if the user is already logged in to Office365  (and assuming the OneFile Microsoft App has consent, see below) then the user is returned to OneFile and logged in.

Microsoft/OneFile consent

Depending on how your organisation has configured Microsoft 365, you may need to give Microsoft/OneFile consent, or you may need your IT team to approve the app.

External guidance from Microsoft can be found below:

High Level Overview

  1. The user clicks the link to login using Microsoft 365 and they are taken to the Microsoft 365 system
    1. If they are not logged in then they are prompted to login and then redirected back to OneFile
      • the user or the users organisation may need to approve the Microsoft OneFile "App"
    2.  If they are logged in then the user is redirected to OneFile and logged in

Technical Details

The following guide contains more technical information on our implementation of Single Sign-on with Microsoft:

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