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Covered in this webinar:

  • What is an ILP
  • How to include information from a Custom Form
  • How to build an ILP
  • How to assign an ILP to a learner
  • How to complete an ILP
  • How to create a signable copy of the ILP
Webinar Transcript

good morning ladies and gentlemen and

welcome to another sets of onboarding

training webinars from one file my name

is Jake I'll be your presenter for today

I'm the onboarding project specialist

here for the onboarding team I guess if

you if you're not been introduced the

onboarding seniors we've kind of been

put together to basically better equip

our users with the resources and

knowledge that they need to effectively

use one file at least we've been busy

writing friendly user guides crates of

Visio user guides and also running these

live webinars yes we've been running

these webinars now since May I think

it's mid May when we began we've

recently taken a break though a couple

weeks off and give us a chance to sort

of reflect relax have a look and collect

all the feedback that you guys have been

leaving us and from there we've

basically written and full of new

sessions so begin today I wanted to

quickly jump to our webinars page just

so I can show you guys what kind of

sessions we've got running between now

and Christmas so I guess if you've been

not been introduced to the onboarding

team then you may have not seen this

page on either so this is the embodiment

of if you like isn't it that's the main

website we usually send a link out and

so if you don't want to come to this

page I'll do I will copy and paste the

URL into the chat box so you guys can

have a look at how later time but and

pretty much anything that we do as a

team and it creates any user guidance

create any video guidance create forms

and other bits and bobs for you guys

would all be found on this page

including the webinars in case there's

something else to mention as well if he

wasn't aware we do record these sessions

we do signed him up a little bit and pop

them on this page too please do give a

couple of weeks for these new sessions

to find the way on there but you can

watch them at any time and of course

we've got the live sessions as well so

let's have a look at what we're running

okay so we've still got the likes of

these sensor managers intermediate and

advanced but still kept a session that's

focusing on the reporting suite within

one file

we now have the full range of tutor

training session so foundation

intermediate if

the features and products a few new

wants to point out are individual

learning plans of course with such one

today progress reviews and we've rebuilt

our teaching and learning plans for the

users we still are our QA learners and

employer sessions and the brand new type

of webinar as well for advice and

guidance this will be like soft planning

your curriculum of intent in one file

and what to prepare for order and

compliance inspections and then how to

prepare for Ofsted well there's a plenty

new sessions there we would love to see

you on but answer those okay let's just

come back to today's session and just

before we have to jump into and the

sessions objectives there's some

housekeeping to get out the way first so

somewhere on your screen right now

usually anchored right there should be a

go to panel a couple features on this

panel one that may interest you the most

though is questions so if any point

throughout today's session you have any

questions comments or concerns then

please do feel free to pop them into the

questions box however it will be the end

of the session to which we have a look

at those as for today's session problem

for around 20 to 25 minutes and then any

time we have left at the end there will

be used to answer your questions finally

we have feedback surveys so at the end

of today's session whether you guys

leave or whether I end the session from

my side you're presented with a feedback

survey which should pop up in your usual

internet browser it would greatly

appreciate if you could set the times

complete those servers it's only around

five multiple-choice questions long and

social team one thirty seconds but we

would agree appreciate it as it's what

we then use the soft gauge how you guys

are finding these training webinars okay

so let me just double check make sure

that everything is working from this

side before we go ahead and jump in for


good stuff everything seems to be okay

so individual learning plans what is it

that we'll be covering today

okay so during this session we'll look

to cover what is an ILP how to include

an information in our ERP some lights

for custom farms which of course then

take some to how to build an ILP as well

then how to assign that to specific

learners how to then of course complete

an IR paint and create a saleable copper

for everyone within that learners

process design okay so thank you very

much coming about the the building of

the ILP and within our system ok we will

be sort of picking an example as such

because a ejp could be very different

it'll be different from M learning game

to learning game standard to standard

and perhaps even between learners as

well it may differ ever so slightly so

first of all I okay what doing me by LP

well of course we an individual learning

plan we do have a default functions

within one file okay to help put these

IR pieces together and we really quickly

jump to one of my learners here the way

the IOP works in one file though is a

user's information that already exists

within one file to pretty much build

that build up planet and display that

information now if you are anyone's you

have an IOPS sound you'll find it

underneath the progress tab however

let's begin with this learner does not

have an LP that's cause we're gonna be

building one together what else may be

useful and whilst building your ILP is

think about what information you

actually want to display in that okay if

it's anything that is already in one

file okay so anything to do with

progress the learning games progress

reviews the users employers and things

like that things that we naturally

record to that self information is

something you can actually card with our

system then the tests that we're gonna

be able to pull it into the IRP but then

maybe things that you can't pull in as a

default okay things that you might have

to create a cost

farm fall in Kasich strip this back

right to the example that we're using

today so we've found that with a lot of

our newest sensors at least those that

are working towards a new pension

standards they've been following the

EFSA is a commitment statement as

they're sort of IOPS which are using

that information to build up their an

ILP so that's kind of the example that

we'll be using today as well as Asli

we've got more and more people moving

onto the friendship standards but don't

forget anything we do see today that in

terms of the method of creating the ARP

is interchangeable okay it'll always be

the same no matter what kind of program

you're delivering but just so we can

focus in on a particular example today

we did decide to go with the the more

updated the standards and the commitment

statement from the EFSA okay so I do

actually have the famous statement here

hopefully it pops up for everyone as

well so just as a bit of an example or a

bit of context or example today we're

basically going to recreate or basically

use information from each tab here such

as the cover sheet the key policies it's

a program and plan of training it's not

going to look exactly the same

but we're going to kind of use this as

your example in our template today then

just so you guys aware so based off this

based off this commitments then there's

some information that we don't capture

okay so this is how I'd use the plan

anyway within the system and some detail

what I our IRP needs can think if you're

moving from a paper system then chances

are you may already have that in the

paper portfolio if you're moving over

from another electronic system and then

chances are you have something for your

ILP this if we just use this as our

example today so we need the length of

apprentices details

okay so names companies and their

contact information okay well that's

fine because one file already captures

this so we know we can be able to pull

this in we've got main provider details

so name per second position the

company's address contact information

again we can to this information as a


think about the employers and the

placement areas within one file we only

capture this

okay delivery some contracts information

as well oh so I think I've got mixed up

there so provider of course will be the

trained provider employer of details

there on the right hand side but again

either way

we capture all this information so far

and I think that's probably okay oh and

home assessment organization as well

again only applicable if you're working

towards a new standards um okay this

probably one that we don't capture as a

default now again depending on how you

manage your sensor and how the center

managers are sort of setting your Center

up there may be an area for you to

record the endpoint assessment

organizations details as a default look

there isn't an area in the system and so

you might want to create a custom form

for that okay you know make a note of

that that might be something we need to

capture in one file

additionally to make this IOP work we've

announced the next tab which is key

policies it's of course this is just

where the learners employees saviem the

cheaters as well so I'll just make that

commitment and say yeah we've had a look

at the code of conduct so have a look at

the health and safety posture the

quality harassment safeguarding and all

those other policies air to which the

learner self absolute commit sin okay so

again do we have this in one file we can

capture this information as

sensormanager and but perhaps to include

it into our I appear we might want an

additional form and now this form

doesn't necessarily have to have too

much information you don't have to have

any sort of fields that need to be

filled in as such the ILP is self

assignable so that itself could act as

the deck relation or is the commitment

to having read these policies so maybe

for this one and all such from how what

we've done to then put this into the

alpi but maybe we just want a simple

form that isn't a sign so any learners

okay and why would we do that

it's because nothing needs to be filled

in we could have a a farm which states a

deck relation of that the learner has or

by signing this ILP it commits to having

acknowledged the these kinds of policies

okay I'll take him to a form in just a

moment that explains that a little bit

more detail commitment

program very similar however we're not

committing to policies here it's just

what Leela know the learners are

committing to that in the agreed that

the apprentices is most appropriate for

the linen program for the provided to

the individual the apprentice has the

opportunity in their job to gain the

knowledge skills and behaviors needed to

achieve their apprenticeship okay so oh

stuff I'm sure you guys are very

familiar with and then sound for plan of

training and this usually covers all the

learning games recognition of prior

learning initial assessments any support

additional support progressive news

occupational components okay so the

employees have any additional components

here and keep milestones and any other

components so that's what we're going to

base our ILP off today so to do so to

create an RP like I said we've probably

got information we already still in one

file and they might be some additional

information that we need to capture so

let's look at that bit first let's have

a look at the bits that we need to a

different information that we need to

capture okay so as a default my file

doesn't capture initial assessment

results for example now you may already

have it integrations over the likes of

BTS B okay so you may only have that

information in one file in which case we

don't need to do it again well let's say

we use four skills foscar's might not be

the best example we are currently work

for an integration with four skills it

should be mentioned okay but in here we

have a farm at some was created we won't

be creating any farms today just to get

let you guys know and we do have more

dedicated custom farm session which we

would recommend jumping up

have a look at this farm it just looks

like a simple form to capture well

initial assessment results good new

section for that ever percentages levels

got an area to actually upload the

certificate itself against aimed off for

literacy and same 5c and that the bottom

looks like it's got a declaration here

so who signed it off so cheated some

sound off from this date and I will

learn it mister people who signed off

Christie great so they kind of got a two

purposes written this farm now it's

acting as just the you know the record

of initial assessment results portfolio

but we're going to use that information

in our ILP as well now when it comes to

creating forms to pull into your ILP you

can get quite smart with it really okay

so that initial assessment one kind of

works in two ways because we may also

want to capture information anyway I

guess we wants it to be quite a nice

understandable form for tutors and other

people to use such as your employees

thank you everyone else if you were to

create a form just to have information

pull into the ILP it may not be so

pretty because of course it is then

gonna look different it's been pulled in

elsewhere so what we've done for this

particular farm is very much that any

additional information that we start

from this commitment statement we don't

capture in one file we've just gone to

heaven through onto one individual form

and you'll see that we've tried to

follow those same tabs as well so those

fourth times we had a long go along the

bottom such as cover sheet key policies

commitment and the actual plan of

training we followed that in this farm

here as well but again only capturing

that additional bits of information that

we don't as a default in one file so

we've put logos in this farm as well to

keep it nice and in brand I mentioned a

little bit early on we had nowhere to


EPA oh details so that's what we've done

in this farm as well we've given that a

bit of an area to record the details

about the EPA oh if you missed out

spelling mistakes in there as well but

no problem then we've got a time for

those key policies but again there's

nothing to fill in here it's just

detailing each of the policies and it

says hey we've got a lining saying by

styling this commitment statement the

representative signatories agree that

they have read and understood the

providers policies so on so on so in the

ILP itself could act as the deck

relation say if the commitments a

program is nothing to fill in here and

such but it just details the clearin as

you would have at the start of the

apprenticeship and then the plan of

training in here is well because like

this may have been started at

recognition of praying and learning

maths and English and learning supports

this as far as our example was going to

go today

we now have all the details that we want

to using the ILP captured on one file

okay so something always to think about

a new create in your ERP is what we want

to display do we already have that data

in the system so when it comes to

creating your own of course there's all

these sensor languages that can do this

so that's why we were logged in as a

sensor manager today if you head over to

the center only sense that we will have

an icon for ILP versions from here we

can either import existing forms so

something you might not been to aware of

where you can export your forms and see

if you've got your practice Center in

your live sensor you've been playing

around in your practice center to make

sure you build the correct format search

you could export it out of that Center

and import it into your live on using

that tool ok but we often use page to

create new lps as well you can see other

versions that we want to one have down

here as well so you don't have to the

same I repeat for each learner in fact

we probably wouldn't in the grand scheme

of things maybe so you have a different

one for different and different

employers of course are involved you may

have ones for different programs and

different learners as well let's go

ahead and create a new today it's a

whole idea for today is to kind of give

you guys an example of how to build one

let's go ahead on this test then we'll

call Italy yes if a commitment statement

okay so I'll try and get through as much

for this and as we can today but we'd

also have an example one that's been

fully built up just to show you guys if

we didn't get to the end of public

together because this stage may take

some time okay

now you can always edit your hairpiece

at least if you because once we save the

similar to your farms once you publish

it you can't do anything with it other

than completes it as such from the user

end of side of things as you have to

come back to it on publish it and then

you can make any amendments that you

like of course once you on publish it

means that ticular and it doesn't have

an active ILP so then just to bear in

mind okay so the inverts very similar to

the custom farm builder okay it's

probably just a few more things to pay

attention to so as a default is nothing

on this commitment staying on this ILP

rather other than these signatures okay

so this is who's gonna require a

signature from at the end so when it's

actually put into practice and published

on your sensor okay so following those

similar and similar things that

commitment statement so this is pretty

much what will be read creating is we

want that first tap so tap one cover

sheet so that's exactly we're gonna call

this first section it just really just

the same line with AB of course you can

call these and whatever you like you

might want to leave it as learner

details I've already forgot my was a

cover sheets yes it was cover sheet and

let's go ahead and call out and cover

sheets our first section I'm actually

gonna go ahead and add the other

sections now cuz of course when you

create the sections they come in as

enter and then you fill them with the

fields so tab 2 is key policies key


the program and tap for plan of training

tap for training okay so call our

sections in there all our tabs search

and so let's begin for the needs we

field and don't forget we're building

the ILP we're deciding at this stage

what it is that needs to be displayed in

our ILP so for the cover sheet we want

the likes of learning details we want

employee details and provider details as

well so let's go ahead and add fields

into our cover sheet okay the first bit

is learning details so by adding fields

what it will do it will pull in all the

sort of default areas so you can see

here in the first instance we've got one

file and then a little M colon and then

the area so anything that has one

fasteners means it's a default area of

the system okay so we've got two one

fact learner details we then have the

default fields that can be found on two

learners we then as you scroll down you

can see on the left-hand side we've got

custom data I mean it's a custom data

form it's followed by the actual title

there and but then each section of each

farm is sort of built up in such a way

you can also see our additional

information there so that you don't

cover sheet left image is good okay so

if won't learn the details first what's

in personal details you might need some

stuff in here as well

okay so firstly tells us about the user

itself so we do want first name last

name emails date of birth and we don't

need Ritchie's address we'll take in the

city minute what's our second the

additional support so first name last

name email day at birth that'll probably

do this throw those in okay so let's

build up the first section about

learners so anything else we need in

here you might want your unique number

see national insurance as well date

register center we definitely not one

and class if there's any learning

difficulties we'll pull those him so

we've got a lot of learning information

we now want providers and employers

information have a look at that and if

we head over to employers you'll have

the employer table there okay so the

employee table pretty much includes all

the existing details about the employer

account such as employees name so you've

got employees details as well well we

want BPA details as well so we did use

this in an additional form didn't we and

we actually created a farm for this so

you can see additional information for

commitment statement and tab one we can

into exactly the same things we know

exactly what we need to be pulling in in

here we have all of our data list I'm

gonna pull in all this because we need

all this EPO information pull all this

in and save okay so we now at this stage

we have pulled in all the information we

need for that first tab okay learner

details and things like that

now once you've pulled in all your

fields we can't pull them in and we

wanted some and you can't reorganize

them so of course this way it will you

say the first name then I'll display

last they'll then display email data

birth he'll display in the order we have

in it but we can't reach in that order

using the GUI buttons on each row okay

so let's take this one for example it's

the SFA's the logos and stuff and we

don't want that

halfway through the page we want that at

the very top so we can go ahead and use

those arrows and just keep knocking that

to the top section

kram said if you're doing this one by

one it may take a little more time so

you might want to pull it in in the

correct order but there we've put the

logos at the top yeah

and we've done the first section we've

got all the EPO information learner

details and employees details so what

was tapped to is key policies ok so

again I'll forget there's nothing to

really fill in here when it comes to

having this as a form not if all I need

to do is sign it off to say that they

confirm they've seen all those policies

don't forget we'll be signing the ILP

off so we know we've only created a

field first at me once again in that

custom form that we had we had a tap for

all our key pulses so let's go ahead and

pull that in that's all we need for

something just don't forget in that

declaration area we had that line the

declaration itself was supposed and then

we had links to each of the key policies

for the provider so even if the learners

hadn't seen the policies or concealed

the stage during the ILP sign off you

could have a learner's declaration and

confirmation there again commitments

program nothing seems to be added as

such nothing needs to fill in we already

have a farm with all the information

such as the Declaration and then the

responsibilities for the providers

employees and pull it in so we've not

done anything too technical really we

either the pulling in existing

information or pulling in and just

information from farms again we didn't

have to add too much now plan of

training I think we'll just touch upon

adding a few things in here and we'll

have a look at the example that we've

built up ok so let's have a look at tap

for in this instance this is the length

of prior learning initial assessment and

the learners have program details so to

pull this in let's go ahead and add

fields pull down our little section

again and we probably want for the likes

of learning games let's have a look at

the learning games that learns been

assigned okay you'll find that a lot of

the things that are default in one

fassl's employers user accounts tutors

or progress reviews things like this and

the only option that we have is learning

table don't be deferred by this

basically what we mean by learning games

able rather than giving you every single

field that relates to learning games in

this little text box we pop it all into

a table instead okay and even if we

select that table so let's go ahead and

bring that in we'll see what it does

okay so learning games table contains

all this information again you might be

thinking I don't actually need all that

there is just one or two fields I do

need well if you select anything that

has a table for example you can reorder

the format or the the Roger that they're

cut at the end and you can also remove

as well so you can say okay so at least

for the offensive standards perhaps that

we don't need the Eevee's name this lets

get rid of our external verifier you may

not need awarding body you might not

need end up code there's a few things

about not need here such registration

number friends on your delivery your ILP

is how you want it to look what's

contained in there because you can add

and remove the things in the tables as

well but not be deferred when you select

them from the ILP page they it only

comes up with learning aids table the

learning games table or the cutest table

employees table contains every field in

relation to that section ok so if we had

a look at likes of reviews as well so

into portfolio we've got like the

timesheet table Review table journal

table and even the plans table in there

as well so again let's pull in the plans


then we can have a look at that one if

we were seeking to customize what's

actually displayed in there do we need

the title Union date set and we don't

need dates issues arising not for this

ok we'll leave the feedback and again

after you cuz like this however you like

okay so we pretty much you've got there

there's of course some important

components for stuff there even if we

were basing off the commitment statement

but I can probably just take a bit of

time to build these supports great is

that once it's built it's there it's

done it's on your Center if you ever

need to create a slight variation of it

you can come back open it and give it a

different name

save it as something else and hopefully

he'll never be too much admin once

you've actually built your set ILP so

I'd have an example here we'll quickly

look at this we'll assign it to a

learner and then we'll have a look at

how it actually looks from the learners

portfolio page okay so this one's it's

folding the exact same sample and

example rather however it's probably had

a little bit more time and put into it

here okay so you can actually see if

separated logos but that's fine it's not

problem cover sheets of course learner

information to to employ information

placement and then EPA Oh key policies

and commitments exact same there and

then for their plan of training the

pooled in the learning games table unit

table review table plant save on

timesheets able recognition of prior

learning which think was a custom farm

and then you've got in the bits about

initial assessments as well pull it in

that information from the four skills

and initial assessments resorts form

that we looked at at the very start you

can see that we have everyone signing it

off as well good stuff so let's actually

Sally still a learner since we can't see

what the ILP looks like when it does

pull through all this information okay

so it's are sending to learners you can

do so through the episode page we can

also do it from this ILP page as well so

let's go ahead and open up the learners

then gives us our usual filtering

business let's open up our cohort one

there as sound it's mr. Pete blunt PKS

on his farm two selected learners okay

so that's been assigned soon let's go

ahead and jump to mr. peeps and

portfolio and then what

have assigned an ILP we'll find

underneath progress I mean you'd usually

find on this progress that we'll just

make sure have correctly assigned that

perhaps you can assign it to a another

learner as well let's just double check

this let's just remove and then Reese

let's just in case I did something wrong

once more for the that okay it's from

back throughout our learner mr. Pete


okay so it wasn't a sense mr. Pete blue

there perhaps have done something wrong

down the stages um but yes there's one

assigned to mr. Michael Jacobs here it

might be slightly different basically

what you want to see is that ILP

actually working from interaction okay

so we just jumped into this learners and

ILP here this might pull in information

from different and farms by the way and

but basically just so you can see how

it's pulling information in once you've

spent all that time building the the

farms this was like a different version

say let's look at the current version do

you know it does make sense if you have

to jump back very quickly we haven't

published from memory they hadn't

published the IOP itself no okay so you

go this is probably a bit important

thing to point out actually mm okay so

once you're happy with your ILP you have

to publish it I should do with the form

so you can see in the states here is

promptly pending okay which means even

though it's assigned to learners it's

not available to use so if jimin's

therapy top right corner we have the

publish button let's turn it on so

whilst it's off we can edit it and

design it and once it's published we

cannot you can always come back and

publish it as such now we're showing a

bit better look let's jump back so mr.

people who have sorry about that guys

jump back to the portfolio let's open up

the ILP the one that we've actually been

working on to make bit more sense and

here we have this we got that commitment

thing with the logos at the top the

cover sheet pulling existing learner

information cheaters employers and

placements but then also that EPA

information as well the key policies and

commitments to programs they're no

fields to fill in as such but this can

act like a commitment though rather as

the declaration itself same with the

commitment to program but of course is

covers both tutors learners and

employers and then plan of training in

which we've pulled in the learning Ames

table so all the learning games of this

lens work in Swans

unit table review table teaching and

learning plan table its lens has lots

of plans valuing a timesheet table we're

also working into getting off the job to

naturally appear as well into the IOPS

and then only the recognition of prior

learning and initial assessment results

in here is where we can see any

additional support the whole idea with

the IOPS is that each time you do a

progress of you or each time it comes to

a an achievement milestone you create a

Sanibel copper it will then take a

screenshot of this IRP because this is a

live document it's constantly updating

if you go ahead and change the learners

last name your ILP will update so to

sort of take a screenshot a snapshot of

how that data was time so just a

progress of you create assignable

contact it takes a screenshot of that

information then sends its each person

to sign such as the cheaters the

learners employers and I think I

possibly as well and I think they can

have a accessible to read or think they

need to say it okay so that is IO be

sorry guys I didn't know it's there we

ran it over a few moments there due to

my slight negligence at not publishing

your farm I always check and

troubleshoot make sure you've published

it make sure you were sent it to the

learners okay that has been today's

session hopefully that was useful to

people I don't think we've ever really

done a public IOP session like this at

least not on a good while and so

hopefully that's give you guys a better

idea of how to build those and you know

we're always saying have a thinking

about what you want your ILP to display

okay and then think about break it up

into right what does one file already

have and what data does one file not

have and then for the stuff that you

don't have you're gonna think about do

want it display in one file is it worth

creating a custom form to capture okay

and then of course build all those

things and then have it all pull into

the IRP itself

I'll have a look at a few questions in

just a moment so if you haven't already

please do begin preparing in those

forever now so isn't sniffing around for

questions thank you very much for

attending this morning do hope it's been

useful and actually have a look at al

peas and how they are created within the


okay so ever no isn't sticking around

thank you for attending I do hope you

enjoy the rest of your week now we're

back in just

few seconds

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