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Covered in this webinar:

  • Monitoring Tutor planning
  • Course Builder
  • ILP
  • Scorecard & Learning Growth Graph
  • OTJ Planning
  • Reports
    • Feedback & Comments
    • Activity Log
    • Off-the-job
Webinar Transcript

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen

welcome to another sets of onboarding

training webinars here from one file my

name is Jake I'll be your presenter for

today I'm actually the onboarding

project specialist here at one file so

for I guess fellows who have yet to be

introduced to the onboarding team or a

new function that's been put together to

better equip our users with resources

and knowledge that they need to

effectively use one file okay so we've

been doing this through creating new

written and video user guides we've been

creating libraries full of forms that

you guys can download and we've also

been running these lovely webinars we're

running these webinars now since around

May we get to focus on different areas

those systems some days we haven't

looked at use a real specific sessions

such as your sense managers in your

cheetahs and other times we'll have a

look at work flows through the use of

plans templates okay so we've been

running these that since around May

we've really taken a break though

towards the end of September just a

couple weeks to sort of gather ourselves

Gavin on the feedback have a look and

review basically the the sessions that

we were running so that has led us to

create some new kinds of webinars and

new types of webinars that we are

running so to begin with today I thought

we could quickly have a look at what the

sessions we do have run in between now

and Christmas I guess I've just comes

over to the onboarding web page again if

you get to be introduced to the team

you've probably not come across this web

page before either

and it isn't essentially the main web

site is a link that we actually send out

and so just in case anyone wants to

visit this page at the end of today's

session I will go ahead and drop that

into the chat okay so we can come back

to that later today but basically

everything we do as an onboarding team

is saved within this page so all the

resources like so the farms and the

webinars we also do recordings of these

webinars as well and we don't record

every single session and but rather we

wait until they've all been done then

we'll take them all that will clean up a

little bit and then pop them onto this

page find the recorded ones in that icon

there and please do give a few weeks for

these new ones to be uploaded that page

yes if it's wrap into webinar training

just to see what we've got written over

the next few weeks

okay so we still have our sensor manager

and focus sessions both intermediate and

advanced levels will still get a session

that focus on the reporting suite within

our system for tutors we've now got the

full range of training webinars from the

foundation intermediate right through to

advanced for features and products the

ones I'll highlight hairs are individual

learning plans progress reviews these

are both in new sessions have also

greatly amended the teaching and

learning plan session as well for other

users we still that sessions focus on IQ

as learners employees and observers and

finally a brand new kind of webinar

which I'm sure you guys will be aware of

because that is what we were under today

is the advice and guidance and we've put

the other three sessions that focus on

certain areas something you're certain

these situations are masters or

questions that we keep hearing from our

sensors and these are the links on

planning your Creek move in ten in one

file want to prepare for ordering

compliance using one file and how to

prepare for Ofsted okay so please do

book unto those and other sessions would

love to see you guys but as many as

possible but today's session how to

prepare far Ofsted so this definitely

much been designed and with a lot of our

sensors I'm in mind because we do see an

occasional have sensors come and visit

us here at our offices to rather go

through their experience of their recent

Ofsted inspection of course Rowe is the

success managers Rosen such where you

guys find out how things have gone so

we're trying to collect some of these

tips I've heard from the length of our

success managers I'm not you guys as

well and pop them into one session

though hopefully can help you guys move

forward till these plan at some of the

areas for your Ofsted visit Before we

jump in though there is some

housekeeping to get out the way first so

somewhere on your screen right now there

should be a GoToWebinar panel a few

features on this panel and one that may

interest you the most though is


so if only for today's session you have

any questions comments or concerns and

please do you feel free to pop them into

the questions box however it will be

under the sessions which we have a look

at these as for today's session I'll

probably run for around 20 to 25 minutes

and I said any times that at the end

they will use to answer your questions

and then finally we do her

feedback surveys as well and so whether

you guys leave today session or whether

I end it from my side you should be

presented with a feedback survey in your

youth audience browser it would greatly

appreciate you could set the time and to

complete that survey twenty more than

thirty seconds however it's only around

five questions long but as I mentioned

oh that's kind of the information we use

to then amend these sessions okay I

think I said everything out the way so

we just double check make sure that

everything's working from this side it

seems to be how to prepare for Ofsted so

what is it we'll be covering in today's

session so during this session we will

cover or at least look at these areas of

the system such as monitoring tutor

planning and we'll touch upon the cross

build and how this can be used we've got

information about the ILP we'll touch

from the scorecard and it's a learning

journey graph quickly have a look at

some off the job planning how to better

display this and monitor this and then

of course this some reports that'll be

quite useful and these those are just a

few there's many more that we could have

a look at we'll see what time we have

left at the end but we'll definitely try

and touch upon feedback and comments off

the job and the likes of Timothy lock

okay so let's get rid of the

presentation and we'll jump into on file

okay so we're actually going to jump

into one or two user rules today there's

a couple reasons for this we're going to

begin from an observer account okay

because one options that you guys do get

don't forget your sense for the end of

the day is it's all your data you guys

pretty much owned everything that sits

within and within the Bourne fam okay so

you are free to anyway give ever you

like whoever you see fit an account to

your Center this could mean given an

observer account which is traditionally

used as a saw a read-only to the likes

of an Ofsted inspector now of course you

can't force their hand if you want them

to use that account and you know we do

have come across inspectors that are

they are quite proficient in the system

and have to use observer account when

assessing someone's sensor and the data

and so on and but again it's completely

going to you guys but it is an option

that's there don't forget the observer

account is only

read only they can't edit anything

within your sensor and you define what

that observer account has access to okay

this could be very classically very

individual learners maybe it's tutors

and so again you kind of control what

this observer account seeds so

completely up to you guys but further

most of today at least the first half

will be hosting it from this observer

account specially to show you guys if

you were to give this read on the access

to the likes of an inspector exactly

what they could be seeing okay so like

so we're gonna focus on a couple of

areas so then the first place we're

going to go to is assessment plans are

teaching the learning plans rather okay

and again this this several ways how we

can get around this it all really

depends on what it is that you want to

show the inspector today what

information you've prepared and maybe

you just look at reports and print some

of those off or maybe you do want to

give them access and in which case and

we'll kind of go through the best way to

have a look at the information so we're

going to go through that some point of

looking at an individual learner today

firstly one jump into Malone is

portfolio and for those who were on

where we can actually access and see all

of the learners plans directly from

their portfolio page I guess I'm not

sure if anyone has ever tried to sort of

minimize these sections but when you do

so yeah other bits of information

popping up such as the learners profile

teach them learning plans there's many

more in here as well so I think

assessments and units some routes as

well we can see if they bridge back up

and open plans this learner has been

sinneth quite a few in the past I should

mention really none of this dates are we

gonna see today is actual real data so

to speak it was all done on our practice

centers so yes

I think these learners put in and

program for about three years now and

nevertheless I do actually have a plan

right down here at the bottom ok so

again it depends on what how your

inspector wants to work and what

information you guys prepare but the

sort of things we'll be looking file if

you do want to sort demonstrate the

plans that you have within the system

will be something similar to this

obviously not exactly but was something

quite similar so this plan just give you

guys some context has been built around

a curriculum curriculum intent based off

the customer service practitioner and

this is a scheme of work focusing on the

first ten weeks

okay so we can see we've got most

information I've just explained anyways

detailed in the title so we can see

everything's correctly labeled and the

dates have been in there you can see

that this was being delivered to the

face-to-face session the next planned

visit and has been scheduled as well yes

perhaps this is a plan that was put

together during the visit imagined so by

the looks of it okay so let's have a

look at what tasks what plans are

actually put in place for this

particular learner okay so I'm not

forgetting that this is week 1 to 10 so

we're probably going to see the start of

those sort of development tasks within

this plan in place we can see within the

plan here we've got a self-assessment so

the starting point really looks like

they may be taking advantage of the

learner score card with an assistance in

sort of getting that base level for the

learner lots of sort of a standard

standardization tips in here as well

still leaving important notes for your

learner's letting them know to messenger

cheaters when certain tasks have been

completed okay looks like we've got the

first learning activity hair again we've

got lots of instruction for learner

we've got clear actions the overview of

what this task is covering again

important details and even an allocation

time as well because of course that's

one of the things that offset will be

sort of looking at at least for the new

Prince of standards we see we want to

make sure that learners are self

following those sort of guided hours ok

Athenians go through a plan we can see

the likes of development activities

again lots of actions clear instructions

important information and allocation

times we've got the first assessment of

learning care it looks like they've gone

through a underpinning knowledge and

again these plans obviously will differ

from sensor senses however you can set

it up based around your curriculum or

whatever it is that you're delivering

but the whole idea here is if an

inspector worse to look at this planning

stage is the plan clear enough ever

they've got clear steps in his learners

got clear instructions is everything

else been defined in terms of off the

job allocation time you know important

that's information like that ok so we've

got a mini mock assessment here probably

preparing learners for the endpoint

assessment again that's another thing

that Ofsted will be looking out for

are you building up are you preparing

the learners for and

home assessment at least when it comes

to the new printer standards of course

it looks likes got the first review of

progress and they were they gonna set

milestones and smart targets even got a

task in here the employers as well so

again planning and show that planning

that you ever actively involved the

employers into your plans and for the

actual delivery method and so we can see

here we've got a task just for the

employees that please and show you

attendee agreed review beating there's

some nothing for the employees to

actually do there in terms of what they

need to do in one file it's just again

it's just that accurate and detailed

planning okay looks like it ends sort of

week 10 here with a meeting activity and

to look through the scorecard suffer

assess where the learners progress is up

to okay then when it comes to feedback

and comments we always recommend is to

color code in your comments and so

obviously no areas of progress marking

green areas improvement perhaps in

orange and then your areas of concern in

red again that'll be really useful for

offset to see that you are touching on

each point you've got constructive

feedback in there you're obviously still

let know know what they're doing well

there is your improvement as well okay

so that's just an example of a plan

Aleksei they've been very much based

around the christmas sales practitioner

standard for this particular example but

again it's just it's more about showing

you're planning how details are you

actually willing to go in your plans to

show each step and how far you've

prepared the learners okay another area

that we see again I was reading a couple

of reports this morning just refresh my

own memory so there's sort of things

that Ofsted are likely to find tower and

and one of them that I noticed I was

talking about the learners long-term

memory meaning once you guys have gone

through some learning and development

tivities with your learner's say at the

start of the program by the end of your

row rather by by endpoint assessment do

they still actually remember that

information are you covering those

certain topics or certain airs of

knowledge points over and over again

it's the point where the obviously the

learner picks it up and it's offset in

that memory so one of the things we've

also seen a lot of our sensors do I'm

just gonna leave my UPS

server cuz I don't I don't think it

needs if it means before we hear from a

learner again okay but nothing was seen

and being used quite often to help

without long terms of memory and AIDS

the things that you start delivering

some learners thinking in its using the

course builder and now didn't actually

have an example there someone mentioned

this to me and just before I kind of

came into the session so don't have

anything set up if it's possible scream

I went early guys and I'm gonna leave my

observer counters drinking as a sensor

managers just to quickly show you and

that course builder why that is now

useful I have to pause my screen

momentarily just so you guys don't have

to suffer from looking at the other

login screens okay bring you guys back

now so just remembers my sensor manager

and just a so we can head over to

courses now I'm not sure whether you

guys have played around with courses are

whether you use them within your

delivery at the moment but the real

useful you can basically create your own

interactive course is full of resources

information you have text analysis of

images and videos as well but what else

we can create is an interactive quiz

okay so perhaps you guys might want to

set up an interactive quiz to test and

learn is knowledge that they kind of

went through saying in the last scheme

of work make sure that's really set in

like I don't have it the best example

but very quickly to want to jump through

to a quiz that we do have here okay now

these quizzes cannot react to criteria

as well we can classes as of knowledge

evidence in themselves and but like I

said it might be a case if you want to

create an interactive quiz based around

the last scheme of work the loads done

to make sure like said that those tough

exact knowledge that they've learned

it's actually set in yeah you guys

connect to the set of pass mark as well

so you know if the learners hits over

say eight seven seven five percent and

you guys consider that as that

particular knowledge that you went

through last king of work at some kind

of set itself into memory so to speak

okay cuz don't forget

you preparing the lens for EPA when they

go through that EPA process they're

probably going to touch upon each of the

soft points that you showed you've been

delivering throughout the program okay

so you can set password you can see we

didn't pass them and so this course what

we classed as completed but just another

idea of a preparing your sensor

preparing your delivery for the things

that often might be looking for such as

memory of the knowledge that the

learners have learnt okay so I'm gonna

go back out air possible screen again

just to save you guys from all the

flickering around jump back in our our

observer and carry on as we were okay

so another area which is really useful

and again it all really depends on how

you guys set it up but that is the

learners ILP now if you're familiar with

the ILP function within one file and

it's pretty much a it's a custom form in

many ways you decide what information

gets put in there and however the IRP

itself isn't editable so it'll pull in

information from other areas of one file

okay these can be heavily customized I

mean carefully customized with the

custom form builder and that we have

within the system but you could turn

your IRB into the one-stop shop for

everything that Ofsted will be looking

for okay so if they're looking like some

off the job information we want to know

about reviews let there be no

consistence met want to have a look at

some plans you want to know about in the

learners job description guided hours

the employers and they engage you could

have all that information so I've pulled

into the ILP now the ILP we have a my

center here it's actually based off the

EFSA's commitment statement okay but

again these completely down to you guys

of how you want your ILP so good

learners personal information here and

what cheetahs employees that are linked

to the system we then have information

about the the endpoint assessment

organization the employer themselves as

well along with contact information key

policies commitment to program and then

in here we've also pulled in alike so

the learning games table so you can see

and each component that learners work in

two arms we've got the unit table we can

see where the progress is for this

learner against eg units he has assigned

I've got the review table in here teach

and learning plan table do with the IR

peas like then you can pretty much pull

in any information as long as the


saved in water file either has a default

a via a custom farm then you can pull

that into your IR peas and like so you

can make into the one-stop shop really

lots of funds here I think the just leaf

is something else there we've also got

timesheets in here as well and I can be

collecting the absolutely IR peas

apologies that it's quite quick there

and underneath we've got our custom

farms capture the idea and the

recognition of prior learning again the

initial assessment results can pull them

things like that and declarations where

everyone can self sign it off including

the employer so again I hope it's really

useful it all really depends on how you

guys have set them up or whether you use

them at the moment and to take advantage

of this function that's within the

system but like I said it dependent how

it's been so it could be a one-shot

start and don't forget other than

courses that we're just everything we've

seen today is valuing that observer

account okay all you've done is give

them access to a particular class and

this is what the observer has access to

another really useful tool it's actually

quite a recent one though we've pumped

into the system is them learn a

scorecard now I should mention the spore

count is only available to those sensors

who have purchased the learning curve

once I was learning cob it's the only

add-on that we have for the system but

it contains a couple of features that

have been sort of desiring with a

friendship standards in mind more so

this one and that is the learner

scorecard so for those who are unaware

of the scorecard is a brand new feature

that allows learners to score themselves

in regards to their confidence against

the knowledge of skills and behaviors or

perhaps a curriculum of intent now it's

come into one of this Lunas scorecards

here like something we either use of you

guys what we've seen being used here the

knowledge skills and behaviors and the

learners actually rank themselves and

rate themselves against each criteria or

more so and what we think probably works

a little bit better and for both

learners and everyone else in the

delivery is having your trickin within

ten so of course when you guys build a

curriculum probably picked out the ten

fifteen points based off these knowledge

skills and behaviors and that's what you

guys are delivering so that's probably

what better to learn us of scores

themselves against okay and but we can

see here as we kind of click into these

we can see what a score the learners

gave themselves at this particular time

and you can see any learning activities

that also sort of present themselves on

the right hand side of the screen though

ideas that learners go through and score

themselves every so often might be every

month maybe every time you guys do a

progress of you every quarter whatever

that may be

when the learners have completed a

scorecard it'll plot those schools those

average scores onto this graph okay now

unfunctional made learner he certainly

hasn't been updating his forgot his

office with lights we would like at

least a couple of months and he's only

done so in the past well it seems around

six months but you can see here that is

plotted those points on this graph and

basically what this graph is going to

show is the learners journey from their

own perspective this is what we've seen

especially says his work in Swasey

friendship standards we've seen at the

beginning the user score account to get

help get that base level of learners

experience and knowledge so far against

the curriculum and then of course as we

do this every couple of months we

hopefully should see an increase in

these lines should go up over time but

don't fret if any of course anything

ever dips down or is quite a jagged

wave-like graph that's the sort of thing

that Ofsted of looking for you want to

understand the learners confidence

levels from their own perspective now is

learner aware of the sovereign's needed

for this professionally aware of what

they're going to be learning and aware

of the epa process of course everything

else in between you guys are this got to

be really useful if you've been using

the scorecard it would be great so i

demonstrate that to Ofsted

another aspect that Ofsted made look and

it has a job know we've probably hold

her tough job Ofsted say many times that

they're not they won't be looking this

early at the percentage make sure that

Petraeus it has definitely been hit but

rather and that constructive so off the

job time has been given that

opportunities have been given to learner

to put and solver they're the new

learnings into action with their

workplace and they've got that time

they've got that commitment from their

employer to take that time out to

continue their learning whether that is

an in an academic sort of space or

whether it's attending industry events

however you guys have planned the off

the job activities with the employer

there's a few ways we can have a look at

that and again we're still saying is the

in the observer account here it's a

couple places we could go to have a look

at that for job it depends on what

aspects of off the job the inspects with

lights look at first of all we have

likes of the learning journal again this

may look a little bit different from

your sensor this is a feature that's

updated with the learning Cobb adult so

again if you don't have the learning

public but you still have a learner

Journal and it may not look like it okay

so what the learning journal is is the

Morse of dedicated off the job area this

is where learners can sort of create

instances and reflections and activities

and learning that they've completed okay

but you can also tie these into your

plans as well and so you can see that

this particular task was part of a plan

we've got the instructions on the

chooser here there's nothing jobs have

some work shadow in and some estimated

time here I guess it's been asked to

shadow his supervisor he's looking out

for a visa I've seen relevant to his

program you see the lone actors have

been recording here that work shadow him

and you open up again we can see the

three hours are completed and it was

saved as off the job so if the inspector

wants to have a look at so the

individual tickets if I've been

completed off the job then perhaps this

will be a good area to go to however if

for every reason the inventor does want

to have a look it's on the toll time

spent then there is another area for

that as well and that could be the

learners timesheet page

okay so from the lunar portfolio me that

it's a very last item we have timesheets

okay so what this page those will start

from the bottom actually work coming up

so at the very bottom is page we have

every individual entry of any activity

that other has done especially anytime

they've recorded time against an


okay so whether it is a journal entries

whether it is learning development

activities I can see through the

references here we've got lines of case

letters got off the job activities in

here you can see how much time you spent

acumen server on each activity and

whether that was off the job if we

scroll up we can see how much

accumulative time has been spent across

those different assessment methods and

off the job categories as well and at

the very top we have be more dedicated

off the job function and so if you guys

have sort of yet to sort of settle with

your other job within one file and the

system will pretty much calculate the

percentage itself as long as we have

someone who's recording time on behalf

of the learner okay that could be the

learner could be the cheetah really

depends on your delivery are who you put

that responsibility with but other than

that the system sort of calculates it

for you and so if we enter the total

contracted hours for this learners

entire program it's a two year program

at we two years worth of hours a

schooled in hold it is though and then

as time begins to be recorded we can

then see the length of the target off

the job hours that needs to be achieved

the actual off the job hours that learns

them so far and in turn an actual

percentage of course we're trying to get

up to the 20% mark not a hundred so of

course the livers is not too far off

he's only got about seven percent left

now this is also available in a wider

report as well so again depend on what

the inspector wants to see package once

prepare all of your learners off the job

information then there are reports

follow that okay so we pretty much again

we're gonna leave the observer side now

and so bothy courses that we just kind

of shoehorned him a little bit so as a

beginning everything we've seen so far

can be done from that observer account

so giving someone s it has to be

obstinate internal audits as well and

but you know if you do have an inspector

or someone and that

the least comfortable using the system

and you could always give them an

employer player access as you guys do

restricts that you say exactly what they

have access to in terms of learning

information when it portfolios so we're

going to leave my own server account

because we won't jump in and finish with

today as mine Center manage we're gonna

have a look at a couple of reports

because of course if you don't give them

access to an observer account you don't

want them necessarily accidents in your

one father they've they've said they

want the one to access it and they just

ask for certain information and it's

probably going to be your sensor

managers that gets to prepare this

information having access to the most

data with about system now there's lots

and lots of reports that we can focus on

here we really do have quite the

selection I think it's over 75 pre-built

reports in one file let alone the fact

that you can actually build your own and

save those as well and but it's just a

couple that we thought I'd point out

here again based off some of the

comments that perhaps we've seen in

Ofsted reports and we hear from you guys

okay so one of the reports and that was

mentioned quite a lot is the feedback

and comings necessarily from our success

managers and how valuable this

particular report is okay most what we

can do here it's winding these are date

parameters just a little bit you can

base they have a look at all the

feedback and comments from one user all

to the next and you can actually drill

down into different areas in the system

as well as it perhaps we want to have a

look at tutors and have a look at tutor

feedback to learners because at the end

of the day one of the things after that

we'll be looking out far is how's

constructive feedback to be given is the

areas to improve for the learners so

there's something to work off is there

enough information for them to

understand how old they can improve it

in the next time around okay so I'll

just ask the reports are bring back any

comments seen cuter Oh from kids or to

learners and we just lets our feedback

area now so let's have a look at a

assessment for example okay I don't

bring up all the feedback from the

Assessor to the learner

no straightaway I can see a bit of a

trend here on my sense of looking at

these comments and that is mr. John

Assessor my main cheater here doesn't

give the most constructive feedback

okay says it says great work is it

clearly um you know possibly enforcement

way to learn here but there's no like

says notice what's the feedback there's

nothing for the learn to improve here

and more or less erm actually Ofsted

will probably turn around and say two

words is not good enough for learner

feedback in today's day and age so you

know this report can be use in different

ways you don't have to have to look at

cheaters comments and perhaps we want to

look at implies comments to learners or

employees comments to cheaters now I

know I have anything on my sensor but

again if you do have an active employer

and you wanted to demonstrate lis

engagement even getting from your

employers within the system then this

could be another good report shown or if

I said it was more concerned that other

employees are logging on and they're

accessing the system and the play in

their part not necessarily the ones have

a look at the comments themselves then

again there's more reports we can show

ahead to sort of display that

information such as the activity log now

what's great with that to get along is

that most user groups get access to it

it depends on which user role you are

depends on what is it depends on what

data you have access to being in a sense

of management moment we can access to

everything so if we have a look at

employees for example just widen those

date parameters just a little bit and

submit so looking at almost a two year

period there but as we can see where I

look at the the two year period we can

see we've got our employers logging Liam

head it can also see them accessing

their learners portfolios which is great

it means that the monitoring it to some

degree I've got all the logins and log

outs here and each portfolio that he's

accessed and we could drill down further

or through this activity log as well if

you wanted to you can say okay we lack

search one to see how - early checking

the reviews how often that's been going

in and signing the reviews and consider

you know women to have their signature

and you can find out in the case in the

last two years of my Center I've never

had an employer this interview which

could be an area concern in terms of

employee engagement

okay guys now of course there's plenty

more reports a like so there's always 75

pre-built reports a good handful for

those about to be useful preparing for

your inspection well that is pretty much

everything we have to show today and the

no excuse quite a lot in today and like

I said this it's an open-ended question

really on how you guys could prepare for

after that and there is so many tools it

really depends on what your delivery

methods like now depends on what you've

set up and how you set it up on one file

and of course the questions and the

things that the inspector may actually

ask to look at okay so we'll have a look

at some questions at the moment see if I

can help any further and so if you

haven't already please do begin

preparing those for everyone else who's

not sticking around it's not a problem

thank you very much for attending this

afternoon I do hope it's been useful

maybe give you some ideas on how you can

prepare for an upcoming inspection hope

if you're not sticking out it's not a

problem I hope to see you on webinar in

the future and I hope you try the recipe

day I'll be back in just two ticks bye

bye for now

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