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Covered in this webinar:

  • Customising User Dashboards
  • Centre Announcements
  • Setting up IQA processes/actions
  • User Permissions
  • Consistency Rules
  • Custom Form Publish Options
  • Report Groups
  • Reports for Audit/Management
Webinar Transcript

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and

welcome to another sets of onboarding

training webinars here from one file my

name's Jake I'll be your presenter for

today here at one file I'm the

onboarding project specialist and so I

guess for those who are haven't been

introduced to the onboarding senior the

onboarding seems a new team has been put

together to really better equip our

users with the resources and knowledge

that they need to effectively use one

file because we've had these webinars

running now it seems to me I think it

was when we first started them earlier

in the year it's about a short break

we've had a chance to review all your

feedback and come back with some brand

new sessions up until Christmas okay so

before gets the jump in today's session

I would like to quickly show you guys

and the start sessions that we do have

running em for the next few weeks

okay so again it for those who haven't

been introduced the onboarding theme

that you may not seen this page are

either this is a brand new page for all

everything one file and onboarding

really and so you won't find it from the

website it's usually link that we send

out and so you would like to access it

please do take note of the URL at the

top info that want found that code at UK

slash on body but pretty much this page

is the central hub for all the resources

webinars guides that the onboarding team

might create okay so you'll find lots of

things in here

like the video written user guides but

we also find the webinars as well and

for those who are unaware we do record

these sessions in case we only have a

really good record one copy of each

session so to speak and we can find that

but for it nutriment two webinars here

let's see what sort of sessions we have

running for the remainder of the year

okay so we're still good kept hold of

the sense manager training at the

intermediate and advanced levels of

today we will be doing the advanced we

got a new reporting webinar we've now

got the full of selection really of

tutor training so all three levels of

foundation intermediate and advanced and

it comes to you features on products

some new ones to highlighter being IRPs

progress reviews and brand new teaching

and learning

session as well we've got our a QA

learners and employers still there and

then a brand new type of webinar for

advice and guidance

okay so likes of planning your

curriculum and what's prepare for audit

and compliance and how to prepare for

Ofsted okay so there's some brand new

sessions that are being run between now

and December of Christmas rather okay

but let's go back to today's session

which is the sense manager at that

advanced level okay so as you may notice

that screen a moment ago with the usual

sessions we try and break that down into

different difficulties kind of follow

and that kind of path so today is the

advance it's the highest level for sense

and managers and basically what we mean

by advanced is today we have a look a

lot of sets of tools or features which

may not necessarily every deliver okay

certainly don't necessarily need these

features to be set up to you know

offensively user system and but they

would greatly help and then what your

deliver is like and like I said some of

these a little bit more in-depth as our

functionalities and setup tools Before

we jump into today and I have a look at

what it is that would be going for

exactly some housekeeping to get out the

way first

okay so somewhere on your screen right

now that should be a go to panel a

couple features on this panel but one

that may interest you the most is

questions so if at any point throughout

today's sessions you do have any

questions comments or concerns then

please do feel free to pop it into the

questions box however it will be them as

the sessions which we have a look at

these okay so today's session will

probably run around 25 to 30 minutes and

then any time we have left at the end

there will be used to answer your


and finally we do have feedback surveys

as well so the end of today's session

whether you guys leave or whether I end

it from my side you will be presented

with a feedback survey I'm asking you

for your your feedback really on today's

session you greatly appreciate you can

take the time to complete that it

shouldn't take you more than 30 seconds

is all around five questions or so okay

Center manager at the advanced level why

is it we'll be covering today well

in this session we'll be looking at

customizing user dashboards I'll have a

look at setting up the likes of sensor

announcements setting up some bits for

the IQA that only the sensor manager can

do such as you processes in actions

we'll look at how we can hand

permissions over to other user roles

with user permissions we'll have a look

at setting consistency rules and what

effect they actually have across the

center will very quickly touch on custom

farms more so the publishing options

that we do have a more dedicated custom

farm session if you do want to know how

that farm bill that can actually help

you guys capture additional information

but we'll just looking at the publishing

side of things today

where can we actually put those farms

once you've created them and then just

before we end with some reports we'll

have a look at report groups basically a

custom filter which you guys can use ad

so then obviously have predefined

learners within one filter that might

not necessarily follow your class

provider placement grouping scenarios

okay so let me just double check and

make sure that everything's and okay on

this side before we jump in okay so

everything seems to be good let's go

ahead and jump into today's session okay

so let's get one file up here and just

quickly log out

okay so of course will be hosting today

from a sense manager's perspective let's

go ahead and jump into my sensor manager

okay so the first thing is dashboards

know you may already know this when you

first log in no matter which user you

are you aren't presented with a

dashboard one thing you've probably

noticed that at least heard about

through your other users is that these

dashboards aren't different depending on

what user role you are currently logged

in us

okay so learners get a really stripped

out version it just shows them their

progress and their tasks and their

calendar well it comes to tutors have

got a bit more useful information

because it then relates to all the

learners that they are currently working

with and then a QA they get a little bit

more information on the tutors as well

as that learners

and of course center managers at

laughter you guys get the full oversight

really of all the data that's going on

within your center so your dashboards

are actually looking at sense of wide

data ok opposed to your tutors feel just

looking at their own caseload you now

look at everything in these dashboards

so again for those who not to wear these

Dashwood's are interactive in the sense

of you can click into them to actually

find out where it's pulling this data

from and there's a lot of red it would

seem on my dashboard at the moment which

perhaps they're an area for concern but

if it's quickly jump into one of these

so completed completed visits last 30

days it looks like they've only been

seven face-to-face with no remotely

sessions and but if we want to know what

there was seven worth we can simply

click in and it'll take us to that


it's give some wider dev parameters

there we go okay so these dashboards

really useful for each use role from

staying on top of their workload you

know keeping their finger on the pulse

but sensor managers can actually

customize these dashboards okay it's

only you guys that can customize them

and when I say customize its per user or

group not for individual users okay so

if you had a tutor a asking if they can

see this this and this but due to be is

asking for something else

then that isn't possible okay we just

can customize it per user group okay so

we can decide what they're all the IQ AC

we can send what all the tutors see and

learn asleep okay so let's head over to

there now I'm gonna scroll down to

Center okay

you can access center through the

left-hand menu as well by the way okay

and this menu connects and thereby slits

in the burger icon at the very top okay

underneath the center second icon we

have dashboards okay so it's a sum of a

limited list it's not all the reports

available within our reporting suite but

as you can see this page it's just split

up into different sections for each user

role or user or group rather and then we

have little tick boxes next to the

individual report there of course we

ever wanted to change the subject of

ticket or on second and then it went for

happy you can click Save at the bottom

of page

here we can see split into sensor

management sensor monitor because those

two shared the same dashboard got your

IQ a got you tutor and training SS

equity and they share the same dashboard

and then you learn as well okay so

something really simple to sub be aware

of really but might be really useful for


okay currently they might have

everything switched on so when they log

in it's not quite as clear cut them

maybe too much going on and to actually

pinpoint any valuable information

okay so speak with your sensor manager

to speak with your tutors your IQ is you

know find out what best suits them or

what information you want them to see

when they first log in ok another really

useful feature which doesn't necessarily

have to be used but can be really really


it's entering announcements okay so you

may have noticed depending on how new

you are and how long you've been using

the system that one phone often sets

Center announcements for all our sensors

everyone that's using the system and

that's usually for things like updates

to let you know that lesbian okay you

have to make sure you're not logged in

at 5:00 a.m. on Thursday morning that

kind of thing well you can set a similar

kind of announcement but just for your


okay so let's head over to the

announcements page which once again is

just underneath the center section and

it's the first icon okay so we

and create a new one you can actually

have a bank of announcements though and

you can go back in and switch them on

off when to be displayed and will see us

we slept since to here we can actually

set dates so if you wanted to set it up

quite the automatic almost I said okay

so appear during this week but then you

don't turn it yourself off after that

week kind of thing okay so again if

you've been using the system for a while

this box may look familiar it's the same

as all the other text boxes and evidence

boxes that we used throughout the system

and you can see to begin with would be

in as title and summary so rather than

me typing up a long word as an

announcement that takes a path for

today's session I do actually have some

texts already on a Word document okay so

let's just go ahead and copy and paste

this into here I've got a really simple

post here just about a National

Apprenticeship week it's my example and

so perhaps we've got some events some

workshops that we're running during

National Apprenticeship week that I want

to let everyone of my Center know about

okay and as it is the sort of evidence

box that we sort of userupp throughout

the system and we can actually edit this

stuff as well as not the case of having

the blank text we can change the cause

if we wish to change the fonts change

the sizing and lots lots of options in

here okay and good formatting tools as

well okay so it's as simple as that


and once you're happy you'll notice

underneath this is where we can set the

start dates and end dates okay so let's

go ahead and say this can end a little

bit later today

perhaps a national friendship week we

once a trim and during the week and

perhaps a little bit before as well well

then secondly at the bottom you can see

we can actually select which user roles

see this page we can be found specific

here okay so you might have

announcements for your learners may be

useful not to end of year you want to

make sure that all the learners have you

know completed or setback any tasks

before the end of year comes along it

perhaps PDF through the sensory

announcement you can also vote through

messages as well there's obviously

plenty ways around most things as the

Roses with one file but since

announcements might be quite a good way

to do so so let's go ahead and select a

couple of user groups here you want to

select myself as well and sensor manager

okay again by way if we select learner

we can drill down further say okay only

particular classes maybe only particular

placements or even provide us this is to

learn as if we took wanted to learners

we want to get that it would just show

it to everyone else but if you have

selective learners you can drill down

even further

okay let's move ahead and create this is

that active yeah we've got a little

green tick it sounds like a quickly log

out jump back in as my sensor manager

because when I do like him I'm presented

with that sensor announcement okay so it

will present itself before your users

get to their usual homepage

okay on to IQ processes and actions okay

so this is something that center

managers will need to set up if your IQ

A's will be using the system okay and so

let's head over to the quality section

which if we just minimizing these

sections quality is one that you can

find it on your home page but once again

quality can be found in the left hand

menu okay

you can say we've got a QA assessment

actions and a QA processes so they'll be

nothing in this page as a default okay

but when it comes to the at least the

i-clay actions here's a bunch that we

already have as an example in my Center

so of course when your IQ A's are

signing gosta likes of units completed

units units summaries things like that

they get a little drop-down box which

says yep

accept or no we jet send back to cheats

of that kind of thing okay so that's the

only real parameter that you have as a

default was in the system say yeah the

IQ agrees I know the IQ eight disagrees

so what we mean by IQ actions is all

those other things that I created on

such as the Cheetahs judgments that

users feedback the tutors planning

there's all these kind of things if

these other remarks that your IQ age may

want to make of course I've got a

comment section where they can write

this but you can actually report on the

lengths of these IQ actions and so speak

to IQs van Gogh and you know what

actions best suit them and what they be

using what they traditionally use if you

was on a different system where were you

coming from a paper and paper solution

okay so but this is what the kind of

things and that we would mean by IQ

actions ok insufficient feedback things

like that there's no default field in

the system and to sort of mark that

unless you create them in here first for

your IQ err actions and when it comes to

crates and them cuz as I said it's only

sentiment is that can do so it's just

case of creating now give an a an

abbreviation okay and then give it a

full description and then save on the

other right-hand side

come back

quality several jumped straight into IQ

processes very similar however what we

mean by processes and of course when

you're a QA czar sampling and they'll be

looking at certain methods and say okay

I want to have a look it's in case that

is and I have look at some observations

fashion discussions and observe them

projects absolutely anything but the

amount would be the methods as such they

might say okay I also want to have a

look at the planning for after job okay

I want to have a look at a couple of

learner interviews I want to make sure

this with quality observations being

done by the tutors and reviews of

progress again some examples already

exist on my Center and but I believe

that yours will be blank if so if you

are just setting up okay so processes

think about what your IQ areas will be

looking at when sampling and actions IQ

actions is think about what your IQ A's

want to sort of pass judgment on when it

comes to signing units off okay so

jumping back to the home page next place

for them to visit me just expand all

these against we've got nice

called the full homepage so the next

thing we're gonna visit is permissions

okay so if we were head over to Center I

think those group permissions yes it is

yeah we can see the little little models

and a little key so group permissions as

you guys have been using one file you've

probably clocked son is only certain

things that certain user rules can do

okay so sensor managers as a default are

the only ones who can create new user

counts okay when it comes to group

permissions there are some things which

you can hand mission down to or the user

roles okay so as sentiment is again in

something you guys I can set these

permissions and we have a list of all

the user roles in here ever if we go to

tutors for our example we then have a

full list of all the different

permissions which we can actually change

on behalf of the tutors

I would advise that everyone all sense

managers kind of have a look at these

permissions and there may be some

permissions that you really want switch

now because it suits your delivery suits

your way of working your sensors FS

whatever it may be

but a few things that will highlight on

this cheater side okay so that likes of

permissions in regards to learners can

manage to learner account

what I mean by manage loan accounts is

the lights of creating them

okay creates an incessant passwords you

know setting up emails creating accounts

themselves that kind of thing okay and

then on the right-hand side we have two

columns the effective system setting so

that's the default setting what's it

currently set up it's set to denied and

then you've got the group settings this

way you can actually change it we've got

a three options in here you can see the

majority they're set to inherit inherit

basically means that any new tutors will

inherit the default system setting okay

so any new truths that I create from

here they will inherit the default deny

setting so they cannot manage letter

accounts you not to change that to grant

which of course means any tutors that

are made from here onwards will be

granted the permissions to create loaner

accounts and then deny for of course the

ones that we've got the opposite way

around a little money flowing accounts

may be a good one it all answer depends

on how your sense of functions at the

moment off the job allows cheaters to

set the contracted hours within the

system otherwise it would be getting

your Center managers I have to sort of

manage that area with the learners and

another really useful one is VLE at the

very bottom here it's a 1 files course

builder if you've got one files Learning

Cup okay so as a default it's only

center managers that can create those

interactive courses and you may want

your tutors to actually have that

permission so they can create courses

themselves okay there's lots and lots of

permissions in here for all the

different user roles across the system I

would recommend having a quick look

yourself to see if is you know any that

suit your delivery more than others

ok can

this new rules is come up naturally once

again sweet today haven't we okay so

once again we head over to quality' to

scroll down my homepage again we come

across consistency rules so what do you

mean by consistency rules I've kind of

come across a few terminologies for this

with throughout my time here at one file

and so basically by consistency mean

within your deliver you may have a

requirement where learners may have to

upload two pieces of work for one piece

of criteria but if to make it relatable

to for like server apprenticeship

standards your knowledge skills and

behaviors if a learner has demonstrated

a particular behavior on one occasion is

that enough for you to mark them and say

yes they are they understand why they

need to demonstrate their behavior or

not we found at least with the sensors

that are using our system

laxmi asking learners to upload a couple

of pieces of evidence when it comes to

behaviour demonstrating that behavior on

multiple occasions therefore showing the

understanding that they have of that

behavior so consistency rules is where

you can write those requirements into

your actual delivery now there's many

ways the finer and finer ways now we can

actually set these rules and put them

into place the way this kind of page

works it's at the very top this sense

the consistency and that is just a

blanket rule okay so if we change

anything understand for consistency

it'll change it for every single learner

that ever will or has been on our Center

and thence that's a drill down a little

bit more detail

okay so Center learning game so now

anyone who's on a particular learning

game these rules will apply and you

actually pick out your learning game you

can see I've only got a couple of

examples in here and then it keeps going

down in a similar fashion so learning

game unit learning game unit rule group

so basically per criteria and then it

changes to class consistent set class

learning game class learning game units

it follows that similar that similar

format our way down is twelve different

ways we can add the consistency rules on

okay so to give you guys a really quick

example I'm gonna head over to about if

I wanted to change it I wasn't going to

but if it's quickly a hit edit on the

center one here you've got criteria

range knowledge and skill now for the

most part your criteria even your

standards when you've got knowledge

skills and behaviors will be built

underneath performance criteria okay

it's just the way we build it

in the background so to speak in it so

you guys can see being able to upload

evidence to that so if we wanted our

learners to cover criterias twice then

we can sell that to two you can also

define the methods as well you can

actually say okay it's gonna be two

different methods or two specified

methods and you get all the methods for

your Center okay but time can give you

guys a bit of context about what isn't

talked about if we go ahead and jump

into one of my learners hair hair which

which learners the best Michael Jacobs

Darius yes let's go ahead just quickly

jump to this Janet's portfolio I'm

quickly going to jump through this

learners gap analysis for you okay so

underneath progress we have gap analysis

okay so again for those who've never

seen this page before either gap

analysis is it's a full breakdown of the

learners apprenticeship okay what we

mean by full breakdown it actually

displays and breaks down each learning

game into its units outcomes and

individual criteria okay so we're

looking at lis customer service

practitioner apprenticeship standard on

this Gentz gap analysis look at the

knowledge unit and we can see criterias

that were somewhat familiar with here

it's on the right hand side we have the

most valuable information we have a

progress column which is currently full

of green boxes and we have a support and

evidence column the progress boxes is

the rule itself as you can see it's on

these step in sets of one there's only

one box there meaning that learners only

have to upload one piece of evidence

they have in fact uploaded five by looks

of it that's what these little blue

boxes are under supporting evidence his

pieces of works which the tutors marked

off and maps while this criteria another

thing to mention as well as we scroll

through you'll see the colors about

progress box change it basically changes

on whether a learner has completely yes

or no

a green congestive learner has completed

now i'm gonna very quickly minimize some

of these units lesson different colors

okay but i wanted to go down to i think

it's his own program learning here we

are we can see we've got more than one

green box we have three okay is because

the consistency rule has been set on

this particular unit is asking when is

to upload three pieces of evidence so

that's why we have three green boxes oh

the green because he's uploaded them we

can see that through the support and

evidence there's at least three pieces

of work in that column isn't there okay

so this is what consistency rules

actually does you know it's puts in that

requirement that learners have to cover

things on multiple occasions okay just a

few more things i'd like to touch on

hopefully will squeeze me yeah we should

do okay so the forms so farms within one

file it's basically a really cool

feature to allow you guys to capture

additional information that one file

might not capture as a default okay so

under the center if it's been switched

on it should do everyone should have

access to farms it's certainly not an

add-on it's imaginary a case of flicking

the switch your details page but let's

jump into forms here okay so we can take

this to the farm library for my center

so i've got lots and lots of farms lots

of test farms the things i have been

building and just absolutely all sorts

okay and the top is where you can create

new forms now we won't be creating a new

today and we do like i said it at the

start we gather more dedicated personal

farm session where we actually go

through building a farm together so you

guys can actually a bit more used to you

know how that anything in building

function actually works so what I wanted

to show today is the different ways we

can publish a form to make the most use

out of it and make it most effective

within one file okay so I'm gonna have a

look for particular farm actually

hopefully I find it quite quickly is it

this one


it doesn't help that I have so many

farms all named the same thing

definitely the cleanup so Matt let's

guys have completely lost my bearings it

would seem ok nothing quite matters what

although is continue with this one I

guess this is the edit page so already

got a couple of fields in here and so

I've been defined already like so

everyone we playing around with editing

or building one today

let's go ahead into the preview farm

just so you guys know what this farm

will look like to the users on the

center ok so it looks like a additional

questions to be added to a progressive

view and got like to learn a details

here standard that is working towards

the ends and start times

ok so many achievements got an area for

learner inflection suddenly of strengths

and areas for development health and

safety quality diverse step and a few

other things there as well

it's a lots of detail on this particular

fall syndrome at the Edit Page

once we've published it once we finished

with it these are various things we can

do with it within one file if I just led

to the publish option then it's taking

us to the publish screen each one of

these rows is a different area where we

can post this farm okay so basically

asking ourselves where do we want this

farm to sit within one file we could

have it as a new learner tap for the

likes of sensor managers okay so one

thing to remember here is the locations

on the left hand side the user in the

brackets is the user that most then

fileted okay so we could have it in the

learner portfolio to be complete by the

learner or on the learning portfolio

completes by employer or tutor or even

sensor manager I'll learn a tutor okay

so that you learn a slash cheater and

something that slash is quite displaying

now so that means either learner or

tutor can complete that Dickinson's

across as many occasions where tutors my

actually completing a farm with a

learner we can use it to add this farm

to teach and learning plans or we

connected to a learner review page

against we filming by cheetahs learners

and players other than this farm can be

used as a tutor observation farm or

learner into farm for your IQ A's I

could have as a learner template which

is great for doing things like SATs it

learner satisfaction surveys okay so

there's all these different options

where you can actually then publish a

farm and once it's just sitting on the

loans portfolio for the tutor and loans

complete okay uh have you added

additional fields that you then want to

add to the existing review page okay

there's definitely many ways we can use

these farms and the way how you guys can

capitalize them on them and what a great

benefit about these farms after the fact

that they've been published and been

completed and filled in by different

users is that you can still report on

that data even though it's completely

bespoke you've named the field you

create the farm and you've decided where

it goes you can still report on that

information again please do jump on to

that air custom farms webinar to have a

look at how to build and how to report

okay notice we've hit that half an hour

mark so let's quickly just get through

this very last feature and thank you

very much for sticking with me guys and

we'll have a look at some of your

questions at the end okay so the last

thing we wanted to have a look at today

was report groups okay so the underneath

Center once again it's one of the last

icons we have report groups so when we

talk about report groups rather when we

have a look at a report within the

system you may have played around them

with them before and but basically you

have lots of filters at the top and

these filters are groupings and

different labels that you use throughout

one file anyway things like class you

can usually drill down it by and burn a

class okay you can use the drill down by


you could also usually drill down by

your placements and providers as well

now let's give me a scenario let's say

we have quite a large contract with a

huge employer let's say Coca Cola okay

and with that contract with Coca Cola we

train up say hundreds hundreds of their

staff trained 100 of their staff and all

doing different things some might be

doing media some might be doing business

admin somebody didn't cost my service


we're delivering several subjects as

well my point is here if you have lots

and lots of learners from a large

employer and I've been working towards

different subjects being taught by

different cheetahs and everything in


then they may be spread across different

classes it may be spread across

different placements different providers

and maybe have different cheetahs so how

would you be able to afford on all your

coca-cola learners if coca-cola asked

for a reports we made it be through lots

of different separate ones wouldn't it

and then you'd have to explore that

report out of the system so what a

report group does is basically you can

predefine some of those filters and then

just use that one filter when it comes

to report so let's go ahead and make a

new one before we close up for today

okay so color report group let's say

we've got like said learners wickets

one's business admin and media has some

ICT as well

okay the RX is spread across different

placements cuz they're from different

coca-cola locations if you likes this

grab which placements are relevant and

then are they all taught by the same

shooter as it spread across different

ones go ahead and select those tutors so

now we already predefined in that a

filter set say okay any learners that

are any of these classes any of these

placements and sort by these tutors can

be displayed in the report so if we save

that you ain't got the coca-cola report

group and very quickly if we jump to the

reporter suite and jump into any of the

reports here you'll find that report

group is well well it's very some kind

of mind set so the rates up here we have

the progress report where you do have

the usual by class placement our

provider filters we may notice we always

have report group as well and you've

probably wondered what is that useful

okay so I can now just look at coca-cola

learners because they're spread across

various different groupings across one

file okay actually created a possible

group therefore my Center

X nicely have any learners across those

okay guys that has been today's sensor

manager advanced session we just about

got through everything and we did run

over by a couple of minutes now which I

apologize what's thanks very much

sticking around let's get this slide

back up I will be back in just two ticks

we'll have a look at your questions

there so if you're not sticking around

thank you very much for attending I do

hope you found it useful today

there's at least a few things you can go

back with to your Center now and have a

play around with it for everyone else

and back just two ticks

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