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Covered in this webinar:

  • Introduction to Curriculum of Intent
  • OneFile Explore
  • How to build a detailed plan
  • Example scheme of work on OneFile
Webinar Transcript

morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome

to another sets of onboarding training

webinars here from one file my name is

Jake I'll be your presenter for today

I'm actually the onboarding project

specialist here at one file so I guess

for those who've yet to be introduced to

the new onboarding team we've recently

put together to better equip our users

with the knowledge and resources that

they need to effectively use one file so

since our inception since around April

May we've been busy creating brand new

user guides bills written and video have

been caught up with news of ways to get

better resources over to you guys and

another thing that I've been doing is

running these live training sessions

we've recently taken a break from these

sessions however just to gather our

thoughts have a look at what was already

sort of delivering and then have a look

at the feedback that you guys have been

sharing this well so with that and with

that short break that we had we've

actually written some new webinars to be

run between now and Christmas so I

thought we'd have a quick look I have

those new sessions that were running and

again if you've yet to be introduced to

the onboarding team here at one file you

probably haven't seen this page yet


and so this page is actually attached

through our website it's usually a link

that we've been sending out just in case

anyone does want to visit this page

later on we'll drop that into the chat

ok but pretty much everything that the

onboarding team has been doing has been

going on to this page somewhere or

another so there's just few things that

I want to point out that's mainly the

webinars that we have running between

now and Christmas which will find in the

book webinar training okay so we're

still gonna make our sensormanager

sessions both intermediate and advanced

you still have a session if that focuses

solely on reporting within our system

for tutors we now have the full range of

sessions that we originally planned the

foundation intermediate and advanced for

features and products new ones to point

out here we'll probably individual

learning plans progress reviews and

creating teaching and learning plans and

then I'll still have the sessions for

the other user such as your anyways


as employees and observers and finally a

brand new type of webinar one which we

are delivering this morning for advice

and guidance okay so for that we've got

the legs are planning your Griffon with

intent within one file what's prepare

for order in compliance and how to

prepare for Ofsted inspections

okay so please do have a look at this

page lots of webinars running between

now and Christmas and we would love to

see as many people but song as possible

okay but today we'll have a look at a

curriculum of intent or rather the

planning aspect in in terms of one file

where how can one file help prove your

planning how can it help you clamp and

of course you know how is it then

actually benefit your delivery and in

the long run before we actually jump

into that however there is some

housekeeping to get away first so

somewhere on your screen right now that

should be a GoToWebinar panel usually

and good right few features on this

panel but one that mean you may be

interested in the most is questions so

for any point throughout today's session

you do have any questions comments or

concerns then please do feel free to pop

them into the questions box however it

will be them the sessions which we have

a look at those as for today's session

it'll probably run for around 20 to 25

minutes and then any time left at the

end there will be used to answer your

questions and then finally we have

feedback surveys so at the end of

today's session whether you guys leave

or whether I earn it from my side there

should be a feedback survey that appears

in your usual internet browser we'd

greatly appreciate you could say that

sounds completely survey it's only

around five multiple choice questions

longer so jump a month 30 seconds but it

does help us gauge at how you guys are

found in the sessions so far let me just

double check to make sure everything's

working okay from this side and we'll go

ahead and jump in


okay so Ethan seems to work it at least

now I'm started

double-check something there but we've

seem to be good so quick move in some

planning in one vial during this session

we will look to sort of cover an

introduction to Krypton's rules I'll

give a brief description of what we

understand with leaders of crystalline

to be well mentioning explore articles

there's lots of useful information

hidden away in those explore article so

we'll try and highlight a few of those

so you guys will then have a look at

building that detailed plan within the

system this is the best way we've found

sort of have a scheme of work that you'd

have from a curriculum as I have planned

displayed and delivered through one file

so we'll have a good good look at that

example and we won't rebuilding in terms

of adding each staff today but we'll

we've already got makes really big

example of southern Ottoman BIM being

built and so kind of talk through that

and why we think certain things need to

be in this plans are really in capture

all your scheming work in your

curriculums that you guys have built so

you give me it's probably a little word

on trick terms themselves okay so what

is a curriculum yeah well as far as we

know and all the events that we attend

and Asli we speak to a lot of you guys

and sensors themselves they either have

already been living standard since the

get-go of or just start to move on some

been through several inspections we do

hear lots of information so we've

tracked a soft boil it down into a

single description if you like so the

curriculum is the overall description of

the objectives and the way the

objectives are achieved this means

specifying the lengths of your course

content within your program you're

learning games and your outcomes along

with the knowledge and skills needed to

be covered and that what level the whole

idea of planning curriculum is to

understand the intent of your delivery

what is your promise to the learners

what are you aiming to achieve don't

forget the standard is to actually train

a learner to a point where they

considered competent in a specific role

or profession so to put that in I guess

traditional terms a learner has passed

their program one other when they are

considered competent in a particular

role as assessed by the EPA EPA or

important assessment or EPA oh and point

assessment organizations do the final

check for the competence at the end of

the loan program so one of the things

that we've noticed a lot of our senses

when yeah have been building to creating

around a standard

one of this other tips that we've sort

of picked up from what they've spoke

about his own so I'm working closely

with the employers but not only that

it's to work backwards in a way okay so

I'll read that what we've got here is

some comment from one of our sensors as

well so when planning your critten and

writing and one of the first things

you're likely to arrange it when

delivering is choosing that EPA to cover

your learning games we found it's been

quite effective once you've chosen your

EPA to look at what it is that they'll

be looking for and what it is that

they're we're marking and then work

backwards from there okay so when you

guys sleep with me again and go ahead

and arrange an EPA for your chosen

standards and your sort of programs that

you're delivering DPS will have a clear

outline of what it is that they'll be

assessing at the end of the program so

if you know what it is that you know

that's going to be assessed then you can

kind of plan backwards from there and

build your curriculum around that you

want to look at your standard and aim to

break these down or decode them as we've

heard her Ofsted saying a lot when you'd

like Odin you're looking at what kind of

activities then you can deliver to help

achieve or cover those knowledge skills

or behaviors once you have an idea of

the sort of activities that you can

cover the knowledge skills and behaviors

it's a good idea to them sit they plan

the curriculum with the employer

themselves planning the curriculum with

employee is a great way to get the

employee engaged from the very start and

heartfully remain engaged as they depart

and decide in what it is that they're in

play or learners that were to be working

towards for example if you deliver in a

business admin you could create a

program to cover everything within the

assessment plan and the ksps however the

employer wanted that particular employee

the upskilled towards a receptionist

role planning with the employer will

allow you to build a curriculum and that

leans more towards that particular role

which is the benefits the employer the

almost like to be unique to your deliver

and the employees requirements anyway

okay but one found still trance compiled

and lots of this information either

stuff that we've been reading in the

industry stuff that we've came across in

events from offset themselves or of

course algorithms of a customer and user

base okay so if still try to compile a

lot of this information and a lot of

this what we have done we have actually

written about as well on our website so

push that over to our website for the

moment sweet guys may be aware that this

section exists that others may not but

we actually do what of article pieces

and sort of written world pieces about

the industry and about certain changes

and things that going on sometimes this

sets a specific another time there's

just other training and education

specific and this the explore page on

one files website okay so these are base

that all articles written by marketing

using first-hand information it like

side either gathered from events or

things that we've read in the web news

threads and of course what we hear from

our own user base okay so the split into

four different categories within

apprenticeships you'll find the lots of

articles in here to do with curriculums

okay I'll just highlight just a few them

I think there's a couple on this first

page to begin with oh this one right

there okay so go now to learn how to

invent your apprenticeship curriculum

and another for what is a project

written in tenon how do i implement that

okay so for in terms of acting brighton

and building your own curriculum we

would self guide you towards perhaps

these as supposed to begin with and of

course is plenty more resources

available elsewhere we certainly not

going to be telling you guys how to

write your own curriculum and we feel

like you guys are probably more the

experts in that area but one thing we

are experts on it's one file and that's

our own system so knowing all this and

let's say we have a map written built

what we then learn how to display that

how do you plan that how do we actually

believe ur that equip them over to those

learners well that's where we can come

in and help sort of with an example of a

plan that we have built in one file

okay so I'm not actually in house any

particular user role um and I think I'm

still in as my admin role just one of

our practice centers and but what were

actually gonna show today is a teachable

learning plan where within this plan

we've details of the first ten weeks of

a learner's program a scheme of work if

you like so this just for a bit of

context this plan has been based around

the cost of service practitioner

standard okay and I think the I'm not

too sure where the curriculum from came

from it sounds I'm not sure if it's in

our success managers of words um because

those guys have put this together and

shared the information with me and what

this is just a snippet of that it's just

a scheme of work focused on that first

ten weeks okay so we used lots of

different features throughout one file

at least signpost different features

within this plan to really embrace and

then take advantage of the different

functions that we have when it comes to

delivering the standards okay so we can

see likes of activities and assessments

probably being used in different ways

and let you then you may not have

thought of I'm not used yourself before

and sort of in capturing those first ten

weeks okay so let's have a look okay so

first of all the name of the template

itself especially if you are delivering

and you have written a Chrisman like

this it would also be good to build your

plans within a template it's of course

if you get a new cohort of learners

either late in the year or next year

whenever you take in your new takes you

have this scheme of work ready should

have all your schema works all in

curriculum Rd so I've climbed out within

the system especially if you don't with

templates and first you have and use

templates before the great thing about

them is that even if your program does

changed you can always go into your

template make those little changes and

still you know this will be much less

work than it would be if you to write

your plans all over again

we've also named this plan as well as

giving quite a lot of detail in the

naming conventions ammos recommended

within our system if it's just an

activity or an assessment or if it is

something like a plan template that list

always you know title your plans with

detailed as possible okay so for this

scientist myself is practitioner de

Paume diploma route was on my guests and

they'll be a diploma delivered with this

particular standard scheme of work weeks

or one to ten version said yes I knew I

have different versions depending on

different requirements with different

employers and so on okay so the first

task we have have in here is an activity

okay but the instructions themself

actually gives more detail about what

this task is so this first task in the

self-assessment activity set the

starting point of the learners program

and they got to be using the scorecard

in case of those but have not heard of

the scorecard or one files only and on

that we offer is the learning curve in

the learning curve it has been designed

specifically with the pension standards

in mind includes three new features one

of those being an interactive course

builder another being the learning

journal or dedicates di for loans to cut

off the job and then the earnest

scorecard will skin its learners can

score themselves against the launch

skills and pages or the curriculum

itself and they can rate themselves in

regards to their own confidence so we

want the let me use that scorecard as a

starting point now okay they've got base

level of the learners knowledge and

understanding of the program to begin


okay so we're to get in just given to

learners from really clear instructions

here please access your skirt scorecard

which can be found on the homepage and

begins the self assess your current

knowledge skills and behaviors it is

important that the answer the rates and

again just giving more contacts to

learners just in case it isn't clear

enough for them okay it spot - and your

answer truly reflects your current level

of understanding so on so on so of

course just explaining what we mean by

that first skill SoundScan that first

our self-assessment once we've got that

baseline and we'll something crota

learners to complete these scorecards

and quite often probably each time we do

a progress review with them each time

you probably maybe set a new plan maybe

set down with the employers advice can

see that score account so we can

hopefully see their confidence grow in

each of those knowledge skills and

behaviors throughout their program move

on to the next task now this is a the

first learning activity so if name is

linen activity number one customers who

are they ok so again this will be an

activity but we also have

you can see that's been attached to this

actual task itself doesn't some owners

will only work on the worksheet yourself

and then we upload that and into there

that's into your assessment again

leaving really clear instructions for

the learner there so action and so let

me know what it is that they need to do

please complete the course is the

chrismas who are they and a please click

on your course icon

course overview so it's the increase

your knowledge to letting them know

exactly what they'll be achieving by

completing its course I get an important

information we saw that on the last one

as well I can just really clear

instructions that's what it's all about

with the plans and that's the sort of

thing that Ofsted will be looking for

the end of the day and the learners

clear on what each activity consists of

did you know what they need to do what

it is that they'll learn by the end of

it and of course any important

information that you need to know sort

of keep the ball rolling in terms of the

important information here on completion

of the course please complete the

following actions and complete a journal

entry and reflect on what you have

learned possibly upload any supporting

evidence remember to record at a key

entry confirming the time spent learning

allocation time for this limited is

approximately 180 minutes again just

crystal clear for the learners and they

know exactly what this task is

consistent of what they need to do after

the task which will then obviously take

them on to the next one so we got the

first the development activity here okay

a lot of these have been recorded as

activities by the way as well we'd like

to take the learners to the living

journal area for those who didn't know

we've got two times at Timothy insisting

your activity and assessment assessment

will take them to the assessment page

with all them be maps two criteria those

activity will take them to the learning

journal where it coming up with criteria

but it doesn't add progress I'll get to

the first development activity here

recognizing different types of customers

during your day today you're working

activities so the action is to keep a

journal and look across five consecutive

working days and record how you have

words with different types of customers

within your organization okay so again

there's clear instructions of what it is

that they need to solve well observe

what are the Sask is actually one of

them important again please remember to

record a timesheet entry record because

of course if any of these are tasks had

been done I've completed off the job

then the system will actually


calculator as long as cheaters all

learners are actually recording the

correct time spent okay in terms needing

working out the actual percentage one

file will automatically build up for you

as long as you set up the off the jump

function but as long as obviously people

actually recording time correctly again

allocation time fairly slim activity is

approximately five hundred and fifty

minutes moving on to the first

assessment of learning here please

answer the listed questions and to

demonstrate your depth of knowledge and

understanding within the identified

criteria so this being set up as a an

assessment it's been mapped on ready to

the criteria okay

certainly you've got a separate method

here set up as on depended knowledge

it's to be started by the learner and

they've got per criteria in terms of map

in evidence that basically means that

they'll be given an evidence pot for

each of the criteria listed in this task

okay so looks like this is going to act

as a mock assessment and predictive

grade it will be given at the end so

another thing that was seen especially

with the new standards with our sensors

is people are still using the gradient

function within our system but of course

they can't outright say that this

learners working at pasture working at

Romaric when it comes with the standards

and so this side it's calling working

towards past working towards merit now

Ken we've seen that to me quite

effective for those sensors are using

that that gradient function for those

kind of grades and the imagine that

something that will be used with this

activity as well a predictive grader in

what grade will be given so the learner

can at least know that they're currently

working towards and merit of course that

actual assessment that grade won't be

given until EPA at the end of the

program this we got another mini mark

here a minute mark overall graded

assessment it's just consolidation of

all farmers and assessments so far

Perez's confirm the overall predictive

grade again we have instructions here

we've got the criteria Matt it's going

to be a profession discussion to be

started by the tutor still providing the

evidence to begin with we then get into

some more I guess process related things

that you wouldn't necessarily think of

using a plan for within one file output

is really still a good tool to use such

as you progress of use this we've now

moved on to this of the first progress

review within this off scheme of work

it's a review of progression within the

journey to the Gateway learning phase

one samargan discussion to evaluate the

current level of skills and agree

stretch and challenge assessments I've

seen information relate to staff

development from the employer so this

has been recorded as an activity now of

course the progress of you within one

file is a different functions at

different page it depends on whether you

guys choose to use that or not now this

plan doesn't exclude that it's just

detailing the fact that that is a stay

step within this scheme of work ok so

actually set an activity for the tutor

and now the tutor will go to the

learners learning journal they can

different cause that a progressive yawn

was done on this particular date whereas

the progress review itself would

probably still be done within the

progress review function and back thing

the learners portfolium the whole idea

is that you're just detailing your

entire plan for your delivery for your

curriculum with we're within a plan

template like this something else that

we've seen being used more often it's

including the employers in the actual

plan themselves so again for those who

are unaware employees can have a an

account with in one file they can have

an account on your Center and they can

just be given access to their employees

you know learners at your side

delivering through from the employer ok

so they can always have that sort of

monitoring account if you like but it

can also be quite interactive as well

they can countersign plans they can

count the sound progress we use they can

give their own feedback they can fill in

the forms they can get much more

involved with the Lim's program even in

one file not just as off in the

workplace as well so what we've done

here is sent an activity to the employer

then the employees are just called

managers supervisors on this particular

Center but the reason we've set an

activity is to remind them about the

progress reviews please ensure that you

attend the agreed review meeting as your

abscissa patient is crucial okay so it's

again it's another way of keeping the

employees engaged it's included them in

plan send them activities themselves now

of course this is taking and this is

taking it from a stance of our employer

here uses one file ok yours may opt not

to use one file or you may insist that

they try and use one family knows it's

completely up to you guys of what you

guys agree with the employer so we are

taking example here that our employees

are using one file ok so they would

actually see this activity pop up and

but it's great little tool perhaps to

set this to be sent to the employers

themselves so they will receive fast and

it would be a case of reminders there's

nothing for them to actually do in terms

of all other than rather than signing

leaving feedback monitoring and but just

use an activity tab there it's just a

set reminders for the tutor you know for

the employers rather apologies please

ensure that you attend the agreed review

meeting and then finally after those

sets out just follow doing the review

sitting down with the employers it's

time to do the scorecard at once again

at this time with your manager with the

employer you know again it's a great way

to get employees involved you know get

them to sit down with you and learners

and perhaps complete the score counts

with them because they'll obviously have

a good and I got absolutely perspective

of how the loan has been working and

during the work time and not just

obviously the study time as well and so

this last task here which were

imaginably completed week ten that's

this curriculum meets the max if it's a

one-to-one scorecard meeting with your

manager please ensure that the

one-to-one meeting is arranged with your

managers to discuss your complete this

work I've prior to your planned review

meeting with your tutor okay so it looks

like in this instance they will sit down

the lens will sit down with employers go

through that scorecard again from the

second time and before they complete the

review meeting with the tutors then of

course they can be discussed further and

get important information just leave it

clear instructions to keep that ball

rolling please send a message to your

tutor confirming that the action has

been completed chief design can actually

respond and that can keep moving as

planned at rather than had become a bit

of stalemate because the loans completed

it's not inform the tutor and then the

tutor then obviously wait until it gets

around to that next sort of planning

activity the next scheme of work still

got the attachments area as you would

with a plan template you can add an

additional fields using custom farms

cause the feedback in comments this is

actually no tip something we've always

tried to recommend to our users is that

when it comes to the feedback and

comments you've seen that we can edit or

try to keep lots of word functionality

and formatting tools within our text

boxes so color code your feedback they

can use that traffic light system that

we use throughout the system anyway and

your greens Amber's red to sort of

highlight areas of progress perhaps you

want to highlight areas of improvement

in amber and things that have not gone

to - well in red okay or maybe once you

choose the colors to highlight certain

areas again maybe you wanted to do that

and it's a sort of a highlight the time

sheets are up today and things like that

any issues arise and please message me

if I have one file if you have any

questions again just give that clear

point of contacts to your learner's if

there's anything that you don't

understand about this plan please do

message your tutors and your message me

your tutor if you've got any questions

again it's encouraging learners to use

each of the functions available to them

then one file of course if you have

happy to accept and already use them

within your delivery but the planet

itself it's all about detailing your

Griffin detailing there's that thing

that says to learners make sure the

learners understand what it is what the

mean that stuff what the activity

includes what they need to do afterwards

okay new understanding the actual

behaviors the skills that they're

obtaining by completing that particular

task and hopefully that's something that

you guys would have detailed within your

curriculum with employees in the first

place this is just of course an example

of how a potential scheme work could be

planned using one file and as we've got

through though not all they've infused

activities and assessments what we've

signpost other functions as well we want

you to use the scorecard for the

apprenticeship delivery at the moment we

don't have that ability to pull in a

scorecard as a natural activity we can

still be mentioned with an activity so

to speak

still be signpost that you can still

give links and direct learns where they

need to go in terms of actually putting

all this together in case you haven't

needed to do this on multiple occasions

create different versions of this plan

and when it comes to the assessments of

course they can be saved in assessments

plates so you can always just pull them

tea plans as and when needed and but at

the moment activities cannot be saved as

template so if you were to create this

plan again it mean typing up these

activity tasks once again is something

we are currently looking at we're

looking at to getting activities

templates as well okay to make it much

easier when it comes to planning but for

the time being what we've recommended

our customers doing is if you're

planning to do something like this have

all these activity tasks times out in a

Word document

save that word document in your resource

area so when it comes to actually

building a plan you can just open up

that document as such and you can still

copy and paste it's not a case of having

to type up these activities each and

every time okay guys I think that's

pretty much it that we had sort of plans

to talk about today in terms of planning

your curriculum in one found is it's not

one because of course we don't deliver

ourselves we don't it's on you guys how

to plan your curriculums or such a write

them as specifically but of course we do

know one file so we want some advice the

best ways how you guys can go about

having those detailed plans having these

of the scheme of works detailed

correctly within our system and

hopefully you know you you guys will be

also relay that back to Ofsted your

employers any sort of internal audits or

the direct meetings that you have you

can show that the portfolio that you

chosen of course the right path guys to

go down

okay so I'll do my best let some

questions in a moment if you want to

begin typing those up if you haven't

already for everyone else who isn't

sticking around for those thank you very

much for attending this moment I do hope

has been useful hopefully has been some

things to think about there some things

that you perhaps haven't thought about

in terms of like using the plan for and

you know making activities and reminders

for your employees and for an example

okay but if you don't thank very much

for attending I do hope to see you on

more webinars in the future I hope you

enjoy it for su week for everyone else

I'll be back in just a couple of ticks

bye bye for now

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