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Covered in this webinar:

  • Activating Dashboards
  • Progress Reports
  • Centre Reports
  • Assessor Caseload Reports
  • Learner Reports
Webinar Transcript

good morning ladies and gentlemen and

welcome to another onboarding webinar

here at one file my name is Becky and

I'm an onboarding success manager here

on file so today's webinar we're going

to be running through reporting on the

one file system before we just jump in

to see what we're going to be covering

today let's just go through some

housekeeping so somewhere on your screen

right now you should be able to see a

GoToWebinar panel and on that panel

you've got a questions and a chat

feature so if at any point throughout

today's session you've got any questions

any comments or concerns please feel

free to just pop them in those boxes we

will go through any questions at the end

of the session so as I mentioned today's

webinar is reporting with one file so

let's just have a look what we're going

to be covering today so we're going to

be having a look at activating the

dashboards I'm going to look at the

progress report we're going to look at a

few reports under the center section

we're going to have a look at the

Assessor caseload report and then find

that the learner reports so let's jump

straight into the software so I'm logged

in as a sensor manager I'm so when you

first log into your account you should

come to your dashboard section so these

dashboards and you can control them as a

sense manager you have the option of

which ones you want to turn on and turn

off and so I just got all of the

available dashboards turned on here for

Center manager so we just find that

these dashboards are really useful

because you've got a quick glance here

of the information to each report so you

can click into these dashboards and it

will open up that report behind it so

say for example I've got the first one

here progress reviews do so it's telling

us here it's in red so we've got seven

they're overdue so let's click into that

dashboard and well we can actually see

the information behind that so we can

see which learners are overdue who are

those learners tutors and what employer

do they belong to

what cohort are they

- when was the review scheduled and what

time was it scheduled for so it's given

us all of that information and then what

we can do there I can also export these

reports um - especially so you do have

that option for all of the reports

within one file so these dashboards

you've got lots you've got visits

learners you to complete - - caseloads

so if you've assigned a caseload

- a - so you can just see that whether

they're both at or below

we've got IQ actions so if you use an

actual reactions then you Center you'll

be able to see what which ones are being

selected by the IQ ways when the rats

the sampling how they learn is one

target very very useful so if we go into

Center you've got an icon called

dashboards so here you've got all the

different users and then underneath what

dashboards are available to those users

and so if there is certain dashboards

that you know that you're not going to

need and you can just untick those and

the wrong display on that dashboard area

just see that so that is your dashboards

so let's go into the reporting area so

when you open up the reports page the

first report that will always appear at

the top of the page is your progress

report so the progress report you can

just use these filtering options and you

can select if you've created a reporting

group you can select that so we do go

through this in the sense um one is your

webinar so you can set up a group of who

you want to report on so you can just

filter by using that and it will run the

report on the groups that you've added

in there you can also do this by cohort

so it'll bring up all of the learners

aside to that cohort

I've also got show detailed view tech

team in the right-hand corner and so if

this was on the tips you would just be

able to see the actual progress the

detailed view will show you the target

progress as well as to where the learner

should be at and so the target progress

does run off the dates that have been

entered into the portfolio so if you

think that the prog the target progress

does look incorrect please just review

those unit dates that have been entered

of when the learner should have started

to make progress on the learner name and

also when they should have completed it

so it's either the learning name date or

the unit date if you just have a look at

those and then that will then rectify

that so if we go back to the reports

page and you'll notice that we've got

the reports in sections so we've got

Center reports assessment slash unit

reports to two reports learner reports

we've got learner database report

so you'll notice we've got in brackets

there is my reports are there is Center

reports so while this means is if you're

safe in one of these reports on this

area all the you will be able to see it

as it's under my report and if you've

run a report and save it under sensor

then anybody on the sensor will be able

to see that report as well and so we

will just run through that a little bit

later on

and I've also turned on learning

equality reports as well my Center and

Diagnostics so let's go back to Center

reports and the first one I'm going to

run through is the activity log so every

action on the system is time-stamped so

there is a full audit trail within this

section here so you can select the user

group that you want to report on so you

can leave that on our groups if you

needed to and so I'm just going to

select Utah and then we've got activity

category so

all of these categories here you can

report on everything that's happened

underneath each section there and so

let's have a look at the learning


maybe you're tuned up back to learn

nothing let's see if the learner was

being logging in their learning journal

and you've got a date from - I'm just

gonna back date this a bit and then

press submit and that report should then

run so if you did want to include your

archived learners into your reports you

kind of just tick that box there and it

will also include any archived learners

as well so if you are on the per seat

model you will have to archive your

learners Bernard as a free up that

learners seat once if they've completed

so you can include those in the reports

by clicking that there and so this

learning Journal report it's bringing up

they'll learn up that has logged in and

when they have logged the journal entry

so this is a really good report just to

make sure that the our login in that

Journal and because if you do have like

the updated journal from the Learning

Cod it's a really good resource you can

use when you've got audit visits or

Ofsted to show the learners learning as

they're recording their reflections in

there as well and let's have a look at

another category and so we've also got

timesheets in here as well so this is

another area weather learner can lock

their off-the-job hours and so they may

not use the timesheets area as their

main area of login they're off the job

as they can do that in the journal and

on their assessments as well but it's

really good just to make sure that they

have used this area to create some time

she enters so we have got some action on

there and also in this areas while you

can also report on any feedback and

comments box that appears within one

file you can actually report on this

area and as I know that some Ofsted

visits the I've asked for

this feedback so let's have a look

we've got feedback there is there no

feedback on comments let's move on let's

have a look at this so I'd like to

change this to tutor I don't think

that's about one I'm sure

don't know if I'm just missing it maybe

it's because I'm on the practice center

it's not bring enough information but

where it does it will bring up all the

feedback that's been entered in certain

areas of the system so you will have an

extra filter box where you can select

where that feedback is coming from and

because I'm on my practice area it's not

working for me but yeah just let us know

if you need any help of that so let's go

back into the reports page I've just

remembered this is what I'm thinking of

feedback and comments it's its own

report I'm really sorry about that

so it's the reports page and it's under

assessment slash unit reports and it's

called feedback and comments there we go

it's let me just back date that because

it's a practice and I sort of might not

have information so we won the feedback

from the tutor to to the learner and you

can select individuals as well if you

wanted to or you can just leave that on

all users and then you can select the

feedback area so if you want it from

assessments unit summaries plans

progress reviews to two observations are

learning interviews so let's select

assessments there we go so my comments

aren't very good because this is a

practice center but when you leave a

feedback and comments the learners just

make sure the very detailed and as this

report can be pulled and you can get the

dates who it's from who it's to and what

the assessment is so you can select that

subjects there and it'll take you

straight to that assessment so it's

given us their what comments were left

and you can see here we've also got some

colors so when the tutors I'll even

feedback on assessments they can use

colors in there and just to make sure

that they are leaving very detailed

feedback and this can also be exported

to a spreadsheet as well

what's also given us whether this was

read as well so on the assessments if

the whoever there's left a feedback for

if they go into the assessment to read

the feedback it does turn that tick

green so you can see whether that has

been read or not that's where the good

report so let's go back to reports now

and we're going to have a look at some

cheater reports so one day we've got

tutor caseloads so if you have got

caseloads turned on in your settings

when you create a too-tight it will ask

you for a number for their caseload so

this is how many learners they're going

to be looking Africa and so we've got

our list here of tutors and what group

are they in so are they in a tutor our

trainee tutor and then what is their

target caseload subsistent and what

we're giving them and you can amend

these numbers and so like I mentioned if

you've got that set and turned on if we

go to users and go to tutor just go into

their account on this page you'll see

they're under account settings we've got

target caseload so as a sense manager

you can amend that number to whatever

you wanted it to be and then just press


so if you can't see this information on

the account page you would just need to

go into your Center settings and so

that's just located on the sensor

settings and then I'm just gonna press

ctrl + F just search for caseload


well maybe the settings not carcase Lord

but if you haven't got that turned on

you do you want that enabled just like

me no one will be able to do that for


so under tutor reports we've got the

caseload report so this will show you

whether the tutors are working towards

in their case or whether the behind are

over and so you can see here we've got

this tutor the caseload is for what

they've actually got six so the caseload

is at one hundred and fifty percent so

you can actually click to view what

Mitch learners are assigned to that earn

tutor just to make sure that it has been

assigned correctly so under two two

reports as well we've also got learning

a unit matrix so what this report is

showing us and it's showing us the

learners that are assigned to this tutor

and it's just given us a breakdown of

the progress for each unit so we're

getting the actual percentage and also

the target percentage so this is just a

really good report to see and where the

learners are at so we've also got this

in color as well so you can see in the

red the amber and the green so whether

they're behind on target or in the

middle so it gives you the breakdown for

all of those learners assigned to that

tutor I forgot back to reports and

you've also got the option to create

custom reports so this is the database

reports so if you wanted to create a

report just for yourself you can do that

one under my reports or if this is a

report that all the users on the centre

will be able to use to say for example

if it's for our sensor managers do that

under sensor reports and they will be

able to run that as well so I'm going to

that learners learning game view so this

will show us learners and what learning

aim they're currently assigned to I'm so

to customize this report just use this

button here select columns so on the

right hand side it's showing us what

columns have currently been selected and

so if you did want to remove these you

couldn't just highlight them and click

remove or just highlight one and click

remove so you can see in the background

the the table updates with the columns

that perhaps are selected so under here

you can just run through all of these

available columns and just add them to

your report once you have been disc let

press close and then you should be able

to see all of the columns on this report

that you've just selected so if this

report that you've just created is one

that you are going to be using say for

example you're going to be using this

once a month right you're going to be

using it regular you can save it and so

you can save as a new report give it a

title of what that report is for and

then this is permissions for who do you

want to be able to see this report

basically and see if it did one side

this report from certain users and you

can uncheck those boxes and so this is

just any of everybody that has got

access to the reports page so you can

remove the access from certain users and

then press save so again you can export

this report to a spreadsheet but if we

go back to that reports page now we

should be able to see that this has been

saved that regard so I'll call it

progress so that's just saved there

under that section so those columns will

just automatically save for your in

there so as soon as you click into it

you've got your updated information

so another report and here as well we've

got to to dashboard so this basically is

a dashboard of all the tutors that

you've gotten your Center and it's given

as a breakdown of exactly where their

learners are at so we've got the list of

our tutors the report date which is

today how many learners are in their

caseload and what is their actual

caseload that's the target that we've

set on the centre and this is what their

actual caseload is looking like and

we've got percentage of learners on the

Ambilight percentage of learners on the

red light so this just means amber is

like on target

red is behind we've got percentage of

learners that I've never logged in so

this is a really good to earn to keep an

eye on because if the tutors are setting

work for learners but the learners are

not logging into their account then

they're gonna have a bit of trouble with

them staying on target with the progress

and we've also got the sensitive

learners over 90% progress so they're

learners that are going to be finishing

quite soon

then we've got percentage of progress

reviews overdue so that's a good way of

keeping an eye on whether those progress

reviews are being carried out and then

also we've got tasks overdue so this is

also a good report to just make sure

that they're keeping on top of the tasks

that have been sent to them so if the

learners assigning them assessments

they're going back to the tutors to be

signed leaders need to make sure they

keeping on top of that so that the

learner is getting the progress um from

their assessments that they are

completing there's also actually an

individual report for the tasks as well

because that would be a really good home

for the tutors to keep on top of um so

we've got tasks over to you by user or

tasks by user so you can see how many

tasks the user actually has so you can

filter by group so let's go to learners

so it's given us how many tests that

have been set how many have been

completed and how many are not completed

so we've got to learn here who's not

completed ten tasks so it's just really

good to be aware of how many tasks are

actually outstanding on the learners

portfolios and because maybe did not

complete the task because the struggling

they don't know how to complete them so

they just leave in there so it's just

really good to know that information and

maybe get in contact with that learner

just to see if they need any help so

another good report on here is the off

the job report so if your learner's are

logging their after job hours and so

just under learning report you've got

the off the jobs report there so let me

open that up so on this report you've

got the filtering options for the

default tutor the cohort the employer

and the provider so if I had to select a

tutor and I call heart you've then got

the option to enter anticipated

completion dates for learners so if the

learners have got different dates and

you're not really quite sure you can

just delete those dates and leave that

blank and then press submit and then

this should then bring up all of the

information on your sensor so any

learners assigned to this to that in

this cohort will appear so this after

job report is giving you the information

of each learner they'll give you their

start date their anticipated completion

date who they've been assigned to cohort

employee provider what their total

contracted hours are so if this area is

blank that means that no court or

contracted hours have been entered for

that learner so the system will be able

to calculate how many hours they need to

log so if the learner is logging off the

job and it's not period it may be

because you've not entered the total

contracted hours so the system does need


I'm the target presented in order to

generate that information that will just

need to be entered so once that is

entered and you've entered their target

percentage it will then generate how

many hours the learner needs to add into

their portfolio in order to reach that

twenty percent and then we've got the

total after two hours so up to now and

how many hours is the learner locked so

this learner has locked 15.1 hours so

their actual author job percentage at

the moment is not point six out of that

twenty percent target so you can see

this learner here has logged 70 hours

and they actually need to log 704 so

they're currently on to person out of

their twenty percent off the job target

and so we've recently released as well a

feature within the progress review

section and you'll also have a table

which will show you where that learning

is up soon in regards to they're off the

job hours as well so that is the end

after today's reporting webinar and so

I'll just go away for a couple of

minutes and to give anybody a chance to

rise up any questions that you may have

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