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Covered in this webinar:

  • Introduction to Forms
  • Ready-made Forms
  • Creating Forms
  • Publish Options
  • Completing Forms
  • Reporting on Custom Forms
Webinar Transcript

good morning ladies and gentlemen welcome

to another sets of onboarding training

webinars it here from one file my name's

Dave I'll be your presenter for today

I'm absolutely onboarding project

specialist here at one file because if

those who have yet to be introduced to

the new onboarding team we have recently

put together around April May time

so you basically better equip our users

with the knowledge and resources that

they need to effectively use one file so

we have been busy and delivering these

kind of webinars we've also been

creating new user guides new video user

guides and what sort of forms and they

let some little bits and bobs for you

guys so I've either get trained up know

how to use our system that we better or

sort of our self care or most to help

train your staff at your center that's

well when it comes to these webinars

however and we've been delivering them

on different areas of our system so some

days we get to focus on specific user

role sessions such as sense managers our

tutors and then other times we'll have a

look at work flows through the use of

plans and templates we've recently taken

a break over as well as the end of

September October time and taking a

break from the webinars at least give

some time to review the webinars that

we're delivering collect all the

feedback that you guys had shared with

us and then from that we've gone ahead

and written some brand new sessions so

to begin with today actually want to

tell you guys over to the onboarding

page so to get rid of this PowerPoint

and that so again if you yet to be

introduced to the onboarding team as a

whole then you probably haven't seen

this page yet either so anything that

the new onboarding team is doing is

saving it all on Nesta to that page now

this isn't attached to the website it's

just a link that we've been sending out

so just in case anyone would like to

visit this page at some time in the

future I'll just drop that into the chat

there okay but this page in general

lists where we'll find all your some of

your training sessions it's where you'll

find the user games video user goings

the farm library and he guides unlike

some integrations and but also these

sessions as well

his head into book webinar training see

what I've done in between now and

Christmas okay so we still got all our

sensor manager sessions both

intermediate and advanced levels still

get a session that focuses on on

reporting within one file the tutors

have now got the full range and I guess

they're all three difficulties and that

we wanted to have such a foundation

intermediate and advanced for features

and products the me wants to point out

he'll probably like some individual

learning plans progress reviews and then

a revamped teaching and learning plan

session for the users we've still got

like a QA learners and employers and

observers and I've also got brand new

type of webinar as well for advice and

guidance ok sessions on planning your

Creek 1110 within one file well prepare

for audit and in compliance and how to

fair Ofsted inspections so please do

have a look at these pages have a look

at these webinars would love to see as

many of you but on as possible the day

section is custom form so they'll have a

look at the custom form builder within

one file and the feature that allows you

to capture additional information and

how to create a form and then how to

actually publish that form what's the

different options that we've got Before

we jump straight in them and there's

some housekeeping to get out the way

first so somewhere on your screen right

now usually anchored right there should

be a GoToWebinar panel a couple of

features on this panel but one that may

interest you the most is questions so

for any point throughout today's session

you have any questions comments or

concerns of please do feel free to pop

them into the question box however it

will be the end of the sessions which we

have a look at these as far today

session probably run for around 20 to 25

minutes and then any time left over at

the end there will be used to answer

your questions and then finally feedback

surveys and so at the end of a session

whether you guys leave or whether I end

it from my side you should have a

feedback survey presented he was in your

usual internet browser we greatly

appreciate for tailing sands complete

that survey it's how we've been gauging

whether you guys find these sessions

useful or not actually in more than 30

seconds it's only around a five multiple

choice question and

questioner ok so let me just double

check make sure that everything's

working at okay from this side which it

looks like it is good stuff some custom

farms what is it that will be covering

today so during the session we will

cover an induction to farms and we'll

have a look at what farms we have

readily available for you guys to

download and will then have a look and

have a go at creating a new file will

then decide what was best place to

publish that so what best page did it

for its is sitting within our system and

then of course touching upon completing

farms and then finally how to report on

those custom form fields ok so let's get

rid of the presentation and jump into a

session so I just leave a start from the

onboarding pains just to quickly mention

something else whilst we're in here and

that is the form library page again it's

one of the main icons at the top of the

page here and but in here we've decided

to sort of pre build some of the form so

one thing we don't do is build farms for

customers ok we don't we don't build

them as part of a package now we do

actually have an additional premium

service package that we do serve an

offer at which it may be including that

it basically offers our admin time to

you guys at centers and but like I said

that does come out additional cost as a

default though we do not create any new

forms for customers so rather than just

saying no and leave that that we thought

would still be an idea for you guys to

have some examples available for your

sensor so we decided to create this form

library now this farm liner is currently

going through a big sort of home not a

change but a big update and to include

lots more forms as well so I'm gonna

remove some of the oldest and the ones

as well and but basically any of these

forms that we have here you can see what

they look like by clicking on the icon

ok so this is how it will look in one

file for example and then if they do you

want any of these forms of sign into

your Center it's just a case at the

bottom of page and just a little font to

fill in and then these will find their

way to your Center ok so you can use

those examples and we won't publish them

so you can sort of rebuild and add to

them from there if you wish

and like said in many more farms to this

page over the coming weeks hopefully

before Christmas okay so if you don't

want to build your farm have a look if

there's something available in the farm

library or like I said there is the

premium support services available from

one file it would basically offer our

admin side where of course the farms

could be included okay that's the jump

into one file now I'm going to jump in

as my sensing manager account it's on

these sensor manages that I can create

farms okay and that's just straight to

it by jumping into the sensor which can

also be accessed through the left-hand

menu and then only since it's the fourth

I got in we're looking for forms okay so

it'll take you to your form designer

your form library within your sensor if

you like I guess I've got lots and lots

of examples on yourself built up here

now I thought what would do today is

we'll go ahead and try and create a new

farm for a particular purpose that we

have with an hour delivery and it will

also have a look at some of the other

example ones that we have and then we'll

talk about the publish options as well

so let's go ahead and create a new farm

let's say for our example today that we

want to capture within one file the

learners initial assessments also hold

down our stakes and their certificates

the actual results themselves the grades

all that sort of stuff we also want

recording in one file okay but let's say

that we don't use and what are the

systems that one files does integrate

with and whether it be BES B or anything

and let's say that we're using a

completely different one maybe it's just

our own system and so we don't have that

integration as a possibility so one of

the ideas we do have from one of the

things we can do and we'll be doing it's

just creating a form to capture that

additional information we'll get the

tutors and learners to fill in this form

so then it's always sat the learners

portfolio okay so which means the best

you know somebody can always access

their initial assessment results even if

they've got one file and not that say

the initial assessment results tool work

we used so with that this farm is gonna

be for capturing and this or

results let's go ahead and give it that

name and select cream okay when it comes

to building forms it's just a case of

creating sections and then filling in

those sections with fields okay so while

stirring as the in the edit mode if you

like and we do have some options across

the top here

one being preview so if you ever wanted

to know what your form looks like its

current state we can set the preview

it'll take us to well a preview of your

form now as you can see we've got a

little message here let us know that no

sections have been created for its form

such embed let's create some sections as

opposed to be quite simple really for

mine so we want a sections capture and

learners details perhaps begin with

let's go ahead and choose that learner


okay so created one section and we'll

create another one let's all have two

sections on and maybe three perhaps this

particular file and let's say the second

one is four results

I fix want to know the results of the

initial assessment and then the final

section is gonna be Dec relations or

similar to something like that young

except term accounts well declarations

okay so we're going their signatures

though so declarations and signatures

okay at the very bottom so we've created

created the three sections that has not

to be included in our farm here again if

it's go ahead and preview just shows us

those three empty section this section

does not contain any fields it will not

be shown in the publish fault so let's

jump back now let's start adding fields

to these sections so learn a detail so

first of all we probably ought to know

the lowest name now although this will

be attached to a learner's portfolio for

example when it comes to report on this

information later on that information

may not be available citizen just

captured just again just to make sure so

I should go back actually when it comes

to adding fields each of these green

boxes represent

a different kind of field that we can

attach to our farm first of all we've

got a single line text which will just

provide the user with a single line text

box of saxon we'd have multi-line text

box which basically gays that means they

get a much bigger and larger text box

license footing like paragraphs worth of

text we can have a date picker which is

self-explanatory multiple choice and got

different versions of multiple choice as

well where they want as a drop-down a

pick list the radio buttons things like

that a check box you can have little

tick boxes in there and data table

attachments and labels think of labels

as a way of putting images of text

without a field needing to be filled in

okay so there are different fields that

we can have in our form so let's go

ahead and start with a single line text

now for most fields this it'll look

something like this will take you to a

page similar to this okay so when it

happens there is that we want to give

the field in name here we can see got

field name you'll also have the likes or

displayed tags now for the most part

whatever you enter into the field name

will probably display text as well it

does explain the difference between the

two okay so the field name appears in

the form designer and report headings

okay so we'll only see the field name

and only people who report some this

information will see the field named

where is the display text is the text

actually pairs on the forms themselves

so when it comes for the tutors of

learners to fill in the form and it'll

be called whatever we put in the display

text like said for the most part we're

probably going to call it exactly the

same you can also choose whether fields

are mandatory whether any validations

required you can also set the minimum

and maximum field length for your field

now the whole idea with this is that to

make sure that people do stones of smash

the keyboard through the farm and just

hits in any old keys you can actually

start saying okay I know that all the

names of my sensor as longer than three

characters so if I snap a minimum length

as four

okay then no one can really you know it

doesn't prevent it completely and of

course we're still putting in this

parameter some people more like let's

fill it in correctly and the maximum

field length so again to make sure that

people don't to crazy we could say well

make sure we don't put more than 50

characters now you don't have to set

those particular parameters if you like

you can leave those okay so I'll just

say that now it'll add that name field

to learn a detail section okay we're

gonna go ahead and choose a date picking

out once another day that learns

completed this form okay for date picker

it'll come up with a calendar full and

sort of pick a date so there's nothing

as we need to define with this

particular field just the name and

display name again I also want to know

what class this learner belongs to so

for that we're going to use a multiple

choice okay and when

a choice you can choose what kind of

multiple choice field we wants it to me

when that we had drop-down checkbox

radio list list box off radio button

list browser okay so let's go ahead and

choose a drop-down list and then we can

add the values that should appear in

this drop-down by selecting the green

plus okay so the value is usually one

that's just the older you like that

value to be in Soviet and so very tough

ones have Class A and there any value do

enter and of click click Save on the

right hand side it's usually the case

when you creating a table of some kind

in one file you'll find that little Save

icon will be on the far right everyone's

in the bottom of page ok and then my

second value is just going to be well

class B in this example

okay so we've defined of that drop-down

list try to click Save okay so let's go

ahead and preview a song we've happen to

cover the fields in here let's just see

what that looks like okay so we can see

in learner details we now have a textbox

for names textbooks for dates although

we could pick the little calendar as

well and just pick the dates out and

then for our class we actually have a

drop-down with all the classes in my

sensor okay so you can see how this is

beginning to build so definitely use the

preview button just to see how it will

look for everyone else and when

published we're going to come back to

this now until we've actually finished

so that's it for learning details let's

head over to results okay so thinking


think about the information that we want

to capture here and this is that

learners initial assessment and so we

probably need to know the subject

because they're probably doing maths and

English more more likely than not as we

need to know what subject we need to

know the level that they obtained what

are what are the work in that rather and

we would like to know the percentage of

what what was the actual percentage the

date Lee completed the particular exam

on the assessment itself maybe a left

front area so you can actually upload

it's as if care okay so think about a

brick break down what it is that you

actually want to capture what

information is that you want to capture

here so I'm gonna begin with results

let's go ahead and say we need a

picklist cuz we want subjects swimming

with this when type subjects in both the

field names I think I look as a radio

list we'll have it in one column a radio

button little will see any moment and

but we're only gonna have two values in

here so we probably okay to use radio

button it says to say value to is going

to be English okay save that so they

picked this subject the then tell us

what grade perhaps or Leslie what one

what date they completed this Ithaca the

assessment itself so say assessment just

meant assessment date and can you use

the same again there it's just a date

picker there's nothing else we have to

define as anyone to know the results

okay so answer

we'll say in percentage and just so they

know to give it to us a percentage as

well okay let's just to me the text box

just for me to pop the percentage in

there we then decide need to know what

what a grade or what level they're

working at so once again we're gonna

choose multiple choice there's a level

achieved will carless will have this as

a list box or so we've got a good range

of different pick lists here okay so say

level one you two will be level two okay

you have to put you can put your entry

levels in there as well but we'll think

we'll leave it as that

and save that and the would then like

learners to upload least difficut as

well but rather than spot attachment

area they probably won't know what to do

with that in fact we'll put the

attachment there let's say we want them

to test if Kip okay let's play them

preview this now we're pretty much done

with this farm I'm just gonna get rid of

that declaration one at the bottom and

let's have a look what this farm looks

like within preview okay so if your caps

alone as details there and then we have

one eighth results so we probably want

to duplicate these fields and just so

you can go and give the results for each

so let's say maths and the date of the

assessment was obviously whatever it was

the results in percentage what level was

achieved and it seats iske add aides hat

from it mind it with two self-exposure

there so we could make this a little bit

smart by adding a label I can't say

now clear instructions asking them to

upload their actual stiff cap save that

I'm just gonna shift that and move that

both so you can order the reorder Thea

where we were where the fields sit on

the page and the farm itself by using

the green arrows on the right hand side

you can also edit any of the fields that

you have created as well so just push

that label field above the certificate

let's see how this one looks now if we

preview ok can sees now in essence given

instructions to the person filling this


and so they now know exactly oh I upload

my certificate in this attachments area

okay so I say this farms don't know

we're pretty much we're gonna capture

all the information we need now of

course if this was a real life and

father I probably gpk these particular

fields because would want to know both

math and English whereas this is only

really given room for learners to blog

information about one okay but when you

are happy with your farm you then most

likely want to publish it now you can

always save you can always come back at

later day if you wish to and finish

editing this far and but to actually

publish to you make this fun and active

within your Center we have to use the

big red publish button and very tough

now when it comes to publishing farms

these are various other areas I suppose

that you one file can sort of have these

farms sitting when it comes to

publishing with each option the area is

on the left hand side where's the name

in brackets is the usual that has to

fill that farm in that's something else

to pay attention to as well that you can

only ever upload you can only have a

farms we filled in my particular user

roles okay so we can see we can add

additional learner tabs from the center

manage to fill in

you can add farms to learn a portfolio

for either learners employers choose as

a sense of managers to fill in ok we can

add additional fields to learn a review

page we can also create additional farms

for the Chiefs observation and to learn

interview okay so I'm not gonna publish

this farm we'll have a look at some

better examples that we have and on my

Center here and then we'll also see them

in action before we finish on looking at

how we can actually report on this

information okay so with some plants for

example say my sense let's have a look

at this one this one is for initial

assessment results one for four skills

for syphilis okay as you can see we use

the label fields at the top here to

enter the images and text and give some

instructions against a mentor and

learner and you've got a section for

each subjects both look slick on this

particular farm it's a newsie literacy

an IT and a declaration at the bottom

okay so very similar to the one we've

just done just a bit more sounds been

spent on that one by the looks of it

okay so it looks like we've got one here

for progress reviews right it's and this

was like it's to be added to the review

pages let's add additional fields to

that page that talking about a smart

targets and milestones your rights

responsibilities and support on feedback

okay looks like someone's bulking out

the review page here with additional

questions okay so they have a look at

some of those farms in action let's jump

over to just one of my learners and

portfolios here somewhere very quickly

click around till we get to one of our

learners portfolios like so so depend on

where you've published that farm depends

on where it'll sit within the system so

if you just published it to learners

portfolio we're currently in blooms

portfolio and we'll find an additional

tab underneath the main functionality


before forms okay so any farms that

we've assigned to the learner and the

lens portfolio specifically will be sat

underneath this farms tab yes we can see

that for skills initial assessment again

it looks like we've got the progress of

you in there some other deduction

checklist their skill scans okay but

that's not the only place that we can

add farms like said we can also add

farms to additional areas of one file

and additional fields based on their so

to have a look at the progress of you

for this particular learner because I

believe this learners got quite a

customized review page okay so to begin

with still got the default fields in

this review

so after jobs that's always a unit

progression that's default achievement

screen of you use your blanket reviews

there are some default then we can see

we come across those extra sections that

we saw in a custom farm such as agreed

actions you smart targets and milestones

your rights and responsibilities support

and feedback and I think this reviews

got a little bit further as well these

add in more than one form its added

farms further like so employees to fill

in as well such as and apply a feedback

farm whether the employee goes through

and sort of rates their learners you

know him - that in the workplace

got some prevent and safeguarding in

there as well and then back to the

default and field such as feedback

agreed action and Dec relations at the

bottom okay so you can see that custom

farms have been used it on this

particular example to add lots more

fields this page really the whole idea

of the progress review page is that you

know it should be matching your delivery

your questions the process you follow

and you can go to progress reviews so

why not use those custom farms to make

sure that this page is following the

same method as you would

okay so then to end today we're trying

to have a look at a quick reports

released I'm gonna head over to the

reports in suite which conduces through

the left-hand menu and all those forms

that we've been creating and capturing

additional information with even though

it's something that we've created it's a

bespoke form and we've told it that farm

where to sit in the system we can still

report on that information okay we can

do so using the learner database reports

either as a learning a learner learning

games view or learn of you and basically

those two times are just the the basis

of the report so draw the base to be

learning games I drop the base to needle

learn it information I'm gonna go and

learn a few Claire them just quickly

tidy up so I won't forget to do so so

this report on its owns quite a basic

report really you only really get basic

learning information but then across the

top of the different filters about lots

of different fields and options ones

that we don't usually see such as

learner status okay but if we do head

over to that select columns button ours

wasn't just a moment ago we're then

given a list of all the default fields

in one file okay we can pull any amount

of these into this report so it's a date

birth and gender for example add those

in here save and then we can see what

date of birth and gender in the report

now if we head back slats columns even

though these are all the default fields

in the system at the very top we have

this drop-down it's currently set to

general you select that

well then given a list of all the

published forms on our Center we can now

use any of those custom forms as a fill

bank for this particular report okay so

I'll just have a look at the induction

checklist let's see which loans have

completed this checklist and by adding

all those fields into this report we now

have a custom report or customized

report full of bespoke data dates that

one file does not capture as a default

now we

especially farmer if we need to take

this information out or we could also

save this give it its own name and we

can always come back to it at later they

will sit on that reports list with the

rest of them okay guys that is pretty

much everything we had to show in

today's customs farms and certainly an

introduction to the farms how to build

the different public options that we've

got and what can we actually do with

that data once it's in the system well

to begin with we could report on it and

I'm sure there's much more as well so

we'll have a look at some questions in

just a minute so if you haven't already

please do begin preparing those for Evan

else who isn't sticking around for

questions thank you very much for

attending this morning I do hope it's

been somewhat useful you've got a better

idea how the forms work now within our

system and if you ever do need any help

please do get in touch for your success

managers all the support teams will all

be happy to help I have a lot of

questions in just a sec for everyone

else thank you very much and I hope to

see you on the next one bye bye for now

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