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How long does it take for a new qualification to be built?

Our Process

When you request a qualification that isn’t already available in our database, OneFile have a team of staff that convert the PDFs and webpages of the qualification or standard into a format that can be used on OneFile. Requests are added to a workload and are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, the time you wait to receive the qualification is based on the size and complexity of the existing requests on the workload. For example, if there are 20 days of work on the workload, and you request a qualification that will take 3 days to complete, we will estimate that your qualification will be available in 23 working days. Our SLA for providing qualifications is 30 working days, which means we aim to complete all requests within that timeframe, although we typically beat that target.

Fast Track Service

We understand that sometimes time is of the essence, and that you need access to these qualifications on OneFile sooner than the 30 working day SLA. That’s why we’ve introduced our Fast Track Service for qualifications.

Fast-tracking your request is like buying a queue-jump wristband at a theme park. You’re able to Fast Track when our team start working on your request, based on when you need your qualifications, see the table below.

Fast Track Option


Next Working Day


Next Working Week


Next Two Working Weeks


Next Three Working Weeks


If you require our Fast Track Service, please let a member of the qualifications team know when you submit your request (or add a note in the request portal).

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