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Assessment Colours

  User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Centre Manager

To view Assessment Colours, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Quality
  2. Click Assessment Colours

Assessment Colours allow you to change the default colours of User Groups in OneFile Eportfolio. Each group can be assigned a specific colour which will be displayed in the workflows of Assessments and Plans.

Assessment Colour Reference

The table below will show the default colours assigned to each User Group, as you can see by each colour there is a downwards arrow that allows you to click onto it and change the colour.

Changing the Colours 

When changing the colours, you can choose between different formats to choose the ideal colours required for your centre, OneFile has the following options available:

Web Colours

With the option you can select which colour you wish from the palette that appear when you click onto the Web option

RGB (Red, Green and Blue)

Here you can use the sliders to create the ideal colour, or within the box next to the colour you can input the HEX/HTML code and then click onto the Apply button to set the colour.

Hue, Saturation and Brightness

With this option you can click anywhere in the palette and then either use the sliders to choose which colour you require, or if you know the values you can enter them into the boxes and then click on Apply to set the colour.

Hue Saturation Value

This option works in the same way as the HSB option, to achieve the required colour and set it for the User Group you are changing it for.

Sampling Assessments

In the images below you can see how the colour of the criteria changes to show which User has sampled it, the first images shows it sampled by an IQA and the second is sampled by an EQA.

Sampled by IQA

Sampled by EQA

Completed Assessments

In the example below, this displays a list of assessments that have been sampled by the different user roles within OneFile. This allows you to easily identify what stages that assessments are at and who the assessment is currently sitting with.

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