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Consistency Rules

  User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Centre Managers

Consistency Rules are used to determine how many assessments the learner must complete achieving 100% on their learning aim. Whilst on the Gap Analysis, the number of square boxes next to each criteria indicate the number of assessments required.

To locate Consistency Rules, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Quality in the navigation menu
  2. Click Consistency Rules


Consistency Rules can be applied at 12 levels, ranging from the highest level (12), which affects your whole centre, to the most granular level (1), which affects a single criteria for a specific learner. Use the tabs below to understand how rules impact the learners on your centre.

Centre Consistencies Class Consistencies Learner Consistencies
12 - Centre
Applies to all learners on the centre
unless overridden by rules 11  1
11 - Learning Aim
Applies to all learners on a learning aim
unless overridden by rules 10  1
10 - Unit
Applies to all learners working towards a unit in a specific learning aim
unless overridden by rules 9  1
9 - Criteria
Applies to selected criteria within a unit in a learning aim
unless overridden by rules 8  1

When Consistency Rules are created or changed, they will automatically be updated for the learners that are affected. An update icon, will be displayed on the learner's portfolio to show that their progress is being recalculated because of the change to consistency rules. You can check the Gap Analysis to see the change in the number of required assessments.

Archived Learners

Consistency rules will be applied to archived learners, however, archived learners will not be queued for a progress recalculation. Therefore archived learners who have completed their portfolio will stay at 100% even if the number of assessments required increases.

When creating or editing a consistency rule, you'll be able to select the number of assessments the Learner must work towards; in the second drop-down list you'll be able to specify the rules about which types of methods can be used:

  • Any – All assessment methods can be used to count towards progress
  • Different – Assessments of the same method will only count towards progress once
  • Specified – Select the method that must be used to achieve progress


Please note that the terminology used in this article may be different depending on your Centre.

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