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Off-the-job Reporting

Off-the-shelf reports

There are several ways to report on off-the-job in OneFile. Firstly, there's the "Off-the-job" report, which can be found on the Reports page, in the "Learner Reports" section.

Please be aware that this report currently only shows the Legacy OTJ fields (for learners who started before Aug 2022). We will be updating the report in the coming weeks to show the new fields. In the time being, please use the learner database reports, as shown in the next section of this guide. 

  Top Tip

Clear the dates from the "Anticipated Completion Date" filter to view all learners regardless of their end dates.

Learner Database Reports

Within the learner database (learner view) reports, you can select which columns can be displayed. This report supports the legacy OTJ fields (pre-Aug 2022) and the current OTJ fields:


  • Total Contracted Hours
  • Target Off-the-job%
  • Actual Off-the-job hours
  • Off-the-job %


  • Method of Calculating Min OTJ
  • Planned OTJ (Hrs)
  • Minimum OTJ (Hrs)
  • Duration (Wks)
  • % of Planned OTJ

 Export to Excel

As with all OneFile reports, you can export these as csv files and open externally in excel to create your own insights and graphs. For more advanced reporting, see Data Exports below.

Data Exports (FTP)

All Off-the-job data is available in the Data Exports. The off-the-job data lives in the "User.csv" file and is updated every day, overnight. This data can be downloaded from the FTP area and processed to feed your Data Warehouse or simply just to download the files.

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