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Why hasn't the Off-The-Job percentage updated?

Off-the-job is updated when a Journal entry, Timesheet entry, Register Session or Assessment gets signed-off or completed with time spent off-the-job. 

When an off-the-job entry is created, the learner will be queued for an off-the-job recalculation. The recalculation takes place every 5 minutes and processes 50 learners at a time. The screenshot below shows that the learner is awaiting a recalculation:

Once the recalculation has completed, if the actual off-the-job hours and percentage haven't changed, here are the potential causes :

  • The entry is a duplicate

  • The Assessment hasn't been signed by the Learner

  • The Register Session hasn't been signed by the Assessor

  • The Date To and time is in the future*

    • The off-the-job total and percentage will be automatically recalculated when the Date and Time is reached

Recent Changes

Since the recent changes to how OTJ time is recorded (users no longer specify the end date/time), the end date and time is automatically being populated. The best way to make sure these entries count are included in the OTJ calculation, is to change the start date and time to when the activity started.

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