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Configuring the PICSWeb integration for first use

PICS Desktop OneFile integration

For customers already using the PICS Desktop integration, please refer to this guidance provided by Pellcomp, before enabling and configuring the integration.

Existing data in in OneFile

If Assessors and Placements already exists in OneFile, you will need to manually update PICSWeb so that the integration doesn't create a duplicate record. This is done by linking the records in OneFile to the records in PICSWeb.

Please refer to the guides below to link existing Assessors and Placements to the relevant records in PICSWeb,

Refresh Qualification Links

To get the most up to date list of learning aimsfrom OneFile, hit the Refresh Qualification Links button, located in the Integration Status section of the OneFile Summary page.

Refer to this guide for further information.

Link Apprenticeship Standards

If you're delivering Apprenticeship Standards, you are likely to want the standard, on programme learning, gateway and EPA learning aims to sync with PICSWeb. To do this, you'll need to match up the codes used for each of the learning aims to the VQ reference fields in PICSWeb. The codes for each learning aim can be found in square brackets after the title on the Learning Aims page for the Centre/User Manager.

Refer to this guide for further information.

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