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How do I enable the PICSWeb integration?

The PICSWeb integration relies on an API token, that can be provided to any OneFile Centre Manager. To request an API token to use with PICSWeb, please submit a support ticket.

Once you've got the API token, you will need to enter this in the "Integrations > OneFile" page in PICSWeb.

  1. Click Integrations
  2. Select OneFile
  3. Click Settings
  4. Enter the Customer Token, provided by OneFile
  5. Select the Live Environment
  6. Enable the Integration Enabled toggle
  7. Click Save

PICSWeb Sandbox

If you have a training or sandbox PICSWeb install, you should use the Beta or Practice environments. Make sure you request a specific API token from OneFile for the relevant environment.

When the integration is enabled, you will be able to enrol your PICSWeb learners directly into OneFIle with the click of a button in their summary. Any updates your make to their progress and reviews in OneFIle will be automatically pulled back to PICSWeb, once per day.

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