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How do I resolve a conflict in data?

A conflict in data can occur when the online version of an assessment, plan or review has been edited online after it has been synced to the Eportfolio App. When the Plan, Assessment or Review is synced from the app and changes have been made on the web, it causes a conflict. Rather than overriding information, you can choose which version of the assessment, plan or review that you’d like to keep.  

Usually, it's the user who synced the assessment, plan or review that will need to resolve the conflict. If a learner carries out a sync which causes a conflict, they will need to resolve it.

The user who is required to resolve the conflict will receive a task that looks similar to this:

To resolve this conflict, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the Task resolve the conflict
  2. Decide which version you would like to keep:
    • If you would like to keep the version that was created, click Keep Online
    • If you would like to keep the Nomad version, you will need to unlock the Assessment on the system and then click Keep App

Sometimes, a conflict will occur and you will want to keep both versions as they are different assessments, plans or reviews carried out by the learner. 

You will need to manually create one of the versions and then keep the version of your choice. For example if an assessment is in conflict, create a new assessment and copy over the information from the OneFile version, then keep the App version.

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