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How do I complete a Centre sync on the Eportfolio App?

A Centre sync will update your app with any changes that have been made to the configuration of the online version of OneFile. This includes changes to the centre settings, new learning aims, updates to learning aims and much more.

We would recommend you complete a centre sync every time you use the App, in case something else has changed.

To perform a Centre Sync, follow the steps below as an Assessor:

  1. Swipe up from the very bottom of the homescreen of the app
  2. Tap Templates to download new templates or pick up changes exisitng templates
  3. Tap Start Sync

Once completed, you'll be shown a message telling you that... You’re all synced up!

If you've been assigned new learners or something might have changed on a learner's portfolio, you'll need to perform a learner sync.

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