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Software Update: Wednesday 21st June 2023

On Wednesday, we're updating OneFile Eportfolio, to introduce some new enhancements and fixes.  

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Eportfolio - Integrations

  • A new integration with Cognassist is now available. This integration allows 2-way communication between Eportfolio and your instance of Cognassist. The integration provides the following functionality within Eportfolio:
    - Ability to create a learner in Cognassist from Eportfolio
    - Send a learner an invitation email to complete their assessment
    - Track the status of a learner's assessment progress
    - Display the results of a Cognassist assessment within a learner's portfolio
    - Include the assessment results within the ILP

Click here to find out more about what Cognassist has to offer.



  •  Error occurs when trying to select the "App" version when resolving the conflict for a review 
  •  When a learner is working towards two "scorecard compatible" aims and has at least one started scorecard for both of the aims, the "Scorecard Overview" report shows duplicate records
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