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Software Update: Thursday 2nd March 2023

On Thursday we're updating OneFile RPL to release some new features, improvement and fix some bugs.

What's new

  • Archive & Lock a Team Member. Within My Organisation there is now the ability to Archive or Lock a User. Users are not able to lock or archive themselves. 

Selecting Lock will allow the user to temporary Lock a user from RPL. The user can enter a reason for locking a user (This is not displayed anywhere currently).  If the user has applicants associated with them, then the applicants will need to be re-assigned prior to locking the user.  Information on locking can be found here.


  •  Archive a User. Selecting Archive will allow you to archive a user.  This user will no longer be able to login to RPL.  If there are applicants associated with the user then these can be reassigned prior to Archiving.  It is also possible to Unarchive a user!  More information on archiving can be found here. 
  • Link Criteria together within the Funding Calculator. There are now 3 methods for Sizing the KSB within the calculator. 

TopicsThis was the original method and useful if the standard has topics  
CriteriaThis displays all the criteria and allows you to size each one individually  
GroupingThis allows you to select the criteria into custom groups and size the group

More information can be found here.

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