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Enrol Q&A

Does Enrol integrate with the OneFile RPL Funding Calculator?

Yes, you can see information here

How do you get over the fact that the ESFA still want a paper evidence file (funding rules)
You could still print the form off for a paper file.
Can drop down lists be dependent on previous answers?
Not at this stage.  We plan to release this in a later version of the product.
Do the forms have to be signed in the specific order that the specific signatures show in the forms
You can customise your own workflows. More information can be found here
Will employers and learners be able to access these documents after they have been signed, so that we do not need to share them with them in another format?
Guidance on exporting forms can be found here.
Is that task only done by the centre managers or will assessors be able to create these forms too?
When you add staff as users, they will have the option to create forms and templates.  An overview of hat each user can do can be found here.
When creating the courses is that for each qualification or each cohort?
This would be for each area of study.
What is the API potential with core student information systems please, Tribal, EBS etc. to direct link course information, and student enrolment information into ILR?
We will see what customers request and prioritise API development accordingly. Please submit your ideas here
Some of the data is duplicated across the required forms - will the system allow for this data to be inputted once & pull across to the relevant other forms?
You can add prepopulated fields which will pull the selected data from the Learner or Employer record. 
If we have a CRM system which captures employer and applicant details already, can we import that data in to Enrol?
We would need to understand what CRM you are using and if integration is 1) possible and 2) of benefit to the wider OneFile customer base.
Does this work with multiple centres? 
It will allow you to transfer learners into multiple centres.
If you create an application form, can a link be placed on a website for all applicants to complete or would it need to be sent individually?
It would need to be sent individually to the applicant.
Can fields be displayed / hidden depending on the answers to previous questions?
Not yet, but you can hide fields from the other user, i.e the employer or learner. We plan to develop 'Logic routing' that would allow this, to display different questions based on previous responses.
How does the system date the forms? Is it automatic on the date of signature or does that have to be entered by the applicant etc ?
You can request the applicant to date the form for compliance reasons, and the system also has extensive logs that record when the form was sent, when it was opened, and when it was submitted.  We plan on developing this further to provide more detailed form analytics in future releases.
Can the dashboard be configured to meet college needs?
Depending on the needs of the college, configuration may be possible in future versions.  All customers will have a stake in the forward roadmap.  However for the first release of the dashboard we envisage it to be a pre-set display of key information/metrics.
Is there an audit trail that is produced for date signed by learner/ employer?
This will be included as part of a future update, if you require these now, we can provide you with this information on request.
Once the document has been sent to signatories, is there an option for automatic reminders to complete form?
Yes, you can send reminders.
How is the information imported into ILR? We use Pellcomp PICs to enrol students and enrol from there.
We have an integration from OneFile Enrol to OneFile ILR which will populate learner details.  More information can be found here.
Can the workplaces/employers be pulled through from ePortfolio or PICs 
Not at the moment, but this has been passed onto our Product Manager for consideration in future releases.
Can the forms be linked to Maytas MIS / EBS?
There is an export to XML / CSV to allow you to export form data, to import into another system.
Does this take over from eForms?
This product has replaced eForms.
If we have already created these in eForms can they come across or would we have to start from scratch?
We will need to look into this and come back to you with an update.
When they are transferred to the learning hub are they a live learner using a Seat or are they still archived at this point? How does enrol link to the RPL module? - Just conscious enrolment is a two stage process
They will show in the Learning Hub as a live seat user when transferred over. The product will integrate with the RPL and also to the eportfolio / ILR products.
Did I see you can LOCK fields so only certain parties can complete?
Fields can be locked, so certain parties can only complete, also you can hide fields the other party doesn't need to see.
Can the forms on Enrol be completed by the learner at the same time as they are speaking to the assessor, or do they have to be sent out for the learner to complete.
You could send the learner a magic link, and say for instance they are in an online meeting, they could share their screen to complete the forms with their assessor / employer.
Is Enrol priced per candidate or is there a set price for the software?
The costings are per candidate.
Is it possible to take some employer fields out? As an employer-provider we wouldn't need everything
You can remove fields in the forms, you can also design your own forms.
Once we've sent the email through the system, is it possible to go back later to get the magic link again? eg if we need to chase someone up to get it completed!
You will have the options to go back to copy the magic link again.
Are the form fields that you create on the form matched to fields in eportfolio (ie Home address, date of birth etc.)?
When the forms are being configured, you can decide how they display, to make sure they match the fileds in other products.
How does this product interact with the RPL tool?
Information can be found here.
Is there a charge per employer login?
There is no charge for employers or staff accounts.

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