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Move learners from one learning aim to another

  User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Centre Manager
  • User Manager
  • Assessor with permission
  • Internal Quality Assurer with permission


Can manage learner accounts

  Centre Setting

Deny assessors access to setting learners details(including learning aims)

If you want to change the learning aims that a learner's assigned to, this is a quick and easy job if the learner hasn't started any assessments. You can simply open the learner's portfolio, remove the incorrect learning aim, select the correct learning aim, then go ahead and save the new units.

However, if assessments have been started and criteria has been set against the units in the incorrect learning aim, you'll need to follow the steps in this guide, to help re-map progress and make sure none of the learner's evidence gets accidentally hidden (no evidence will be deleted by changing learning aims).

Step 1 - Save per-criteria and Written Questions typed evidence

  1. Open all of the "Per-criteria" and "Written question" assessments that cover criteria in the incorrect learning aim
  2. Copy and paste the criteria/questions and the typed answers into a document
  3. Make a note of any files that are attached to specific criteria or questions
  4. Make a note of the criteria that's selected for assessments that cover criteria in the incorrect learning aim

Step 2 - Make a note of the learning aim and unit information (if you want to retain any of this information)

  1. Open the learner's Learning Aims tab and make a note of:

    • Start/end dates

    • Weightings (if used)

    • Registration numbers

  2. Open the learner's Units tab and make a note of:

    • The selected units

    • Planned, Actual, Anticipated Completion dates

    • Weightings (if used)

  3. Open the learner's IVs/EVs tab and make a note of:

    • The IV/EV assigned to the incorrect learning aim

Step 3 - Change the learning aims

  1. Click the Learning Aims tab (Assessors click Learning Aims icon in the Manage tab)
  2. Click Select Learning aims
  3. Untick the incorrect learning aim
  4. Tick the checkbox of the correct learning aim
  5. Click Save

Step 4 - Re-enter the data from step 2

  1. Enter the learning aim data
  2. Save the units on the Unit Selection tab
  3. Enter the unit data
  4. Select the IV/EV

Step 5 - Unlock and re-map the criteria of affected assessments

  1. Unlock any affected assessments (those that covered criteria in the the incorrect learning aim) 
    1. Please note, the assessment will need to be unlocked to the person it is set to be started by
  2. For each affected assessment, Add criteria from the correct learning aim
  3. Copy the evidence from the word document and paste it into the per-criteria and written question assessments
    1. You'll notice that holitic evidence and attachments are retained
  4. Re-attach the evidence files to the per-criteria and written question assessments

Step 6 - Re-sign the assessments so that they count towards progress

Get the assessments signed by the Assessor and the Learner to get progress for the newly selected criteria.

  Top Tip

We advise Centre Managers to check the consistency rules to make sure that new rules are created for the correct learning aim, if needed.


Please note that the terminology used in this article may be different depending on your Centre.

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