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How do I connect to the data exports?

To access the data exports, you'll need to connect using an FTP client (for example, FileZilla). Your username and password will be read out to you over the phone by a member of the support team.

When connecting to the data exports, please connect with the following details:

  • Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
  • Host name: ftp-01.onefile.co.uk
  • Port: 990
  • Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS

  • Username: Confirmed over the phone
  • Password: Confirmed over the phone

Please note, the Username and Password are Case sensitive

The FTPS server will serve from port 990 ("explicit FTP over TLS").

The FTP uses passive transfer mode. 

You must contact your IT team to make sure they open the following ports to our server (

  • 990 (for connection)
  • 21000-21100 (for data transfer)

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