Logging out update!

From Thursday 7th March 2024, we're making some small changes to how user accounts linked to a keychain log out. More information on logging out can be found here.

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Software Update: Thursday 7th March 2024 7:00am - 7:30am

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Keychain, Integrations and RPL to introduce some new enhancements.  

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  • You can now toggle between live and practice accounts while viewing the account list on the switch account page
  • In Eportfolio, a new "My Accounts" button has been added to the My Account panel. This allows users to navigate back to their keychain page
  • The logout button has been renamed to "My Accounts"


  •  The RPL to EP event has been updated to include extra information. It now includes the Tutor as the Assessor and the Placement information. If this information is not available in RPL it will continue to use the default values defined in the Integration hub 
  • There is now an event available to integrate Enrol with RPL. On completing an Enrol record if the user has subscribed to the event then the record will be created in RPL. The applicant will automatically be sent the RPL email as part of this integration.


  • The Admin view for Team members has been updated. It is now possible to see Active and Inactive team members
  • The Admin view for RPL has been updated to allow a user to see Active and Inactive standards per centre. It is also now possible to see calculators for the standard 
  • It is now possible to Un Archive a Standard


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