Reduced Support Availability: 18th July 2024 from 12pm

Just to let you know, our team is attending the OneFile all company meeting on 18th July  2024 from 12pm, so we won't be as responsive as usual!

You can still access our help guides - just search the Help Centre to find the answers you need. Otherwise, you can submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have an urgent issue, set the priority accordingly.

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Software Update: Wednesday 25th October 2023 - 7am-7:30am

On Tuesday, we're updating OneFile Eportfolio, to introduce some new enhancements and fixes. 

Please ensure all data is saved and you're logged out of Eportfolio before 7am.

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  • Two new permissions have been added to the Assessors, Trainee Assessors and Centre Managers user roles
Permission title        Description

 Can assign and change employers
Gives users permission to assign an existing employer to a learner. This can be done from a review or the Access Account page. If an Assessor is given this permission, they will also be able to view and edit the employers assigned to a learner from the Access Account page. Centre managers without this permission will still have access to the Access Account page.
Can invite a new Employer from ReviewGives users the ability to invite a new employer to a learner’s review. The user must also have the permission “Can assign and change employers “.

  • This new feature introduces the ability for Assessors, Trainee Assessors, and Centre Managers, to change the employer assigned to a review. This can be done by selecting an existing employer from the learner’s placement or by inviting a new employer to Eportfolio. If the Review does not have an employer, then this feature can be used to assign one. This is done by selecting the "Change Employer" option from the Review page, choosing an existing employer from a dropdown or entering the email address of a new employer.



  • Employers can not access a review via a magic link if they have a password reset pending
  • The employer assigned to a review is removed when the review is unlocked back to them
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