Software Update: Thursday 25th July 2024

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Enrol to introduce a fix. 

There will be no product downtime. 

Release notes can be found here.

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Software Update: Thursday 26th January 2023

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Login. It is now possible to switch on Multi-Factor Authentication for your users. This will be part of a phased roll-out. For more information click  here.

  • Hi Jade

    Will this be available in the practice centre or just live?

    Many thanks

  • Hi Wilms

    I'll raised a ticket with the Support team who'll be able to advise.

  • Hiya Jade

    Ignore that, having moment. it'll be at the point of system log in so that encompasses both live and practice.

    Long day already.

    Don't worry about ticket.


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