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Software Update: Wednesday 15th June 2022

On Wednesday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:



  • The calendar syncing functionality has now been updated to include all future calendar events in OneFile. To find out more please click here.



  • When changing the user required to sign an ILP, if a task has already been generated, then the task is not re-assigned to the new user.
  • When the Number of Assessments for a Consistency Rule is set to 0, it is not taken into consideration when calculating a learner's pending progress. This can result in the Overall Progress includes pending assessments being calculated incorrectly.
  • When an assessor is annotating a learner's evidence the highlighted section is sometimes replaced by the annotation.


  •  Improved navigation when an individual learner is opened from a multi-learner FIS report 
  •  Changes to the criteria determining if aims are applicable to a particular reporting period for the current and following funding year where learners cross over from one funding year to another 
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