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Export RPL assessment and import into Scorecard

  User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Client Owners
  • Tutors

To export the applicants score, follow the below steps.

  1. Log into RPL
  2. Click Manage applications
  3. Click successful skills assessment 
  4. Click Export scores
  5. The JSON file will download (This file is encrypted so no changes can be made)

Exporting from RPL

  • Ensure you have an applicant created in RPL, who has filled in and submitted their skills assessment
  • The tutor of the applicant must have finalised the skills assessment and marked it is ‘Successful’ (you can only export successful applications)

The downloaded file can now be imported as the first Scorecard entry by the Learner's Assessor, by following the steps below: 

  1. Log into Eportfolio
  2. Navigate the to the learner's portfolio 
  3. Click Scorecard
  4. Click Import scores
  5. Select JSON file 

Importing into Learning Hub Scorecard

For the import to be successful:

  • Ensure that the Learning Hub is enabled on your centre
  • The Apprenticeship standard the RPL learner completed a skills assessment for, is assigned to the Eportfolio centre
  • The learner must be asssigned to to the same Apprenticeship Standard they completed in RPL
    • There is currently no validation to check the name or details of the learners in both systems, so make sure you upload the right file to the correct learner 
  • The learner hasn’t already completed any scorecards – you can only import scores for the initial scorecard

Imported scorecards are labelled "Imported from RPL" on the main Scorecard page. When viewing the Scorecard, the status label in the top right should say Imported.

When the scores are imported, a rating scale is also imported in the background, that matches the rating scale in RPL.

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