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How to Create a Sampling Plan

To create a sampling plan as the default IQA, follow the steps below:

  1.   Click on the Unit Sampling
  2.   Filter by IQA or Learning Aim
  3.   Click Submit

Choose either Simple or Advanced view and use the radio button options to include Planned Sample with Anticipated Completion Dates.

There are also two modes, you can choose from when creating a sampling plan

  • Single-Mode: Allows you to apply your sampling plan to a single learner and single unit in one go
  • Multi-Mode: Allows you to apply your sampling plan to multiple learners and multiple units in one go

It's also helpful to know:

  • Tasks reminders relating to Planned Sampling will be visible 7 days, before the date you selected when creating your sampling plan
  • Sampling Tasks will only be generated if at least one assessment method has been selected
  • IQA's must manually click the Hide button of a task reminder to confirm that they have finished formatively sampling the unit

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