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Software Update: Tuesday 30th April 2024

On Monday, we're updating OneFile Enrol and ILR, to introduce some new enhancements and fixes. 



  • Within the Learner Form the Actions have moved to a kebab style menu, All functions work exactly the same way. The Enrolment Status has now changed to a view only field. To amend the status the user needs to select the option from the kebab menu
  • A new column has been added to the Review Form Page to highlight any forms that have the reminder set.
  • The actions within the Review page have moved to a kebab style. All functionality and permissions remain the same 



  • When adding the paragraph field to a form there was an issue with carriage returns not appearing correctly in the UI. This has now been resolved


  •   There was an issue when importing learners LLDD information. This has now been resolved 
  • I'm really sorry to advise the release has been rescheduled to tomorrow 30/04/2024.

  • Morning Jade, hope you are well?  Do we know the time of the release please?

  • Hi, can see update has been applied but is there any chance that the kebab icon can be made darker as is very feint and people are missing it.

    Many Thanks


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