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Software Update: Thursday 30th November 2023

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile RPL, Enrol, Events Subscription and ILR to introduce some new enhancements and fixes.

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  • The calculator summary page has been updated to remove the old cost section and now includes the new Additional Costs
  • When the Skills Scan has been sent back to the applicant to make changes it is now possible to see the original skill scan and any comments made.
  • A new field has been added to the Off-the-job Section titled "Anticipated Duration (weeks)" this is calculated automatically based on the duration in months.  The OTJ fields are automatically updated based on any changes to the duration field.

  • When creating a tutor in RPL the user now needs to specify the Eportfolio centre
  • When a user marks the RPL application as "Successful" they will confirm the values that they agreeing to. The user will confirm the duration and the OTJ. There is also a comments option. For more information on Finalising applications click here

  • There are now 3 reports available:
  1.  Application Report -  This report is the old report but allowing the user to select if they want the topics and reduction set up values included.
  2.  Funding Report - This report will only show the relevant funding information for the applicant.
  3.  Skills Scan - This report will show just the completed skills scan for the applicant.


  • It is now possible to add formatting options when creating a form. The formatting will be available to the user when they are completing the form
  • When creating a new workflow, it is now possible to define whether a reminder should be sent and when. For any existing workflow, forms the option to add a reminder will be available at the time the form. is sent.
  • When creating a tutor in Enrol the user needs to specify the Eportfolio centre

Events Subscription

  • When a new tutor is create or updated in Enrol automatically create the tutor in RPL and Assessor record in Eportfolio
  • When an assessor is created in eportfolio automatically create a Tutor in RPL and Enrol
  • When a Tutor is created in RPL automatically create the "Tutor" in Enrol and "Assessor" in Eportfolio


  •   A descriptive message is now displayed when the FIS or ESFA report has failed to generate



  •  It is now possible to store 1 character in the forename and surname fields.


  • There was an issue when the address was updated in Eportfolio it was not updating ILR correctly. This has now been resolved and the address in ILR is updated correctly


  •  There was an issue that an email was not getting triggered for an applicant on a second standard if they had the same email address. This has now been fixed.

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